Top 7 Best 8X8 Grow Tent Reviews

Many people worldwide have come out in large numbers, all with everlasting interest to begin hydroponic gardening. Well, some have encountered various tribulations and almost gave up the indoor cultivation ideology. However, many beginners are gradually picking up and using the best 8X8 grow tent to achieve their gardening goals, thanks to the internet.

The internet surfers are advantaged as everything you need is clear as crystal, just at the click of the button. This article explores the top 7 best 8×8 grow tents available to make everything simpler for you. Make the right decision and rediscover the unlimited benefits of hydroponic gardening.

Our Top Pick:

7 Best 8X8 Grow Tent Reviews

1. TopoLite 8X8 Grow Tent

TopoLite 96'x96'x80' Indoor Grow Tent Room 600D Reflective Mylar Hydroponic Indoor Plants Growing Dark Room (96'x96'x80')

Topolite 96’’x96’’x80 creates a conducive environment ideal for the plants that love the highly ventilated rooms. There are vents and mesh on both the upper and lower part of the tent to allow constant air circulation. The tent uses 600D lightproof oxford cloth, which is high quality and reliable. It is designed with very thick metal poles giving sufficient traction to support the hanging grow lights and other accessories.

The tent has enough room; thus, you can grow exotic herbs, flowers, and vegetables throughout the year without breaking climatic limitations. If you are a starter and want something affordable to start with, this is tent can accommodate your needs. Further, the tent uses diamond mylar with 96% reflectivity, which enhances the growth effect.

What boosts durability is the heavy-duty 600D lightproof oxford cloth tent and the strong poles with a diameter of 16 mm thick. Connectors are plastic but worth the strength to support the system. Moreover, all-metal bars have plastic corner reinforcements to guarantee undisputed stability. The smooth zipping zipper has double stitching to back up light proofing. Diamond patterned finish help maximize reflectivity of the tent interiors. The dual-cinching duct port not only enhances air circulation but improves air seal around the cords and ducting.


  • Heavy-duty 600D oxford cloth
  • Heavy-duty zippers
  • Multiple vents
  • 16mm thick poles
  • Features dual-cinching duct ports allow smooth airflow.
  • Heavy-duty zippers include lightproof backing.
  • The 600D thick oxford fabric is both tearproof and lightproof
  • Stylish with diamond-patterned fixture
  • Plastic connectors look wired


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2. Gorilla 8X8 Grow Tent

Gorilla Grow Tent Lite Line | Complete 8-Foot by 8-Foot Reflective Hydroponic Grow Tent for Growing Indoor Plants | Steel Interlocking Poles, Windows, Floor Tray

Gorilla Lite Line grows tents are the ideal type of tents that allows height adjustment yet perfect for beginners and professionals alike. All customers looking for gorilla quality tent while on a budget constriction can now smile with this affordable grow room. Despite the low-cost status, the tent features expert configuration designs. Interestingly, the grow tent features well-positioned duct ports, view windows, and are easy to set up still without messing the growing environment.

The smart-designed wrap-around zippers allow 360 degrees convenient access for easy interior monitoring. Something else good here is the 10’’ double cinching ducting ports that make the maintenance of the system just a breeze. The poles and the interlocking connectors help create a room for perfect indoor gardening. Every bar has a self-locking facility to guarantee stable locking. The coating on metal bars and corner adaptors prevent staining, rusting thus promoting reliable durability.

A great uniqueness in a gorilla grows tent is the micro mesh filtering system that is adjustable to some extent, thus creating a bag-resistant interior. The double-stitched zippers move smoothly without getting stuck. All the features and usability perfection makes this the best 8×8 grow tent most ideal in the market.


  • All steel frames and interlocking
  • Double fabric canvas
  • Lightproof floor tray
  • Height adjusting feature
  • Height adjustability enhances the tent flexibility.
  • EZ windows make viewing effortless.
  • All steel metals ensure a sturdy and long-lasting enclosure
  • Micromesh filtering interior keeps bugs at bay
  • Poor quality floor tray


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3. ULTRAYIELD 8X8 Grow Tent

ULTRAYIELD 96'x96'x84' + 12' Extension Grow Tent - 1680D Mylar Professional Indoor Growing Tents - Use for Hydroponics Growing System (8' x 8')

Quality/durability makes Ultra Yield grow tent an everlasting industrial leader, popular in producing a top choice for professional, intermediate, and homeowners. The grow tent is made using reliable quality diamond-patterned 1680D Mylar. The tent’s interior comprises 98% reflective interior lining.  Thus satisfies that almost all the lights are reflected, giving the plants a perfect growth boost.

The character of ULTRAYIELD 96″x96″x84″ makes it an outstanding 8×8 growing room in the market, not adverts professionally. For instance, if you are an expert consumer, a low price cannot win your confidence as the rate of a tear over time will cost more in the long run. The full metal is 22 mm thick and has smooth edges giving sufficient hanging allowance possible. For this reason, it’s possible to hang your LED light along with the ventilation system.

The Ultra Yield allows 12’’ free height; hence, you no longer have to worry about the plants growing tall as in the case with other grow tents in the market. With the tent featuring a french door design, it allows a convenient working space. The overall structural construction gives the grow room strength to support up to 150lbs in weight.


  • Dual open french doors
  • Dual sealing ports
  • Heavy-duty zippers
  • 1680 diamond-patterned Mylar
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee with a 1-year warranty
  • Highly responsive customer support
  • Height adjustable with 12’’ extension kit
  • French doors design allow 180-degree access
  • Costly in comparison with close alternatives


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4. VIVOSUN 8X8 Grow Tent

VIVOSUN 96'x96'x80' Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent with Observation Window and Floor Tray for Indoor Plant Growing 8'x8'

VIVOSUN is very famous in the industry, especially in the production of gardening equipment. Quality is the top virtue the brand is well known for, and the same thing resonates when it comes to the production of hydroponic grow tents. This model measuring 96’’X96’’X80’’ is an exemplary product equipped with 98% reflective mylar. Moreover, the zipper also has a back lining, helping stop light from escaping and therefore amplifies light benefiting the plants.

Trust the top-quality 600D canvas, a double stitched fabric that is sufficient to ensure tearproof and perfect light blocking. For more efficiency, the structural construction features strong metal poles interlocked using corner connectors, thus resonating to extraordinary support strength. Further, the grow room features a convenient mesh observation window for viewing the growth pace and judge what is urgently needed. However, if more activity is required, the easy to unzip zipper will grant you smooth access.

The tent quality characteristics don’t end there, but rather there are more accessories enhancing performance. Some of these accessories include lightproof SBS zippers and carbon filters that help keep away crawlers. Additionally, the brand works tooth and nail to keep customers 100% satisfied with the best deals on after-sales services. Apart from having reliable support, the brand offers 2 years warranty.


  • Lightproof SBS zippers
  • 2-year warranty
  • Dual-layer ventilation opening
  • Carbon filter straps
  • Consumer satisfaction is backed with 2 years warranty
  • The brand offers free straps accessories for hanging things
  • The high-quality canvas material for durability reasons
  • Solid frames for heavy hanging convenience
  • The control process needs improvement.


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5. Oppolite Hydroponic 8’X8′ Grow Tent

Oppolite Hydroponic 96'X96'X80' Grow Tent Room for Indoor Plant Growing/Green View Window Metal Corners, 8'X8'(96'X96'X80')

There goes a durable and stable constructed 96’’x96’’x96’’grow tent from the renowned Oppolite brand. The manufacturer guarantees that the customer buys from all branded stores. For instance, shops like Amazon sell the product at a factory price, eliminating the middlemen consumer exploitations. The tent features 600D mylar oxford cloth on the outside, 96% highly reflective diamond mylar inner to ensure perfect light blocking. The fabric clothing and the zipper design work together to ensure all light produced by the LED light system is amplified and used to make the plan grow more healthy.

The multiple vents accommodate fans and filter, making the growth of exotic fruits, vegetables, and herbs a viable option. The customer support is a good listener, and they are ready to offer service at their factories in case of damage with no additional cost. The grand expresses transparency of the highest level such that there is no additional cost on buying apart from upfront prices.

The tent offers an ideal grow room that is uninterrupted by the weather conditions or seasonal changes. Hence you can grow all you want throughout the years.  There is a view window for those who prefer to keep an eye on their plant development and preventing any disturbances that could alter the constant internal conditions like temperature and lighting.


  • Viewing window
  • Green filtering tint
  • Multiple vents
  • 2mm white paint coated metal poles
  • Green tint technology to filter white light
  • Viewing window maintains status quo with no door opening
  • Reflective diamond mylar amplifies light saving energy
  • Rectangular mesh and vents enhance ventilation
  • Overweight may cause poles bending


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6. TopoGrow 8’X8′ Indoor Grow Tent

TopoGrow D-Door 96'x96'X78' Indoor Grow Tent Room 600D Mylar High Reflective Non Toxic Hut, 8'X8'

TopoGrow designs this 8×8 grow tent kit with strong, reliable constructions to give an ultimate shelter for thriving plants. The 600D thick, high-quality oxford cloth delivers safety and secure interior protection. Thus the thick external and interior diamond mylar cover with 96% reflectivity ensures interior heat and light factors remain constant. Additionally, strong metal bars and connectors guarantee sufficient strength and stability to withstand the hanging weights.

Moreover, there are rectangular vents and supplemented by top-quality mesh meant to guarantee smooth filtered air circulation. The mesh and vents also serve to prevent the entry of insects, pests, and other harmful crawlers. Far at the bottle is a waterproof tray that collects any spillage and thus easy to clean.

The sturdy metal zippers with double stitching make access easy, seals the light leaks. The total enclosure system aims at keeping away external climatic conditions that could wreak havoc in the system. Further, the 19mm metal poles have a white coating to aid in light reflection and prevent possible rust or corrosion sooner.


  • Sturdy metal frame bars
  • 600D quality oxford cloth
  • Rectangular vents and filters
  • Strong zippers with double stitching
  • Easy to clean removable waterproof tray
  • Strong zippers with double stitching for perfect light seals
  • Lightproof coverage ensures optimal protection
  • Easy tool-free operation including installation
  • Conner connections soon go loose


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7. Hydro Plus 8’X8′ Grow Tent

Hydro Plus 8'x8' Grow Tent Room Indoor Plants Growing Reflective Mylar Dark Room Non Toxic Hut for Growing System(96''x96''x78'' Tent)

If you are looking for a slid and snaped grow tent that does not require any tools to operate, Hydro plus is your perfect stop. The structure of the grow tent sufficiently covers an area with dimensions 96’’x96x78’’. This 600D thick hydroponic grow tent has metal structures with plastic corners. For quality purposes, the tent exterior oxford clothing is double-stitched around all corners to enhance strength and stability. The zippers feature lightproof backing to keep all light sealed for the plant’s benefit.

Moreover, the diamond mylar is highly reflective to help amplify the plants’ introduced light for optimal usage. The micro-mesh pre-filter allows proper air circulation to reach the system. Further ensures no pests or environmental particles find their way into the grow room. With large front makes it easy to access and perform any needed activities.

The heavy-duty 600D fabric and sturdy zippers all work to prevent light leaks and enhance the grow room durability. No single tool is required when installing this best 8×8 grow tent. Thus it is a reliable option for beginners, homeowners, and experts alike. Something amazing that additionally encourages and attracts new prospective buyers is the brand’s customer care support. They are available to reply to consumers’ queries within 24hrs.


  • 6 mesh pre-filter vents
  • 2 convenience access back doors
  • Includes clear operation guidelines
  • Features removable spill trays
  • Detailed instructions make operation a breeze
  • Dua access doors allow operation convenience
  • Reflective internal mylar lining amplifies light saving energy
  • Pre-filter vents keep away pest and dust particles
  • The strength of plastic corners is questionable


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Best 8×8 Grow Tent Buying Guide

Buying Guide of Best 8X8 Grow Tent

Even after thorough research on various 8×8 grows tents, it is always confusing to make the final choice. Well, there are so many grow rooms in the market, all with close or similar features. Therefore, it needs highly experienced experts in hydroponic gardening to help separate variable factors. Even after narrowing down quality 8×8 grow tents, you still need to study the below factors to choose the right equipment finally. The following tips will help in picking the best grow tent for ultimate gardening success.

Structural Design

The design refers to the kind of grow tent concerning space available and the kind of plants you intend to grow. The tents should have all properties required to boost the healthy growth of the seedlings and maintain the plant to maturity. In simple, there should be sufficient space to feed the plant right from the seedling to their optimal high leaving allowance.

Canvas Quality

Indeed, the thickness of the canvas or fabric making the tent influences both durability and enhances performance. The thickness of the tent canvas is directly proportional to durability, waterproof, lightproof, and overall performance. Thicker material helps control internal temperature and retails the inner lining longer before starting to rip off.

Reflectivity Rate

If you want gardening success without compromising quality, check out the reflectivity rate of the mylar lining. The lower the reflectivity rate, the poorer the performance. Some interior lining have as high as 100% reflectivity, while others go around 90%. Highly reflective material like the diamond mylar amplifies even 1 LED bulb into multiple reflections sufficient for plants.

Supporting Materials

The entire structural framework should be strong to sustain the whole tent. The strength and stability of the tent depending on the poles, frames as well as connective adaptors. Thick poles can support large weights without bending. Since the supporting materials can be plastic or metals, metallic frames lead to a more durable and stable structure.

Zippers Quality and Accessibility

Zippers are the common part easily damaged, gets stuck, or cause leakage with time. It is recommendable to go for heavy-duty metal quality zippers for durability reasons. Moreover, good zippers have double stitching to ensure perfect light seals. The zipper should allow smooth movement for easy access from the outside.

Cost and Warranty

Prices do not always reciprocate with quality, while also be careful when going for the low-quality equipment. Since most 8×8 grow tents are usually costly compared to other types, choose the most quality options and then sort out the affordable ones.

How Many Plants Can You Fit In An 8×8 Grow Tent

8×8 growing kits are usually large types, and most homeowners with a bit bigger area or a garage space are the main consumers. Even before you set for the market to buy an 8X8 grow tent, think about the type of plants grow. The outright truth about the number of plants to grow in an 8X8 grows room depends on the size of the crop you are growing. For larger plants like tomatoes, you may need to plant up to a maximum of 24, depending on the breed. But for small-sized crops like marijuana, the tent may support from 30 to 60 plants.


Finally, following the detailed reviews and buyer guide above, you should be able to get the best 8×8 to grow tent. Choosing the tent when doing hydroponic gardening is not about getting an easy to assemble or disassembly option; no. of course, anyone, including beginners, can readily set up any grow tent following the manufacturer’s instruction.

Well, these suggestions are very educative. Everything has been broken it simple digests to help you kick start your hydroponic gardening journey. It’s upon you now to think of essential indoor herbs, vegetables, or perennial fruits to grow. Just get the grow tents that meet your needs and selling at a price you can afford.

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