10 Best LED Grow Lights for 2018

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The grow light industry is booming with more and more people deciding to grow their own gardens. Led lighting has emerged over the past few years as a reliable lighting option to supplement a lack of natural sunlight. This boom on the market warrants a review the best led grow lights for 2018 to help you to get a look at what is out there to help in your indoor garden.

10 Best LED Grow light reviews

The top led grow lights that make your list is going to be greatly impacted by two factors. What you intend to grow and the size of your indoor growing space. I am going to break down these reviews into sections to better fit these special needs. We’ll explore  small space LEDs to full large panel lights for larger spaces.

One of the main reasons I rated these 10 lights the best is because I did not feel a need to “break the bank” to find lighting for your indoor garden. You can certainly find a lot more extreme and more expensive light options out there. I may even review some higher end ones upcoming in a future article for my extreme friends, but these fit well within a budget most of us can manage and still provide top quality options that WORK.

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What is an LED grow light and why do I want it?

Grow lights at the base definition are lights designed to supplement a lack of sunlight or produce all the light energy plants need to survive and create photosynthesis. In a previous article here, I broke down the basics of different types of grow lights and how they work.

Light Emitting Diodes or LEDs basically look like small chips on a board vs the traditional filament style incandescent light bulbs. These small chips emit red and blue light that match the color spectrum required for healthy plant growth. Some of these lights also feature white and UV spectrum light output to increase effectiveness and protect plants from viruses as well.

Advantages of LED Grow Lights:

  • Design flexibility gives many layout options to indoor gardening
  • Significant Energy savings over other types of grow lights
  • Less heat output that can damage your plants
  • More light and targeted wavelengths for healthy plant growth
  • Longer lifetime value on average last 5 to 20 years depending on use


The Best Small LED Grow Lights

If you are growing just a small indoor garden or need to supplement light on houseplants a small LED grow light may be the perfect place to start. These will provide enough light individually to aid 1 to 6 plants depending on the light you choose and the size of the plants you are growing.

Do not let the size fool you. Led lights here are powerful bright fixtures designed specifically for your indoor plants.


1- ACKE LED Grow Light, Full Spectrum Plant Light (SMD with Switch)

ACKE LED Grow Light, Full Spectrum Plant Light

This is a great small led panel type light for your smaller indoor garden or for focused lighting on an area of your garden. Don’t let the size fool you this little guy puts out full spectrum light power with only 12watts of energy. It will help you with all stages of plant growth from seedling to maturity and will work excellent for growing herbs.

This light was designed to help reach maximum chlorophyll production by your plants using red 630nm and 660nm, blue 460nm and white spectrum output of 2700k. It also has low heat output, so you do not need to worry about your tender leaves and seedlings being damaged by heat.

This light fixture also has the convenience of being waterproof, so you do not need to worry about overspray when you go to water or mist your plants. The outer cover is strong and not easily damaged or broken.

My favorite feature of this light is the versatility in how you can set it up with multiple ways to hang and stand. This fixture can be hung or fixed to the wall by the attached bar or can be placed on a counter or table using the bar as a kickstand. If you are looking for something that mounts easily beneath a cabinet or cupboard this could be a good option for you.

Best Points:

  • Easy to Install
  • Low Heat Output
  • Waterproof
  • Full Spectrum Output
  • Adjustable Angles

As you can see there is a lot to love about this little light, there are 200+ reviews on Amazon if you would like to see what others think as well. You can read more about this product and see what others are saying by clicking below. Priced at $19.98 USD


Get Yours here ACKE LED Grow Light Plant Light Full Spectrum for Seedlings Hydroponics Grow Lights of Plants Veg Herbs (SMD with Switch) . Your small garden space will thank you!


2) Lovebay Timing Function Dual Head Grow light with 36LEDs, 5 Dimmable Levels, and Adjustable Gooseneck

Lovebay Timing Function Dual Head Grow light with 36LEDs


You are going to love the flexibility in this gooseneck LED light for your smaller garden spaces. A pair of lights that easily maneuver up, down and from side to side. The sturdy clamp makes mounting easy, clips to a counter, desk or table-top easily.

I really like that this light has a built-in timer that can be set for 3, 6 or 12 hours by a simple button click. A lot of digital timers can get a bit complicated. This one is easy enough to do and only takes seconds to program.

You can also set this light to run both lights at once or individual operation and they are adjustable for brightness as well. They have 36 LED blocks with 5 Dimmable Levels, there are 24 red and 12 blue lights divided between the two light bars.

This is a USB plug-in type light that uses 18watts of power and plugs into any adapter under 110volts. If you do not want to use the clamp you also have the option to stick or screw the base down offering you more options for placement.

I think you would really get a lot of use out this type of light for helping to supplement natural light deficits in smaller garden spaces or darker shaded areas indoors that do not get the full 6 hours of sunlight a day. The convenient clip, lightweight design, and universal adapter will allow you to move it around your home to supplement where needed easily.

Best Points:

  • Easy Push Button Built-in Timer
  • Adjustable 360-degree Flexible Gooseneck Design
  • Red and Blue Light Balance for Chlorophyll production and flowering
  • 5 Dimmable levels for precise lighting adjustments

If you would like to learn more about this gooseneck LED check it out below. Priced nicely at $29.99 USD at time of review.

Grab a flexible light that gives you options in your small garden spaces here Lovebay Timing Function Dual head Grow light 36LED 5 Dimmable Levels Grow Lamp Bulbs with Adjustable 360 Degree Gooseneck for Indoor Plants Hydroponics Greenhouse Gardening [2017 Upgraded]


3) Atralife 15W LED Grow Light Triple Head, Desk Clip LED Plant Lamp

Atralife 15W LED Grow Light Triple Head
Another great light with flexibility in this trio of lights in one unit that can be controlled and moved individually. Three light heads with three switches for lighting only the lamps needed.

Even with the 9 red and 6 blue LEDs for full spectrum illumination the 15 watts of power consumption on this little unit will not any noticeable increase in your electric bill. There is no ultraviolet light emitted and no infrared radiation for you to be concerned with. This LED grow light also utilizes an aluminum shell for superior heat dissipation which helps to extend its lifetime to reach 50,000hrs.

Each gooseneck of these lamps stretches 15 inches giving you room to spread and maneuver your lighting to best fit your plants and garden space. I love that the clip on this fixture is sturdy enough to support it as a base and spreads wide enough to clip easily to a table or other flat surface.

Best Points:

  • Three head with individual controls for each
  • Adjustable gooseneck arms
  • No UV or Infrared radiation
  • Low Power consumption at 15W

At the time of this posting, there was not one bad review for this product on Amazon, you can visit to see what others are saying from the link below and see any updates to those reviews. Priced well at $27.99 USD

This awesome triple head light can be yours by following this link here.Atralife 15W LED Grow Light Triple Head, Desk Clip LED Plant Lamp Bulbs for Indoor Greenhouse Gardening Plants


4) TaoTronics Led Grow lights Bulb (E27 12w 3 Bands)

TaoTronics Led Grow lights Bulb
This is a simple bulb style LED light that will fit into any of your standard household light fixtures like a desk lamp or floor lamp. I am recommending this bulb because the company behind them has an enormous reputation for quality. They have been selling these bulbs for over six years. The company offers you a 12-month warranty, 6-month extendable warranty, and great 24/7 customer service. There are plenty of “look-a-likes” available but they do not meet the same quality and reputation the Taotronics bulbs do. Do not be fooled by the duplicates.

I love that these bulbs barely put off any heat at all, so I know that there is no worry about by my plants being damaged by heat. The light is very bright and projects well onto your plants with 12 LED panels’ of 9 red and 3 blue lights for healthy plant growth.

You will love that it is convenient not to have to buy any additional light fixture or special cord to make this grow light work for you. You can screw this into a standard E27 socket and switch it on, it is that easy to use.

Best Points:

  • Seller has 6 years of high rated business showing reliability
  • Light output can be fully absorbed by your plants
  • Fits standard E27 socket so no extra equipment to buy
  • Generates no Noticeable heat even after 17 hours of continuous use

The reviews at that time I created this article say a lot about the quality and value of this simple bulb style LED. You can see for yourself and learn more by following the image link or link below. If you are looking for a simple solution to your small garden space this may be exactly what you need. The 12w bulb is priced at $19.99 USD


These bulbs can offer simple solutions to your lighting needs, learn more by following this link. TaoTronics Led Grow lights Bulb , Grow Lights for Indoor Plants, Grow Lamp for Hydroponics Greenhouse Organic, Plant Lights ( E27 12w 3 Bands)


Best Tube or Strip LED Lights

The length and versatility of tube style lights often gives more versatility in how supplemental light can be laid out and arranged to suit your indoor garden space. These lights will often fasten to the underside of shelves or cabinets providing you with ease of set up. Similar to the smaller LED they usually require multiple lights to cover larger areas but work well for smaller tightly spaced indoor garden setups.

I find tube lighting to be one of the best led grow light options for my garden spaces. I have fixed spaces for my plants that are not often moved around from area to area.



5) Galaxyhydro Led Grow Plant Light, Waterproof Led Grow Light Bar with Red and Blue Spectrum for Hydroponic Indoor Plants

Galaxyhydro Led Grow Plant Light, Waterproof Led Grow Light Bar
This tube style bar light from Galaxyhydro comes in two lengths to fit your needs, 22 inches or 45 inches. They easily mount and adjust with 180-degree adjustable brackets. High-efficiency 3W chips cover this bar with top-quality secondary focus lens.  This provides high lumen and light penetration that is needed for your plant’s health and growth.

A waterproof design is something you will love for your indoor garden use. No need to worry about overspray or relocating plants to water them safely. It is not submersible in water but will stand up to regular use and care.

I really like that for a tube style light it has a wide angle of light output. I have noticed in a lot of other lights designed in this layout can be too narrow and not cover enough of your indoor grow space. The aluminum housing keeps it nice and cool and it has low energy footprint at 52w±5% operation. That is a lot of light for little wattage.

There is a 12-month warranty on these lights which is a real benefit for you if something goes wrong in the first year. Plus, a 30-day money back guarantees if you get it and decide it is not the right light for your space. Customer service for Galaxyhydro is good so you will have an easy time getting answers to questions or resolving issues.

Best Points:

  • 180 Degree adjustable brackets
  • Waterproof design making it suitable for multiple growing environments
  • Better heat dissipation ensures cool operation
  • Wide angle lighting increases output

If these light interests you and you want to know more click on the link below and it will take you to the Amazon page. Price currently range at $37.79 for 22″ and $59.99 USD for 45″ as reviewed here.


Grab the size you need in these great tube LED lights by clicking this link. You can also read reviews and gather more information. Galaxyhydro Led Grow Plant Light, Waterproof 108W Led Grow Light Bar with Red Blue Spectrum for Hydroponic Indoor Plants Growing



6) Grow Lights for Plants 45W, 4 Strip Kit – Extendable 16 Inch waterproof LED Grow Light Strip

Grow Lights for Plants 45W, 4 Strip Kit
Four top led grow lights for a really great price and a 3-year warranty add to the value of this light set-up. This pack of lights is a great way for you to be able to change up your light formation to fit your indoor garden spacing needs.

You could easily place these under cabinets or shelves in a chain format, doubled up, or all 4 under a wide area for maximum intense lighting in one area. They easily mount and move so the flexibility will be an added value to you. They come with 3M pads and screws, so you will not need any additional hardware to get these set up.

The interesting thing about these lights is there are no clearly defined red and blue lights as you typically see on LED grow lights. They are designed with special optical lens for plant growth without divisible colored chips and still provide focused and concentrated light for growing. I find the glow of these lights a little easier on the eyes.

You can also enjoy that these bars are waterproof and have waterproof connectors and cables. You can use them in wet environments or even in your plant aquariums which makes them even more versatile.

Best Points:

  • 3 Year Warranty
  • 4 Lights at great value
  • Specially-designed LEDs with optical lens for high par value and better lighting
  • Waterproof fixtures, connectors, and cables

I am not the only one impressed by these tube style strip lights you can follow the link to see other impressive reviews. These may be the right lights for you so if you would like to see what others are saying check it out below. Priced right at $39.99USD for all 4 lights


You can set these lights up with mutliple options to better fit your garden design. Learn more by following this link. Grow Lights for plants, 45W, 4 pcs Extendable 16 Inches waterproof LED Grow Light Strip for Greenhouse, Plant Growth Cabinet Shelf; Easy Installation LED Light Strip for Plant Grow–[4-Strip-Kit]


The Best Large Panel LED Lights

Larger LED panel lights can vary greatly in price and use. These light giants can be for bigger indoor garden spaces, greenhouses and grow tents.  The more compact varieties can be used anywhere in the home for supplemental plant light. The picks here illustrate that variance and give you options to increase your garden space, yield and what you choose to grow in the future.



7) Roleadro Panel Grow Light Series,45W LED Plant Grow Light with Red and Blue Spectrum

Roleadro Panel Grow Light Series,45W LED Plant Grow Light with Red and Blue Spectrum

Low power consumption with the high luminous efficiency of 117 red led lights and 52 blue lights for excellent growth results in your plants at any stage. This panel LED light is lightweight and will work in almost any application you can think of to use it. It could easily hang or even mount underneath shelving or cupboards.

It uses a thick aluminum alloy plate for optimum heat dissipation to keep your plants and herbs from being burnt. 95% of the light emitted from this fixture can be utilized by the plants preventing you from have very little waste. They are also 80% more energy efficient than high sodium lights of lesser output.

If you have ever thought of moving into LED panel lights as a lighting option for your indoor gardens this may be a great lighting option for you as a starter. Depending on the light hanging distance this light could cover a 4x4 to 6x6 square ft space.

They are priced right so adding more of these lights for an increased garden growing area will not break the bank. Priced at $26.99USD a panel.

Best Points:

  • 95% of light is used by your plants
  • Long service life up to 50,000 hours
  • Great price on a high-powered panel light
  • 2.25:1 Spectrum ratio suitable for healthy plant growth

This Roleadro panel carries a 12-month warranty and 30-day money back on your purchase. You can take a look at this light below if it interests you.


⇒ You will be able to use this light in multiple places indoors and get the benefits of panel lighting on a budget. Click the link here to learn more. Roleadro Panel Grow Light Series,45W LED Plant Grow Light with Red Blue Spectrum for Growing&Flowering



8) VIPARSPECTRA Dimmable Reflector Series DS300 300W LED Grow Light 12-Band Full Spectrum Light


VIPARSPECTRA Dimmable Reflector Series DS300 300W LED Grow Light 12-Band Full Spectrum Light
This larger panel LED features a great full spectrum layout that is dimmable to allow for full spectral control. This model has a reflector design and upgraded aluminum cooling heat sinks. The cooling fans operate quietly to dissipate any heat produced through use.

These lights allow you to daisy chain together which can help free up outlets and easily expand the growing area of your indoor gardens. In a grow tent or a small indoor garden space these lights work well for keeping the grow space cool and quiet while providing superior lighting.

I love how bright these lights are.  I must put on a pair of glasses if I intend to be working with them for any length of time. The dimmable feature is great for adjusting plants to the power of these lights. It is still possible to burn under powerful lights so being able to transition them to the higher strength of this lighting was a great feature.

These lights are scientifically engineered to keep a balanced output and coverage, so you can relay on the light from one end being the same as the light output in the center. This is an important feature and something to look for in a quality LED grow light as an imbalance can cause light burning or bleaching on certain areas of your plants or poor growth in other areas.

Best Points:

  • Dimmable feature allows precise spectral control
  • Quiet high-speed fans and aluminum heat sinks for cooling
  • 3-year warranty
  • Optimal Full Spectrum output

If you would like to learn more about this great panel light, you can check it out below along with many other reviews and questions regarding this light.

Price Range Non-dimmable version starting at $79.00 to $89.00USD for the Dimmable


Great high power LED that will shine on your indoor garden. Grab yours by following the text link here. VIPARSPECTRA Dimmable Reflector Series DS300 300W LED Grow Light 12-Band Full Spectrum for Indoor Plants Veg and Flower


9) Dimgogo 2000w or 2400W Double Chips LED Grow Light Full Spectrum Grow Lamps

Dimgogo 2000w or 2400W Double Chips LED Grow Light Full Spectrum Grow Lamps
This is Dimgogo’s newest technology in LED grow lights with dual-chips at 10W (2pcs with 5w chips in every led). This means they are much brighter than before and even more efficient than traditional 3W and 5W LEDs. Actual Power Consumption on these larger panels’ is only about 354W for this monsters outputs making them still energy efficient over equivalents.

The color spectrum output of these lights is close to that output by the sun itself as it includes red, blue, white, IR and UV not seen in every light on the market. It is great for the growth and development of all types of plants including your herbs, vegetables or even cannabis growth.

You will like that even with all this light power it still runs cool. 4 cooling fans are used for better heat dissipation and to ensure the long lifespan of your grow light investment. The fans operate quietly and smoothly from start up to shut down.

If you are thinking about expanding your indoor growing or even getting into greenhouse growing this is a great light to invest in. It is a power horse for producing sunlight without producing massive heat. It comes with a 3-year warranty which is a great reassurance that you invested wisely in a reliable product.

This light can be controlled by a timer for easy on and off at set intervals. It comes well packaged with the light you chose (2000W or 2400W), the power cord, and a hanging kit for easy setup.

Best Points:

  • High brightness and Long lifespan
  • 4 fans for efficient quiet cooling
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • High-Efficiency Powerful 10W Epiled double chips design

As of today, the reviews are impressive! The initial investment in this light is a bit higher but the quality and usability are top-notch. If this light looks like something you may want to learn more about you can check it out below.

Price Range $239.99 2000W to $359.99USD 2400W


Your extra budget capabilities will be greatly appreciated in your garden with this LED Light sun mimicar. Get your sun on by following the link. Dimgogo 2000w Double Chips LED Grow Light Full Spectrum Grow Lamp for Greenhouse and Hydroponic Indoor Plants Veg and Flower (10w Leds)


10) Growfast LED Grow Light, 1000w to 1500W Double Chips Full Spectrum Indoor Plant Grow Lights Kit



Growfast LED Grow Light, 1000w to 1500W Double Chips Full Spectrum Indoor Plant Grow Lights Kit
Boasting raving reviews is a shining example of this panels’ reputation for excellence. The complete and efficient light spectrum output provides indoor plants all of what they need in any growth stage from seedling to flowering.

Growfast, the manufacturer, has upgraded fans, vents, and aluminum heat sinks to ensure even more high-efficiency, heat dissipation with low noise, greater strength and stability all to extend the lifespan of the light. What does this do for you the end consumer? It adds value. LED lights can be a greater initial investment upfront and everything that a manufacturer can do to continue to improve and support the reliability of the investment to you is a bonus and a return.

I really like how well-made this light is. You can tell by the feel of it that a lot of thought and good materials went into the construction. On the price scale of quality LED panels’, I was surprised by the value of the dollar in this light construction.

I have seen similar lights tips the scales at double this initial cost. There is a 30-day hassle free guarantee on these lights and a big 3-year warranty on the lifespan creating another advantage.

Best Points:

  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Ultra-efficient spectral output
  • Durable well-made construction
  • High-Efficiency cooling system

If this light looks like something you would like to learn more about you can follow the link below. Be sure to check out the reviews and the questions and answers as well.

Price range $89.99 1000w to $159.99USD 1500w


You can light a great deal of garden space with this reliable light for your inside herb garden. garb one here. LED Grow Light, 1500W Double Chips Full Spectrum Indoor Plant Grow Lights Kit for Greenhouse and Medicinal Plants Growth Indoor Veg and Flower Growing (10W Leds 150 pcs)


A Final Note on LED Grow Lights

Choosing the best led grow lights for your garden is now that much easier! LED will really help your plants and get your garden growing to its max potential!

The color and brightness of LED lights can cause some people to have eye irritation, especially when looking directly at them. I would advise that you consider specialized glasses if you intend to use them in enclosed spaces or need to work with them for prolonged periods of time.

Protect Your Precious eyes. Grab a pair of these Apollo Horticulture UV400 LED Glasses.

No matter what light you choose always examine your packaging thoroughly when they arrive to inspect for visual damage. Do an inventory of the contents to be sure everything that was to be included arrived in the box. Lastly, do a function test before affixing anything to its permanent position. Contact customer support right away if there are any issues with an item you purchase.

If you love it or hate it, you should try to always write a review if you can. There are a lot of other consumers just like you and I out there looking to be informed buyers. Our reviews and suggestions can help the next person to make wiser decisions.

red arrow down rightIf you have tried any of these or you have an LED grow light that you want to roast or rave about let us know. Share below and let’s start a conversation that can help others. Leave a comment below!


Thank you & Happy Gardening!


  1. Mark Bailey

    Lots of detailed information and choice available. My dad has tried growing indoor plants for several years with little success. I will pass your details on to take a look.


    • Christina

      Thank you Mark,

      Please let him know he can reach out to me at any time if have any questions or wants any help. It may not be light that is his issue and I am sure we could try to figure out why he is having trouble together.

      Feedback is always appreciated.
      Have a great day!

  2. Naomi Westman

    Hi Newmayberry

    Your post is very informative, I never even knew that you got LED lights for gardening. i love the way you page is set out and has a lot of colour it really makes a person’s reading more enjoyable.

    God bless

    • Christina

      Hi Naomi,

      LED is just one of a few options that are available for grow light types. I love how much more energy efficient they are. We often start growing herbs to save money in the store, don’t want to turn around and spend that on electric. LED lights help to prevent us from doing that.

      I wrote another article here about the different types of grow light options.

      I appreciate your comments on the site as well. I am so glad you are enjoying it. Please reach out anytime if you have any questions or suggestions.

      Happy Gardening!

  3. Owain

    Like has been said I didn’t even realize that LED lights could be used for growing plants. I bought a LED light a while ago for my fish tank, (can’t remember the name). If I were to stop using my fish tank, (as I don’t have many fish left), could I possibly use that light to grow plants?

    I would like to grow plants inside my home, as the weather can get really hot here. So this sounds like a great alternative.

    • Christina

      Hi Owain,
      An aquarium light usually but not always will also supply the light spectrum required by some plants to grow. You would have to look up the exact specifications of the light to be sure of that usually a model number can be found on the side of the light. It may not be as strong as lights designed specifically for plant growth in all stages but it may work great as a supplemental light for plants not getting quite enough sunlight. If it is putting off enough in the blue spectrum it will work great for green growth with herbs or green vegetable growth like lettuces. Flowering and fruiting vegetables usually require a much higher photo intensity and more red spectrum. Most aquarium lights focus on white/blue.
      If you keep the fish tank aquaponics is also a great way to grow plants indoors and keep fish. I am working on an article for that right now. I will let you know when it is up if that interests you.
      Let me know if there is anything else I can help you with and if you have any trouble researching your light I may be able to help.
      Thank you,

  4. Cynthia

    This is a great overview of the best indoor growing lights. I used to have growing lights for my plants. They needed just a bit more light. I do not have space in the home I will be moving into to have an indoor growing station but I may have to figure out a small space and get one of these lights. I want to have an herb garden so I know I can find a little corner for it. Thanks for giving me options on what type of growing lights I should get.

    • Christina

      Hi Cynthia,
      Your welcome!
      I tried to give a lot of varieties that could fit into many spaces for my readers. Most if not all of these lights I have and use myself. I have a room and a walk-in closet converted just for growing plants and herbs as well as a small greenhouse that I run all year. Some of my favorites for a smaller space are the versatile tube lights. They are easy to move around and put off a lot of light. I like that they can be moved around and changed from a single to 4 easily. I have them mounted on a bar island that has become a plant centerpiece dividing my kitchen and dining room. However, prior to that, I had them in an unused laundry room space for starting seeds. They really are a nice starting versatility with the power of LED.
      Let me know if I can help with any guidance. If you are outside the US I can help with guidance specific to your country as well.



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