Top 13 Best Double-Bit Axe Reviews

by Truman Perkins

Are you wondering why double-bit axes are so popular today? Double bit axes have been in use for centuries. However, the introduction of ax-throwing sports has increased double-bit Axe demands exponentially. Another propelling factor apart from sporting activities is that loggers use the best double bit Axe as their splitting mauls and hatchets.

Choosing a low-quality double-bit Axe costs you a defeat in the Axe throwing competition. Luckily, this list of best double-bit Axes and their buyers’ guide will help you make a delightful decision. So read through to discover the various options available in the market borrowed down for you to choose without any hassle.

Our Top Pick:

13 Best Double Bit Axe Reviews

1. “Helko Werk Germany” Double Bit Axe

1844 Helko Werk Germany Double Bit Axe - Classic Odyssey - Double Edge Axe Or Double Head Axe Felling Axe And Chopping Axe Double Bladed Axe For Large Timber Double Axe
1844 Helko Werk Germany Double Bit Axe - Classic Odyssey - Double Edge Axe Or Double Head Axe Felling Axe And Chopping Axe Double Bladed Axe For Large Timber Double Axe

Odyssey double-bit in Germany made American-inspired sturdy felling Axe. This multifunctional tool is customizable such that each blade does a different task. Some users purpose one side for cutting and the other for sleeping which is not a bad idea. The double-bit Axe is handmade by professional blacksmiths to deliver premium quality tools.

Crafting the hand-forged Axe, the smith uses a drop hammer to prepare a premium grade C50 high carbon steel. Finally, the tool is hand-polished with highly reflective finishing preventing rust and reducing friction on the cutting edge. An American hickory handle makes the Axe the best double-bit felling Axe in the market. 1844 Heiko is ideal for smooth use, causes no blisters due to coating with boiled linseed oil. The 3.5lb comes in a vegetable oil turned leather sheath to protect the hatchet.

Key Feature

  • Full-grain cowhide leather sheath
  • Premium two wedge system
  • Includes Axe guard protective oil
  • Linseed oil finish
  • Boiled in linseed oil for blister-free experience
  • It comes in a protective leather Axe sheath.
  • Designed rust resistance and low cutting friction
  • Axe head versatility for cutting and splitting
  • Cutting edge needs additional sharpening
  • There are some unverified artistry complaints


2. Collins Double Bit Mich Ax 3.5lb

Double Bit Mich Ax 3.5lb
Double Bit Mich Ax 3.5lb

Actually, a new investor who doubts what sort of double-bit Axe, to begin with, can try this affordable tool. Honestly, by purchasing this collins Axe double-bit option, you get a valuable cutting tool at a reasonable price. The Axe’s quality perfection is an attribute of construction with a quality carbon steel Axe head plus a double injected fiberglass handle. Material making Axe head is hefty, hence overall, heavy too.

The 34 inches long and approximately 5lbs weight, including the Axe handle, makes it suitable for faster cutting. The fiberglass handle is strong and reliable, plus the steelhead all makes the Axe durable quality for the money. This china-made Axe features fiberglass handles that dampen the shocks during strikes to prevent blisters on the grip.

Key Features

  • Sturdy fiberglass handle
  • Michigan pattern axehead
  • High carbon steel axhead
  • Rubber covering axhead
  • Retails at reasonable prices
  • Sturdy fiberglass handle
  • Light handle dampens the shocks
  • Length and weight enhances quick cutting
  • Axe blades get blunt easily.
  • Fiberglass handles not replaceable.


3. “Council Tool” Velvicut Premium Saddle Axe

Council Tool Velvicut Premium Saddle Axe
Council Tool Velvicut Premium Saddle Axe

If you fancy a versatile and compact-designed double-bit Axe, then  Council Tool Velvicut is the most suitable option for carrying around. This hatchet-style tool features a grade A American hickory handle that promotes usability. The Axe comes covered with leather sheaths at both cutting edges to prevent accidental cuts. Additionally, the weight and length are factors that make the tool the most outstanding true temper double-bit Axe.

Chopping wood grain with this drop-forged 5160 steel heat-treated Axe head is a lot more effortless. The wooden handle is graded and treated to look beautifully smooth while reduces friction when chopping. Moreover, for versatile experience, the Axe has one head angle at 25 degrees while the other edge broadens to 32 degrees. The designs aim at making the Axe work both for splitting and cutting.

Key Features

  • USA hickory handle
  • 5160 steel Axe head
  • Leather sheath cover
  • Angled edges
  • Angled sharp edges produce neat cuts.
  • Stylish hatchet design
  • Versatile design for cutting, kindling, and splits
  • Top-quality Axe head and handle
  • No reliable power
  • Too small for a big task


4. “Estwing” Double Bit Axe – 38 oz Wood Spitting Tool

Estwing Double Bit Axe - 38 Oz Wood Spitting Tool With Forged Steel Construction & Shock Reduction Grip - EBDBA,Black
Estwing Double Bit Axe - 38 Oz Wood Spitting Tool With Forged Steel Construction & Shock Reduction Grip - EBDBA,Black

The primary predicament buyers suffer, especially when buying double-bit axes, is falling for a tool with weak but decorated handles. Best quality double-bit Axe heads cannot work without quality handles. Good enough, Estwing double-bit Axe model construction includes a forged steel head, firm shock-absorbing handle grip, and other thrilling properties. Further, the USA-made modern, stylish Axe offers perfect cutting and splitting strength. Both the sturdy handle and steel axehead are fused, offering an excellent combination of strength and shock absorption. Further, the handles comprise an ant slip grip that makes the use stress-free.

Something more, the Axe comes packed in a heavy-duty nylon sheath to use when transportation and storage are necessary. Again, since the Axe is a bit light, it is recommended for use when kindling rather than felling. The size and classic design are some of the factors that make this handy tool a crucial substance to have at home.

Key Features

  • Short fiberglass handle
  • The light steel Axe head
  • Shock reduction grip
  • Includes a ballistic nylon sheath
  • Heavy-duty, reliable storage, and transport sheath
  • Forged steel endures a lifetime of durability
  • Versatile designed to cut and split
  • Reduce vibratory impact enhancing shock control grip
  • Not for felling heavy tree branches
  • It does not retain sharpness for a long time.


5. “GEDORE” OX 18 H-1206 Throwing Axe

GEDORE OX 18 H-1206 Throwing Axe
GEDORE OX 18 H-1206 Throwing Axe

Well, if the tool you need is for competition, then this double-bit throwing Axe is ideal for that purpose. GEDORE OX 18 H-1206 shines with a finely polished stainless steel head for quality and better performance. Furthermore, to make the tool have lifetime durability, the manufacturer attaches with the most outstanding hickory handle attacked. Moreover, the Axe handle’s durability is due to using a 3x wedging form on the hold.

The top-quality Axe gets very sharp after sharpening. However, the Axe comes with a leather sheath to keep the handle safe when transporting or storing. Further, the Axe wood is treated to preserve the strength and looks of the handle. Finally, Axe head is forged nicely to boost the performance when cutting or splitting wood poles. The Axe weighs 2kg /4.4 pounds and includes a 5.9-inch blade, qualities that make it the most convenient option.

Key Features

  • 2.6 pounds Axe head
  • Polished quality hickory handle
  • blade protection leather sheath
  • Wedged Axe head
  • 3x wedging, non-detachable firm handle
  • The finely polished hickory handle looks cool.
  • Stainless steel forged Axe head improves performance
  • Well balanced to makes using comfortable
  • The Axe is a bit costly
  • No warranty information revealed


6. “Ucostore” Double Bit Axe with 28″ USA Hickory Handle

Valley AXE-212D 2-1/2 LB Double Bit Axe With 28' USA Hickory Handle, (Pack Of 6) - Sold By Ucostore Only
Valley AXE-212D 2-1/2 LB Double Bit Axe With 28' USA Hickory Handle, (Pack Of 6) - Sold By Ucostore Only

Ucostore is the sole manufacturer and retailer of this premium quality Axe. The drop-forged and tempered double-bit Axe comes with a well-polished steelhead. This is because every consumer wants to have a tool that never compromises the features promised by the brand. Gladly, the valley Axe bears qualities that exceed the standards set by ASME/ANSI. The model quality doubles as a modern, stylish option and the best vintage double-bit Axe.

Since the Axe introduction in the market, positive feedback praised how the Axe has rocked many households. The USA-made sleek and smooth hickory handle is designed friendly to the grip. Therefore, you can use the tool almost continuously without experiencing blisters yet cannot slip while in use. Something else to smile at about the Ucostore drop-forged Axe is that the manufacturer accords responsive support.

Key Features

  • USA hickory handle
  • Drop forged Axe head
  • 2l in weight
  • Handle measures 28.’’
  • Sharp and fells trees effortlessly
  • Drop forged for ideal performance
  • Polished Axe head and handle enhance the appearance
  • Designed with quality exceeding ANSI/ASME standards
  • Expensive compared to alternative options
  • No pre-stated clear guidelines on warranty


7. “Helko Werk” Traditional Hinterland Double Bit Axe

1844 Helko Werk Traditional Hinterland Double Bit Axe - Double Edge Axe Or Double Head Axe Felling Axe Best Double Bladed Axe For Large Timber Double Axe 13575
1844 Helko Werk Traditional Hinterland Double Bit Axe - Double Edge Axe Or Double Head Axe Felling Axe Best Double Bladed Axe For Large Timber Double Axe 13575

For the best quality double-bit Axe heads, Helko traditional hinterland is the most trusted option. Most people in Germany, especially those living out of the city limelight, want a felling Axe. The double blade tool is strong and heavy to slip through large timber or wood easily. The smiths made a hand-picking selection to create this premium-grade durable carbon steel Axe head. The Axe has an HRC score of 53-56. Further, the full-grain handle has a balanced orientation and density to keep performance perfection all the time.

In addition to that, the package includes a full-grain leather sheath and 1-ounce of protective oil. The oil needs to be constantly applied to the head and blade to maintain the sharpness and keeping safe from rusts. The axehead weighs 3.5 lbs, and the handle is 30 inches, which is ideal for cutting or felling big trees.

Key Features

  • full-grain leather sheath
  • Premium grade c50 carbon steel
  • 53-56 Rockwell hardness score
  • 2 wedging system
  • Smooth finished handle for blister-free use.
  • Hand-forged and highly polished, thus rust resistant
  • Highly hardened hence suitable for cutting large timbers
  • Enhanced security with wood wedge and steel ring
  • It priced too high for many to afford
  • Heavy thus suited to large timbers


8. “Council Tool” 3.5 Lbs. Double Bit Classic Michigan Axe

Council Tool Drake Off Road Tools 3.5 Lbs. Double Bit Classic Michigan Axe With 36' Straight Hickory Handle
Council Tool Drake Off Road Tools 3.5 Lbs. Double Bit Classic Michigan Axe With 36' Straight Hickory Handle

The magic with this Michigan Axe is the direct attribute of its 36 inches long straight hickory handle. The double bit cutting tool comprises a quality Axe head made in the USA and hand sharpened. The best double-bit Axe is processed and then coated in clear liquor to keep it safe from possible rusting. Council tool brand is always in the front line, improving qualities that will meet customers’ demands in a better style.

The user might find this Axe relatively heavy, but it is designed ideal for splitting logs. Thus the Double Bit Classic Michigan Axe is a  top choice for those in need of a powerful tool for the task. Like other double-edged axes, it meets ANSI standards and has a hardness rating of Rc 48-55. This tool retail at a relatively lower price compared to the qualities. Moreover, the axehead is hydraulically fixed into the handle and further secured using a serrated aluminum wedge.

Key Features

  • Steel axehead
  • Serrated aluminum wedge
  • 36’’ American hickory handle
  • Natural steel finish
  • Forged steel head lacquered to prevent rusting.
  • Offers ideal swing for cutting and splitting logs
  • 36’’ long straight handle for powerful precision thrusts
  • Balanced to enhance efficiency
  • The Head is not pre-sharpened on arrival.
  • Shipping overseers may take along.


9. “Sheffield Sparrow” Hammer or Sparrow Double Tactical Axe

Sheffield 12179 Side Winder Double Tactical Axe With Sheath | 3.5' Dual Edge Cutting Blade | 14.5' Nylon Fiberglass Handle | Great Camping And Survival Axe For Chopping Wood, Self Defense & More
Sheffield 12179 Side Winder Double Tactical Axe With Sheath | 3.5' Dual Edge Cutting Blade | 14.5' Nylon Fiberglass Handle | Great Camping And Survival Axe For Chopping Wood, Self Defense & More

The versatile tomahawks double tactical Axe is everything you need right now to finish the splitting, cutting, and chopping woods. You will realize most enthusiasts who prefer this Axe make it a good option for hunting, camping, and chopping wood, especially in the urban outskirts or countryside. One thing that makes this small double-bit Axe a durable tactical hatchet is the black oxide finish which helps deflect lights, easy cleaning, and dust resistivity.

So, the heavy-duty tool is a terrific choice for the outdoors, and it will help your cut through any glitches during your trip. What makes it a tactical tool apart from the strength is it features a military-grade 1680D sheath plus a fiberglass handle. In addition, the material used from the hammer and handle is sure to stand the test of time.

Key Features

  • Use military grade 1680 sheath
  • Strong fiberglass handle
  • Lanyard holes
  • 420 stainless steel blade
  • Strong and sharp for all cutting tasks
  • Lightweight thus reliable for average and little tasks
  • Stiff and robust fiberglass handle, hard to break
  • A multipurpose tool with trusted durability
  • The handle needs ergonomic improvement
  • Not ideal for heavy tasks


10. “Marbles” Outdoors Knives Double Bit Axe

Marbles Outdoors Knives 700DB Double Bit Axe With American Hickory Handles
Marbles Outdoors Knives 700DB Double Bit Axe With American Hickory Handles

Getting a compact Axe is not a big deal but landing the finest option of this caliber is not easy. Marble’s outdoor knives 700DB is the best double-bit Axe compact with an attractive, snug design. But, of course, people have different preferences, and each production aims at satisfying specific demands, the same way this short Axe is for handling small cutting tasks. What makes it an excellent traveling tool is its absurd light design; it measures 14.5 inches only from top to bottom and weighs just 1.1 pounds.

The tool’s convenience of storage feature makes it a top preference for camping, hiking, etc., since it can fit in any backpacking bag. Therefore, purchasing the above marble model gives you the confidence to cut and chop like a professional wherever you go. It can be a great privilege to purchase such a cool double-bit Axe since the tool has durability guaranteed through approval by standardizing organizations.

Key Features

  • Weighs 1. 1 pound
  • Handle measures 14,5 inches
  • Sharpened Axe head
  • 700DB design
  • Compact size hence easy storage and portability
  • Durable, designed Axe head and handle
  • Comfortable handles for effortless usability
  • Reliable for small and medium tasks
  • Cannot handle heavy tasks
  • Blade size needs improvement.


11. “Seymour” 3.5 lb. Michigan Double Bit Axe

Seymour 41548 AX-DB3 3.5 Lb. Michigan Double Bit Axe With 36' Hickory Handle
Seymour 41548 AX-DB3 3.5 Lb. Michigan Double Bit Axe With 36' Hickory Handle

This is another option for those looking up for a double-bit Axe suited for felling big trees and splitting heavy logs. Seymour Michigan Double Bit Axe comes with a smooth handle and hardy Axe head to promote durability. The total weight is 4.8 lbs, giving a perfect toque to cut through a big log or tree stem. In addition, the brand Seymour uses fine double-bit Axe heads.

You cannot doubt the durability of this Axe as it is highly polished to make it resistant to corrosion, wear, rust, and any dangers whatsoever. Actually, the handle measures 36 inches. Thus the length will grant the user optimum power to control while using it. Furthermore, the elegant wooden finish makes the whole item look aesthetical. So, yes, it’s time you invest in a tool that will make a difference in your life. Above all, the manufacturer avails the tool at a very affordable market price.

Key Features

  • 36-inch hickory handle
  • 8lb total weight
  • Double Axe design
  • Strong stainless steelhead
  • Elegant and aesthetic finish
  • Durable and tough quality
  • The Axe length makes it ideal to use
  • Designed resistance to rust and corrosions
  • Heavy and to use anyone
  • No sheath included, so storage is a problem


12. “Roughneck” 3.5-Lb. Double Bit Axe

Roughneck 3.5-Lb. Double Bit Axe, Model Number 70-706
Roughneck 3.5-Lb. Double Bit Axe, Model Number 70-706

Roughneck logging is one of the best double-bit felling axes among the heavy and long axes to choose from in the market. The Axe has great swinging power, so it is recommendable for heavy tasks like splitting large wood logs and felling trees. What makes the Axe unique is the synthetic solid fiberglass handle with a rubber grip.

Well, believe it or not, synthetic handles have immense advantages better than wooden types. Among them are; durability, moisture resistance, and vibration absorption. When you compare the Axe quality with relation to price, the tool sells at a reasonable price. Another beautiful thing with this Axe adopting a Michigan-style blade is that it measures 15.5 inches, thus offering an ideal swing option.

Key Features

  • The forged steel Axe head
  • Synthetic fiberglass handle
  • Michigan style blade
  • Integrated rubber grip
  • The Axe tool size offers the ideal swing
  • Fiberglass handle makes it durable and light
  • Features hardened and tough, forged steelhead
  • Well balanced with overstrike protection
  • Handle bit is sticky and unusable when wet
  • Broken handles are not replaceable


13. “Marbles” Large Double Bit Axe

Marbles Large Double Bit Axe
Marbles Large Double Bit Axe

When it comes to double-bit axes, this model by marbles is the giant! It is described as a large and robust tool perfect for cutting down and splitting woods. If the type of woods or trees you want to deal with are hardwood or dry, hardened over time, marbles large double-bit Axe is all you need. Here, the durability and power strength are attributes of a combination of a heavy Axe head and a long, strong handle.

This tool is classified as the best double-bit Axe in the USA that delivers extreme performance. Where the handle breaks or detaches from the Axe head, there is an option to craft and replace it to its original form.  You may need some strength to work with it, but certainly, the tool is worth buying.

Key Features

  • Hickory wood handle
  • 2 pounds heavy
  • The heavy-duty steel Axe head
  • Replaceable handle
  • Ideal for large tasks like felling and splitting trees
  • Use a high-quality hickory wooden handle
  • Durable and robust option in the market
  • Well balanced double-bit Axe
  • Requires a great deal of strength to use
  • Require experienced user


Double Bit Axe Buying Guide

Buying Guide Of Double Bit Axe
Buying Guide Of Double Bit Axe

As you have the freedom to choose the kind of Axe according to your preferences in terms of aesthetic, make, color, design, name them. However, no matter what your preference is, you cannot purchase a tool that won’t meet your purpose in the right mind. To make everything easy, in this list, we have dealt with top-notch double-bit Axes. So take this advice to help in narrowing down the best option within your budget.


What task do you intend to accomplish with the Axe? That is the question you should ask yourself before making such a decision. Think about the size of the trees or logs or things you will cut or split; therefore, if it is for heavy tree felling, go for a heavy-headed Axe with a long handle. On the other hand, suppose it’s for small jobs? Then, buy a compact size just for the job. So, consider the reason you are purchasing the Axe before making an order.

Handle Construction Material

The type of the handle or the make largely affects the usability. However, sometimes the handle you buy maybe because you could not afford it. Generally, buy the Axe with a handle that is strong, durable a no-slip. The Axe handles made of comfortable grip and light materials like rubber increase the resistance between the hand and the handle, thus lower the chances of sliding.

Handle Size

Well, this is practical! The longer the handle, the more thrust to split or power to drive it deep into the wood. Longer handles are suitable when the Axe’s purpose is for felling or cutting large trees. But if you need a showcase tool, a camping trip, or just for using it to cut small shrubs, go for a portable small, and compact size. For more significant tasks, avoid heavy Axe heads on short handles, which increases the risk of hurting your palm exponentially.


Double bit axes come at various prices according to their purpose, size, and type of handle. Generally, Axe heads in most axes are made of steel, so the prices increase with the head’s weight. As a rule of the thumb, always go for a quality tool that you can afford and should not be overpriced. While also avoid too cheap as that can compromise the quality.


The market is full of double-bit Axes, which come with vast designs. The main factors that differ from one Axe to the other include; the head style, handle materials, and sizes. The Best double-bit Axe has a forged steelhead.  Quality handles made of American hickory woods or fiberglass.

The list in this article comprises perfect, hand-picked double-bit Axes in the market. The above recommendation aims at helping buyers, especially beginners, quickly narrow down each tool, thus making the choosing task effortless. However, the market is unpredictable, mainly if you have no prior experience, looks or prices can easily lure you for a substandard tool. Therefore, this article is all-rounded, including a clear buyer’s guide and reviews of top-quality, affordable double-bit Axes.


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