7 Best Glue for Clay Pots

Repairing a broken clay pot has never been easy. Some individuals throw away their pots following breakages. This is a common thing since most homeowners don’t know whether you can repair a broken pot. But how do you repair a broken clay pot? Well, there are very many options to embrace; however, the surest one would be using super glue. In this article, I am going to discuss the Top 7 Best Glue for Clay Pots.

There are so many sorts of super glues for mending broken clay pots to the extent that you will face challenges when picking the best one for the task. We know the complications involved, and that’s why we want to save you from this hassle.

Below is our list of the best-performing glues for clay pots.

Our Top Pick:

Top 7 Best Glue for Clay Pot Reviews

1. Gorilla Glue 5.75 Oz.

Gorilla Clear Glue, 5.75 ounce Bottle, Clear (Pack of 1),4572502

Gorilla Glue for clay pots is arguably the best adhesive you’ve got for all your repair needs. The glue is formulated in such a manner that it delivers almost instant results. It dries within 10 -20 seconds after application to form a perfect bonding that will last for as long as possible.

Unlike other best glues for clay pots, Gorilla glue does not leave “white marks/residue” after drying. It’s crystal clear, and nobody will notice you used it.

Other than drying faster and clear, gorilla glue for clay pots will please you as it’s able to resist water and weather vagaries. Those who use it have testified that it doesn’t lose strength quickly regardless of where it’s used.

Another incredible thing about Gorilla Glue is that it’s food-safe. You can thus feel confident when using it to repair your pots. Better yet, it multipurpose hence you can use it for other repairs at home, e.g., mending your shoes, etc.

  • Multipurpose
  • Faster results
  • Water and weather resistant
  • Food safe
  • Dries clear
  • Not FDA Approved
  • Can be expensive


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2. CAT PALM Glue For Clay Pots

CAT PALM B-7000 Adhesive, Multi-Function Glues Paste Adhesive Suitable for Glass,Wooden, Jewelery, 0.9 oz, 2 Packs

This glue for clay pots is a popular choice among some individuals as it’s a great value for the money. The glue is considered superior to some other options. This can be justifiable if you consider its industrial-grade strength, flexibility, ease of use, versatility, and reasonable pricing.

It does not come complicated. Anyone can use the glue comfortably, but there is a user guide manual if you are unsure how to apply it. Cat PALM glue for clay pots is non-toxic and suitable to use on your pots and kitchen utensils. With it, you can repair several things at home—for instance, mugs, plates, dishware, etc.

You will love this best glue for clay pots the most, especially if you hate strong odor. This Cat PALM adhesive has a more neutral smell, and you will not need to cover your nose while using it. Besides, it doesn’t clog and can reuse it after opening.

On the flip side, this waterproof glue for clay pots may take some time to dry out. According to the manufacturer, it takes up to 6 minutes for it to dry out. In some instances, this slow drying can delay your repair task.

  • Good Value for money
  • No strong odor
  • Wide range of use
  • Doesn’t Clog
  • Easy to use
  • It takes time to dry out
  • No free shipping


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3. Gorilla Super Glue 7700104

Gorilla 7700104 Super Glue Gel, 1-Pack

Gorilla is a big name when it comes to manufacturing adhesives. Similar to other glues from the company, Gorilla 7700104 offers almost instant results. It also dries clear, making it a great choice to repair pots and transparent objects. It boasts a wide range of use – you can use it to repair things such as glass, ceramics, rubber, metal, paper, etc.

The good thing about it is its prolonged shelf life. If you store it properly (as directed by the manufacturer), the glue will serve you for as long as possible. Moreover, you will admire it as a little goes a long way.

The glue is packaged inside squeezable plastic bottles with precision tip nozzles to ease use and minimize unwanted spillages. As though that’s not enough, the manufacturer offers this product with a 100% user satisfaction guarantee. This warranty duration provided is meant to instill confidence in you regarding the product.

  • Almost instant results
  • Do not leave “marks” or “residue.”
  • 100% user satisfaction guarantee
  • Classic packaging
  • No odor
  • Maybe a bit costly
  • Not FDA approved


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4. Loctite Glue for Clay Pots

Loctite 908570-6 Clear Silicone Waterproof Sealant, 2.7 oz. Tubes (Case of 6)

You still have another excellent choice- Loctite glue if you can’t yet find the best glue for clay pots. This glue beats some other options in the market because it has a prolonged shelf life of more than two years. This, combined with its multipurpose and can be reused after opening, translates to a tremendous value.

It’s the best glue for flower pots you need if you search for a suitable adhesive that can withstand weather vagaries. It has been proved that Loctite glue for clay pots does not crack even when exposed to extreme temperatures. On top of that, the glue will not lose its strength easily, even when it comes to water contact. It’s thus an excellent choice for indoor or outdoor repair purposes.

Although the glue is of tremendous value, some people claim its smell. If you dislike a strong odor, then cover your nose while using it.

  • can reuse it even after opening
  • The prolonged shelf life of more than two year
  • Waterproof
  • Does not crack
  • Multipurpose
  • It takes too much time to dry out
  • It May is not the best value for money


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5. Gorilla Glue Minis, 3g

Gorilla 4541701 Tubes Clear Glue, 4 count

For a one-in-all adhesive, choose Gorilla Glue Minis. It’s an amazing choice that offers timeless solutions for almost all your repair needs. First, this glue non-poisonous, non-flammable, and does not feature VOC traces (Volatile Organic Compounds). You can thus be the use of your safety when using this glue for clay pots.

One of the things that set this glue for clay pots apart is its high viscosity. It does not flow past the application’s surface, which is excellent as it ensures no wastage. Besides, the glue is reasonably priced and comes with a user satisfaction guarantee – you can claim a replacement or a full refund if you dislike it.

This best glue for ceramic pots bonds with almost everything to use for several repairs. It will readily bond with rubber, papers, woods, etc. It does not come complicated, meaning you can use it easily (even if it for the first time). The included users’ manual comes in handy in case you need a point of reference.

  • User manual included for ease of use
  • Nontoxic
  • Environment friendly
  • Dries clear
  • Dries faster
  • The pricing may not be fair to all
  • Getting a refund can be hectic and nagging


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6. Mod Podge Glue for Clay Pots

Mod Podge Waterbase Sealer, Glue and Finish for Outdoor (8-Ounce), CS11220 Clear Finish

This highly elastic adhesive is the best option for repairing any clay pots. It will readily withstand high temperatures thanks to its ability to expand as the material expands. According to the manufacturer, the glue can expand up to 900% of its length without breaking.

Mod Podge glue for clay pots is a standout as it does not thaw even in shallow temperatures. This, combined with the fact that it does not clog and is reusable after opening, prolongs its lifespan, making it a good value for the money.

With Mod Podge glue, your repair needs will never worry you anymore. It will readily help to fix things such as broken glass, leaking water pipes, etc.

Some of the things you will like about this glue for clay pot include flexibility, safety, and ease of use.

Although there are many pleasing things about this best glue for outdoor clay pots, you may dislike it for its odor.

  • Non Corrosive
  • Dries clear
  • Food safe
  • Nontoxic
  • Water-resistant
  • It May have a strong odor
  • No free shipping


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7. Amazing GOOP II

Amazing GOOP II 142100 MAX Adhesive - 2.0 fl. Oz.

The name of this glue for clay pots is not by coincidence – the adhesive is truly an amazing choice. Amazing GOOP II glue will deliver strong, durable, and transparent bonds within no time. Since it works almost instantly, the glue lets you manage multiple repairs within no time.

Better yet, the glue is highly elastic and has a higher viscosity. This means it won’t beyond the targeted regions as this would translate into wastage. Likewise, the elastic properties ensure it does not become brittle or cracks when exposed to extreme temperatures.

It is highly resistant to wear, impacts, heat, and vibrations. You are advised to go for this glue if you have tried other brands to no avail. Your pot will mend perfectly and dry clear – nobody will easily notice the repair as there is no residue left behind.

According to some users, having Amazing GOOP II glue at your home is a “blessing.” This is because it will help manage several repairs without the need to purchase extra glue. There are no smelly odors to scare you. More so, it’s nonvolatile and won’t evaporate quickly.

  • Non-volatile
  • No smelly odors
  • Wide range of use
  • Can Withstand extreme temperatures
  • Dries faster and clear
  • It May is not a great value for money
  • Free shipping is not guaranteed


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The Bottom Line

As you may have noted from this post, there are very many brands of adhesives available in the market today. However, these different types are suited for various tasks. Although some are multipurpose, not all can do well when it comes to repairing broken clay pots.

Experts advise you to make many research and comparisons when discovering the best glue for decorating clay pots. Failure to do so may lead to wrong choices, translating to a massive loss in the long run. If you cannot do all this research or have no time, sort yourself with any of the best glue for clay pots highlighted here. They have been selected keenly, and you won’t go wrong with them.

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