Top 10 Best 4X4 Grow Tent Reviews

Gone are days when people had acres of free land for farming. Those free lands are now residential areas as the world population is increasing too. Ironically, as people increase, lands reduce while demand for food increases. Thanks to the technology, innovative developers have now created the best 4X4 grow tent to boost indoor gardening. Utilizing these grow tents and lights in gardening plays a significant role in sustain the growing population. It is easy to cultivate vegetables and other food crops using grow tents in the available space, both indoor and outdoor irrespective of the season.

The enclosed nature in the grow tents is to prevent extreme weather conditions from affecting the plants. The tents prevent insects and crawlers from invading the growing crops and ensuring optimum growth lights to benefit the crops. Below reviews should help you choose the best grow tent.

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10 Best 4X4 Grow Tent Reviews

1. VIVOSUN 48″x48″x80″ Indoor Plant Growing 4’X4′ Tent

VIVOSUN 48'x48'x80' Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent with Observation Window and Floor Tray for Indoor Plant Growing 4' x4'

Mylar hydroponic is a top-quality canvas grow tent from VIVOSUN. It measures 48”x48”80″ inches by dimension. Looking from far, you may think it is a black cabinet only to realize it’s a tent after approaching. The top-rated grow tent features Mylar reflective interiors that ensure 98% of light is reflected, offering an ideal growing environment for your indoor plants. The tent comes with black lined zipper designed lightproof to prevent light from escaping.

The tent is structured using 600D double stitched material, which guarantees that it will retain strength for so many years. Further, since Mylar has 340g of non-toxic PE materials, which are tearproof and can withstand extreme weather changes, plants grow healthy in the tent. The high customer rating of more than 4.4 stars after over 5000 reviews is proof that this is the best 4×4 grow tent in the market.

You can easily monitor the plant growth from the outside since the tent features a sufficient observation window. This prevents you or anyone from zipping and unzipping the tent to see the progress means interfering with the growing environment and may create a way for light to escape.


  • Metal poles and corner adapters
  • Waterproof and removable floor tray
  • Observation window
  • SBS lightproof zipper
  • Inner tool organizer for storing grow accessories
  • Lightproof zippers with double layer black lining
  • Durable 600D extra thick canvas
  • Mylar reflective material for maximum lighting
  • Expensive type relative to other VIVOSUN tents


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2. Gorilla Heavy-Duty 4’X4′ Grow Tent

Gorilla Grow Tent | Complete Heavy-Duty 1680D Reflective Hydroponic Grow 4-Foot by 4-Foot Tent for Growing Indoor Plants with Free 1-Foot Height Extension Kit, Windows, Floor Tray

Beginners and professionals alike can have a breeze of growing their indoor plants in a gorilla grow tent without confusion. The tent is easy to set up and very reliable as it provides an ideal environment where the plants can thrive effectively. There is no stress accessing the grow tent door, and it is spacious enough that you can maneuver inside easily. You can extend the tent height by 1 inch as a standard extension, and beyond that, it comes with a kit for an extension to almost 10 feet.

Something unique about this best 4×4 grows tent kit is that it features 1680D fabric density, nine times denser than an ordinary grow tent. Gorilla takes a big step ahead of the competitors by having all steel poles and steel corner adapters or interlocking pins hence outshining the rest of the market’s tents. The metal poles are large enough to hold up to around 500lbs while they intend to provide real-time security and safety.

Moreover, diamond reflecting technology redistributes lumens to leave as minimal waste as possible and more thriving for the plant. Another thing there is 10 inch double cinching ducting ports that ease maintenance.


  • Adjustable roof height
  • Strong, durable zippers
  • Structures and frames all steel
  • EZ view window and access door
  • Light redistributing diamond reflective technology
  • Steel poles and interlocking pins boosting strength
  • Steel construction ensures durability and stability
  • Height adjustability increase flexibility; thus, convenience
  • Having 21.5 kg is heavy to carry


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3. MARS HYDRO 4X4ft Hydroponic Growing Tent

MARS HYDRO Grow Tent Kit Complete 4x4ft TSW 2000W Led Grow Light Dimmable Full Spectrum,Indoor Grow Tent Kit 48'x48'x80' Hydroponics Growing Tent 1680D Canvas with 6 Inch Ventilation System

MARS HYDRO is the market leader making tremendous steps into solving indoor gardening predicaments by creating the perfect solution. Speaking outrightly, the new style TSW2000W 4x4ft is now live, complete with both indoor grow tent and grow light. Thus, the customer is no longer confused about the best light to fit the tent as the manufacturer avails them in one package.

The nature of light included in this 1680D canvas tent with a 6″ ventilation system is a full spectrum dimmable led grow light. Despite having a super quality design, it comes at a very affordable cost.  Again, there are no special skills needed to set up apart from following the simple user guide. The interior is mylar lining that reflects 99% of the indoor Led light hence collecting 50% more light.  This improves the total yield by 30% in comparison with classical LED lights.

The featured full spectrum grow light takes up only 300watts and works for plant stages from seedling, veg to bloom. Moreover, the led lights are power efficient to the extent it saves about 50 % of total energy bills that could run HPS grow systems. Finally, this is the best carbon 4×4 grow tent with built-in Australian virgin charcoal granules to absorb allergens.


  • 99% reflective mylar inner
  • 4×4 ft light footprint
  • Made of thick 1680D outer canvas
  • Includes full spectrum grow light
  • Designed convenient and stress-free to set up
  • Features 99% Mylar reflective interior
  • Effective carbon filtration system
  • Brushless motor is long-lasting
  • Warranty period information not given


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4. VIVOSUN Store 48″x48″x72″ Indoor Grow Tent

VIVOSUN 48'x48'x72' Indoor Grow Tent, Roof Cube Tent with Observation Window and Floor Tray for Plant Growing

Want to save more energy bills on your indoor growing? VIVOSUNG  grow tent that measures 48’’x48’’x72″ is a functional tent that uses a mylar reflective lining design. This works to block all light from escaping the enclosed tent and therefore concentrates more useful lights to the indoor plants facilitating yield increase. A double-stitched extra thick canvas made of 600D polyester gives the tent tearproof quality and the ability to block all light from leaving the enclosure.

Every material utilized in designing the VIVOSUN grow tent contributes to the construction strength right from the canvas to the metal frames boosting durability. Connecting and installation of the equipment are stress frees experiences. You do not have to break the bank to acquire this item; no, it’s; the best budget 4×4 grow tent in the market.

You do not have to tamper with the interior trying to unzip to check the growth and others, altering the interior environment’s state. Luckily, you unzip and peep through the observation window to have a brisk of development without interrupting the setup. Funny enough, even if you have not read the user manual, common sense can guide you in installing the tent.


  • Comprise hanging bars
  • Observation window and floor tray
  • Reflective mylar interior
  • 600D polyester canvas material
  • Designed waterproof and light proof
  • Durable 600D double-stitched polyester
  • No skills needed to set up
  • Highly reflective mylar material hence energy saving
  • Accommodates just a few plants


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5. VIPARSPECTRA 48″x48″x80″ Reflective Hydroponic Grow Tent

VIPARSPECTRA 48'x48'x80' Reflective 600D Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent for Indoor Plant Growing 4'x4'

Say goodbye to a sleepless night, thinking of how you get the best 4×4 to grow tent kit. This increases tent guarantees total isolation of the inside growing environment with the rest of the surrounding. The tent features exact the requirement right from the strong making materials like double-stitched fabric, heavy-duty zippers ventilation holes.  Additionally, there is a mesh ducting window to keep insects away and dust from reaching the indoor growing.

The tent is erected using substantial metal holes and connectors, giving the structure stability to stand out and serve relentlessly for years. Reflective Mylar interior material is boosted by Velcro together, creating a 100% waterproof and lightproof environment for optimal growth. Fixing or setting up the tent, you don’t need to have spanners or screwdrivers, as no tools are required.

A desirable factor that influences many individuals into trying VIPARSPECTRA 48″x48″x80″ is the fact manufacturer offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. Additionally, even if you face any tribulation using the equipment, whether the warranty period is expired or not, the brand’s support is always ready to listen.


  • User manual available
  • Waterproof removable floor tray
  • Two nylon belts and metal frameset
  • Reflective growing tent cover
  • Metal poles and connectors are solidly made for stability
  • Heavy-duty zipper ensures no light escapes.
  • Metal poles designed strong for supporting at least 110lbs
  • Ventilation socks for sealing inner layer around vent fan
  • Can’t support filters on the top


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6. MARS HYDRO Store Grow Tent 4’X4.’

MARS HYDRO Grow Tent 4'x4' 1680D Canvas Reflective Mylar Grow Tents with Removable Floor Tray for Indoor Hydroponic Plant Growing Room 48'x48'x80' for TSW2000/2xSP3000/2xTSL2000

MARS HYDRO  brand uses a shiny diamond mylar material on the tent interior to make it as reflective as possible to make light more valuable by the plant. Extra thick 1680D canvas is double stitched and designed tearproof sufficient to prevent light leaks while keeping safe from adverse conditions. Moreover, the use of metal zippers with black double layer lining additionally creates a lightproof seal.

There is an observation window covered by a double-layered cloth, where you can observe the plant’s progress without affecting the plant’s internal conditions. Further, the observing window serves another purpose to dissipate excess heat and allow fresh air through to the plants. Mini grow tent 4×4 does not need any training to install, as sell avails easy-to-follow stepwise instructions.

In addition to allowing a refund guarantee where the tent does not meet quality expectations, the manufacturer has a free 24 hours of customer support. The manufacturer focuses on strong metallic poles and corner adaptors, unlike some other grow tents that use plastic. Stability and durability are the greatness of using metallic structures.


  • Metallic poles and connectors
  • The floor tray is removable
  • User manual guide
  • Thick 600D canvas tent body
  • Thick double-stitched canvas for optimal light blocking
  • 99% reflective diamond mylar endure conducive room
  • Metal poles and corner adaptors to enhance durability
  • The observation window checks the plant development silently
  • Overtime the zippers are hard to move


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7. Ohuhu 4’X4′ Plant Growing Tent

Ohuhu 48'x48'x80' Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent with Observation Window, Floor Tray & Tool Bag, 4'x4' Plant Growing Tent with Durable 600D Oxford Cover for Indoor Plant Growing, Gardening & Germination

The Ohuhu grow tent is structured to provide an ideal environment for the growing plants. The tent protects the plant from adverse weather conditions like wind, snow, rain and gives you a chance to grow anything you want irrespective of the year or season. Moreover, the tent is built using heavy-duty 600D oxford cloth that gives it a lasting stiffness.

This grow tent has a zippered door and a see-through window with a screen that is well ventilated to allow in the fresh air. Thus, there is a proper environment to protect young plants, seeding process, and sustaining condition for growing plant up to maturity—the interior features highly reflective mylar lining for retaining heat and efficiency utilization of light hence promoting growth.

The robust canvas has 48″ wide, 48″ length, and height of 80″ inches, which offers sufficient space for storing from farm kits and sustaining small plants. The tent further is used for protective reasons, prevent odors from leaking and keep away crutters insects from entering the tent. The manufacturer includes a user guide, and the parts come with levels on how they should connect; thus, assembling and dissembling is easy. After purchasing this unit, rest assured you have the best 4×4 grow tent in the market.


  • Mosquito proof screens
  • Strong metallic frames
  • Poles and belts for holding grow light bulbs
  • Ventilation and connection holes
  • 600D oxford clothing and metal structures ensure durability
  • Provides a conducive environment for healthy plant growth
  • Zippered door and see-through side widows allowing smooth airflow
  • Reflective lining for easy light and temperature control
  • Zipper may get loose in the long run


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GA Grow Tent 48x48x80 4x4 Reflective Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent with Observation Window and Waterproof Floor Tray for Indoor Plant Growing (48x48x80)

Of course, you have heard about GA GREEN ARCHITECTURE, especially in connection with marijuana growers. With the brand being top-rated and very popularly, it is known for making quality versatile grow tents. Like other quality tents, it is made of strong  600D oxford cloth, and on the inner side, it is silvery mylar material to ensure all lights are saved to keep the plant healthy. The 4×4 grower tent has a height over 6.6 ft to allow sufficient reach for tall plants.

Installation of the tent is just a breeze as you erect using poles and connectors following labeled marks. While some tents cost lesser, all in all, this is the best budget 4×4 grow tent that can ensure your plants gets the most appropriate light and safer from insects and pests. Interestingly, unlike standard tents where zippers get stuck sometimes, this type comes from outstanding material and can rarely stick.

It is always amazing to have a brand that is ready to offer after-sales services without additional cost. GA provides various after-sales services apart from having listening support that is ready to answer any related arising questions regarding the tent.


  • 600D oxford cloth makes the tent exterior
  • Highly reflective silvery color mylar interior lining
  • 20lbs steel rods
  • Tent measures 48″ width, 48″ length, and 80″ inches height
  • Transparent observation window hence easy to monitor growth
  • Smooth directives making installation easy
  • Zippers are strong and never gets stuck
  • Spacious, convenient for storing tools and accessories
  • No clear warranty information


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9. KINGSO Store Grow Tent 4’X4′ Indoor Plant Growing Tents

KINGSO Grow Tent 4'x4' Indoor Plant Growing Tents with 600D Oxford Fabric Observation Window Floor Tray, Reflective Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent for Indoor Plant Growing 48'x 48'x 80'

It is not long since the KINGSO brand introduced this product, but the users have to realize their quality. While the manufacturer is trying to them available in various stores, their demand has seen exponential growth recently. Every part of the tent has extraordinary characteristics making the whole system excellent. For instance, the sturdy SBS zipper and the mylar lining ensures that heat and light remain within the tent, enhancing optimal plant growth.

The heavy-duty 600D oxford canvas clothing making the tent is double stitched, waterproof, and tear-resistant.  These properties make the system durable, prevent order and light leaks, and provide an ideal shading effect that guarantees plants thrive. Structurally, the tent is outstandingly firm since steel poles and connectors are strong enough to support frames and hanging grow light bars.

Setting up the tent does not need an expert. You can do it yourself, as all parts are numbered, and the brand provides a detailed installation manual. Therefore, this hydroponic DIY 4X4 grow tent features a removable waterproof tray, and it is convenient to change location or clean.


  • 600D oxford waterproof canvas
  • High reflective mylar interior lining
  • Solid SBS zippers
  • Heavy-duty steel poles and firm connectors
  • Tearproof and waterproof canvas is very supportive
  • Mylar material is 100% reflective; saving all lights
  • Built with ventilation vents to allow proper airflow
  • The floor tray is removable, making cleaning easy
  • No warranty information available


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10. LARUTAN 4’X4′ Grow Tent’ Hydroponic Plant Growing Tent

LARUTAN 48'x48'x80' Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent, 600D Canvas Reflective Growing Tent with Observation Window and Floor Tray for Indoor Plant Growing 4' x4'

LARUTAN grow tent comes with various quality properties, lays the foundation on which indoor plants grow faster and healthier. Some factors giving this tent chances to outshine most closer alternatives include durability, ideal air circulation, spaciousness, expendability, and others. The grow tent features two full-size doors and an observation window, making accessibility easy.

Safe and secure is the exemplary description of how this tent makes your growing plant feel. You have nothing to worry about while using the tent as from floor, roof, and sideways are all protected to ensure nothing from outside would interrupt. The 600D canvas material is strong and waterproof to prevent pests, weather conditions like rains, wind excess temperatures from reaching the enclosed plants. Additionally, the flow tray covers the ground level and ensures that floods, insects, and other crawlers cannot get into the tent.

The tent is designed with heavy-duty equipment like metal poles, connectors, fans, frames, etc., and then painted with a rustproof finish. This is intended to maintain the excellent shape of the structure and stability for consecutive growing. The tent has enough space to keep the growing kit and tools inside without carrying them anytime you want to correct something.


  • Includes instruction manual
  • Removable waterproof floor tray
  • High reflective mylar inner lining
  • Robust metallic connectors and poles
  • Spacious enough allowing plants to thrive
  • Strong metal poles and connectors enhancing stability and durability
  • Small air vents allowing in the fresh air and keep away pests
  • Installation is DIY; no expert skills required
  • Customer support is not responsive enough
  • No guarantee information given


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Buying Guide for 4X4 Grow Tent

Buying Guide for 4x4 Grow Tent

When you went to the market and decided to purchase a 4X4 grow tent, several factors determine the tent model you should buy. The following are tips to consider to buy an ideal growing tent that meets your growing requirements and space.

Tent Size

The size is the primary point that should drive your decision on the tent to buy. This is because it is not wise to purchase a massive tent while there is limited space to install; similarly, a too small-sized tent may not meet your growing need. If you want a 4×4 grow tent, then a 1000W grow light is the best option.

Corner Materials

Depending on your pocket size, you may choose to buy tents that have metal connectors or plastic. But the fact is metals form stable and long-lasting corner materials, while plastic materials may even melt under high-temperature weather conditions. Make sure you get the exact corner connectors within your budget. Some sellers may sell plastic tents at the same value the metal tents cost, which can easily lure unknowing buyers.

Canvas Thickness

The tent’s quality is directly proportional to the density of canvas clothing: the thicker and denser materials, the more durable and ability to light proof. Light tents may allow light and heat to escape the tent, which means fewer lights may be used by plants, affecting the plants’ health in the long run. The inner wall is also significant as it should be as reflective as possible to disperse and distribute light equality for the plant to use.

Poles and Frames Strength

When choosing, take note of the pole and frame materials, metal, steel, or plastic. Choose poles and frames made from metals or steel as the material is sturdy and durable with the strength to withstand heavier loads. While we expect them to retail at reasonable prices, too cheap could mean quality is compromised.

Weight Rating

Tents usually have a weight rating, indicating how much weight the tent can support without collapsing. Materials making the poles and corner adaptors determine the strength and hence the tent rating. However, where possible, consider an alternative area where you can hang or place items instead of on the top of the tent. Extra support for heavy grow light inside the tent can enhance your tent life.


Investing in high-quality 4X4 grow tents can mimic exact outdoor growing environmental conditions under natural lighting. However, without the right equipment, you may not realize substantial yield. This article describes in detail factors to consider when choosing the best 4X4 to grow tent, as per your gardening needs and space available. Additionally, we have made top 10 reviews of the best 4X4 grow tents in the market. You should not have a problem making a decision regarding grow tent while still, you can do more research as there are so many others in the marketing. Happy gardening!

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