Algreen Self Watering Planter Review – A Windowsill Herb Planter

by | Mar 21, 2018

The stylish and versatile Algreen Self Watering planter makes planting simple.

  • Take the guesswork out of watering.
  • No worries about over or under watering water your plants.
  • Useful and beautiful addition to your growing spaces indoors or out.

The windowsill version is the perfect size for herbs and much more!


Review Date: Mar 2018
Product Name: Algreen Self Watering Planter (Modena Windowsill Size)
Rating: 8.6 out of 10

Product Description: Indoor/Outdoor planter made from a durable polymer resin. Frost and UV stabilized to protect against all the elements. Easy to read water level indicator. Available in 6 awesome color choices. Matte Silver, Gloss Black, Matte Mocha, Gloss White, Bright Green, and Gloss Red. Each designed to match and accent your décor.

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Why Use Algreen Self Watering Planter? – It’s Easy and Convenient

That is the best reason of all to invest in self-watering containers. They make your job as a gardener easier. Sure, watering your plants when you only have a few is easy enough. As your garden grows it can become quite a timely task.

Forgetting to water can be devastating! Did you know over-watering can be just as catastrophic? Self-watering containers help with both.

It’s Healthy – Bottom Watering is Good for Your Roots

Providing water from the bottom is highly recommended for many plants. Especially when it comes to young and containerized plantings. When a plant searches for water it extends its roots. Watering your plants from the top makes your roots lazy and keeps them from searching.

Algreen Self Watering Modena Windowsill Planter











  • Ample Planting Size 5.9” X 7” Depth X 15” Length.
  • Special Resin is durable. Weather and UV Resistant.
  • Looks Comparable to the more expensive Glass version without the frailty.
  • Water is Easily added, and Indicator can be read clearly.
  • Multiple Color Options to fit any style.


  • Lacks Instructions on how to use or assemble.
  • Product page did not clearly identify the size of the planter.
  • No soil or additional planting media was specified but benefits from a layer of pebbles or stones on the bottom with some soil types.

Learn More About this Exciting Planter

Common Watering Problems that can be Solved

Life happens. You can easily get caught up in the day to day working of everyday tasks and forget to water your plants. It happens to the best of us. Next thing you know you have wilting plants that are dying of thirst.

Taking a trip can also leave you needing a plant sitter. Gardens do not travel well so they will need to stay behind. If you are planning any lengthy travel that could cause devastation. It is likely you will need somebody to come in and water your plants.

A common mistake of new gardeners can be overwatering. This little no-no can be just as harmful and sometimes worse than withholding water at all.

A Bit of Growing Freedom

Time-saving and freedom allowing. Self-waterers allow a bit of space and options when it comes to your plants. They are very easy to use and do not take much to set up.

Algreen Self Watering planter adds even more with its ease of use. In addition, an easy to read indicator tells you exactly when your plant needs to watering.

Water pours into the side of the unit no matter what direction it is facing. When your plant needs fertilizer it can easily be added to the water reservoir saving even more time.

The Algreen construction is also shatterproof. Making this convenient for households with pets and kids. Even if it gets knocked over there is no need to worry about broken glass.

Stress-Free Gardening Success

→ Save Time by Watering Less

→ Travel easily without Worries

→ Prevents Over and Under Watering

→ Easily Fertilize Through Reservoir

How Does the Algreen Modena Planters Work?

This video shows a basic walk-through of the Algreen Modena planters and their unique versatility.

What can you Grow in This Planter?

This windowsill model planter allows for ample room for a variety of plants and herbs. I stress herbs because I do a lot of indoor herb growing. It can be used for multiple plants and flowers.

It makes a great pot for root bearing herbs like ginger and turmeric. The 5.9″ x 7″ Depth X 15″ length offers plenty of space for the roots to grow and produce. The self-watering feature provides a balanced watering that keeps roots healthy.

Two Articles on site about growing Root Herbs.
How to Grow Ginger Root Indoors – An Endless Supply of Super Spice
How to Grow Turmeric Root a Healthy Beautiful Addition

In addition:

  • Small Vegetables
  • Flowers
  • 2 to 3 herb plants a pot

Amazing Color Options Fit Your Style

Algreen 15205 Self Watering Modena Windowsill Planter and Herb Garden, Matte Silver

Algreen 15205 Self Watering Modena Windowsill Planter and Herb Garden, Matte Silver

Algreen 15105 Self Watering Modena Windowsill Planter and Herb Garden, Matte Mocha

Algreen 15105 Self Watering Modena Windowsill Planter and Herb Garden, Matte Mocha

Algreen 15505 Self Watering Modena Windowsill Planter and Herb Garden, Gloss Red

Algreen 15505 Self Watering Modena Windowsill Planter and Herb Garden, Gloss Red

Algreen 15405 Self Watering Modena Windowsill Planter and Herb Garden, Gloss White

Algreen 15405 Self Watering Modena Windowsill Planter and Herb Garden, Gloss White

Algreen 15305 Self Watering Modena Windowsill Planter and Herb Garden, Gloss Black

Algreen 15305 Self Watering Modena Windowsill Planter and Herb Garden, Gloss Black

Algreen Windowsill Herb Garden Planter, Assorted Sizes, Bright Green

Algreen Windowsill Herb Garden Planter, Assorted Sizes, Bright Green

Simple – Elegant -Useful

Simplify Your Watering Schedule. Add a useful and elegant Algreen’s Modena Self Watering Planter to your home garden. Pick your Color and Get Growing Now.

Many Options Available for Self-Watered Freedom

There are many choices on the market for self-watering containers. They range in size and style. The Algreen Self Watering planter reviewed here is just an example of those options.

In comparison to similar brand and style, the Lechuza. I would pick the Algreen. For me, it comes to price savings. The Lechuza is a nicely made planter but is at least $20 more expensive. In addition, it requires a special soil material to make it work. Called Lechuza Pon.

They are a beautiful planter that is almost identical looking to the Algreen. Ultimately, I get all the functionality I want at a price I can live with. I will go price every time.

Are you are interested in the Lechuza model you can find it here. Lechuza 15563 Delta 20 Self-Watering Garden Planter, Charcoal Metallic

What self-watering planters have you used? Maybe you make your own. I would love your feedback. Drop a comment arrow down right

Happy Gardening Friends!



  1. Sheila

    This looks like the perfect thing for indoor growing. It is not too wide for window sills. I am especially interested in your point that ginger will grow well in the Algreen self watering planter. I have not been able to grow ginger since we moved away from Florida. I miss it. This planter is great news to me. Thank you for finding it.

    • Christina

      Hi Sheila,
      You’re very welcome.
      Ginger is actually what I primarily use this planter for myself. It is sturdy enough to support the tall growth. While still having a nice base to support a good healthy harvest of roots. Since ginger likes a consistent water table in its soil a self-watering planter is ideal. If you enjoyed growing ginger you may also enjoy turmeric growing as well. The leaves are wider and more decorative. It flowers really beautiful as well. The roots are similarly used to ginger and taste great in many dishes.
      You may already be familiar with the Amazing health benefits of Ginger Root. Here is an article I had posted on site that illustrates some you may not have known.
      Please let us know how this planter works for you!
      Happy Growing!

  2. Melissa

    I wish I could say I have a green thumb. But I can’t. However my mom does and she has plants all over her house. They are very beautiful.
    One thing she mentions a lot is forgetting to water her plants on a routine or she over waters them from time to time.
    I may just have to look into getting her one of these Algreen self watering window seal planters, for some of her smaller plants and herbs. Thank you so much.

    • Christina

      Hi Melissa,
      I often tell people who say they do not have a green thumb. You are not born with one, you grow one 🙂 It truly is learning.
      Watering issues are the number one cause of death in plants. I recently published another article on site about proper watering techniques. Indoor Gardening Tips for Watering Plants
      Self-waterers are easier and take a lot of guesswork out of watering. I wish all my plants were potted in these type of pots. Would save a ton of time. Your Mom would love on as a gift I am sure. Us gardeners are very easy to buy for. Give us anything for a garden and we are tickled.
      Perhaps between your Mom and I, we can convince you to try again. Even if it a houseplant. Gardening can be addicting but very rewarding!
      Until next time!

  3. Megan

    This looks like a great pot for growing indoor plants. I think even I could manage to keep a plant alive with a self-watering pot! My kids like to tease me when we go past pot plants in stores “hey mum do you want to buy a plant to kill?” I even a reputation of being able to kill artificial plants by knocking them off the bench! What do you think an easy plant to grow to start out with in this for a non-green thumb like me would be?

    • Christina

      Hi Megan,
      I always tell people green thumb is a myth. proper plant care is something you learn. However, I do believe some may need a little extra coaching and encouragement. The self-watering planter is a good way to get the watering right on a plant. Choosing the right plants for a self-waterer is also important. You will need to avoid plants such as orchids, cactus, and succulents in this type of planter. The constantly available water is too much for this type. I think herbs are some of the easiest to grow. Mint be the most successful for those who have had trouble growing other plants. They would enjoy the self-watering container. here is an article about growing mint. Growing Mint in Containers They also do not require a lot of light or special care.
      If mint is not your thing try flowers first. Spring is a great time of year to grab a variety started at a nursery or even a box store. They enjoy the self-waterer. The bright colors should encourage you. Also as most are temporary, annual. You find that you are failing but instead changing up your indoor growing. You could even create a combination of herbs like mint and flowers.
      I encourage to explore other articles on the site too. Sometimes failures are not your fault. Although watering is the leading cause of plant issues there are more. Your soil, light and humidity can also cause issues. There is a focus on herbs here but it can be applied to growing any houseplant or even flowers indoors.
      Whenever you have a question, ask. I will be glad to help!

  4. Suzanne

    This looks fantastic. We tend to be away a lot in the summer. Do you know how long it will hold water for? Will it work for a week?
    Thanks so much

    • Christina

      Hi Suzanne,
      In most cases, it will last a week or more. I say in most cases. Plant size can impact how long the water will last. If you have very large plants with a lot of root growth they may tend to drink the water reservoir faster. I have not had an issue leaving plants for a week at a time. There are larger self-watering planters available if you have large plants. Algreen Planters
      Anything else I can help with, please let me know.

  5. Thabo

    Hi Christina,

    This post brings back a lot of wonderful memories of spending sunny days in my grandfather’s garden back home in South Africa. Whenever I got bored I took a few steps into the garden, and it was like I had arrived at another world. All the heartache and problems of Apartheid seemed far away. In my grandfather’s garden there was beauty and serenity. Whenever I lost hope that people could find a common humanity, my grandfather’s garden renewed my faith. I sometimes wonder if deep down Granddad knew knew that would happen. Knew that his garden besides providing nourishment for my body would also provide nourishment for my soul. I think he did. Thanks for the memories.

    • Christina

      Hi Thabo,
      Those feelings and nostalgia about gardening are very similar to why I have such passion for growing. For me, it was grandparents as well, mainly my grandmother. I grew up on a farm run by my grandparents. The garden every year was immense and productive. It never seemed a chore to me but a labor of love. You can learn more about my journey and love of gardening you can the About Me section of the site.
      This is such a blessed story you shared here. I am honored. Thank you.
      May your soul always be nourished.

  6. DianneBee

    I am still in the planning stages for more indoor growing so this is very helpful
    I appreciate the detailed explanation et al.
    I’ve book marked this for when I get going! Thanks.

    • Christina

      Hi DianneBee,
      Your welcome. Let me know if you run into any issues or questions along the way. I would be glad to help.

  7. Kim

    Hi Christina, I have the worst luck with plants, most likely because I never learned how to properly take care of them. LOL, I usually flood them with water or let them dry out till there dead, my bad. I like this idea of self-waterers it would help me immensely and with all the other great information you have here I’ve decided to get more plants. I just think they add so much more to the house, having live ones look so much better than the few fake ones that I have used.
    Thanks for the info!

    • Christina

      Hi Kim,
      You are not alone with your watering issues. Improper watering can be the leading cause of plants failing. A self-watering planter will certainly help with getting the watering right for most plants. Certain plants like orchids, cactus and succulents do not fair well in self-watering planters. It tends to be too much water.
      I recently wrote an article about plant watering that I think could really help you. Once you learn proper water techniques you would be surprised at the difference it could make for growing successful plants. You can find it here. How to water Herbs and Plants
      Here to help if you need any tips along the way!


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