Top 20 Best Greenhouse Plastic Reviews

Greenhouse structures have transformed modern gardening by helping sustain consistent humidity and temperature. Practically, using the best greenhouse plastic covers lets you harvest hugely from seasonal crops all year round. In addition, greenhouse plastic sheeting ensures that your harvesting calendar is not messed by frost, drought, or rains.

Classically, gardeners used expensive green-tinted glasses or fiberglass to cover their greenhouse yet never gave a permanent solution against UV radiations. This article reviews the top 20 best greenhouse plastic covers to make your search effortless.

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20 Best Greenhouse Plastic Reviews

1. Greenhouse Film 6 Mil Thickness (25’W x 40’L)

Farm Plastic Supply 4 Year Clear Greenhouse Film 6 mil Thickness (25'W x 40'L)

Plastic sheets for the greenhouse are available to cater to every farmer’s need. However, if you tend to do controlled growing, especially in a large greenhouse, this plastic can be ideal. The four years clear 6mil film is equipment to trust against harmful UV rays. What makes it a top pick in the market is its ability to diffuse lights better than most plastic sheets available.

The manufacturer designs it with exceptional quality and spacious enough to cover a vast surface area. Moreover, the fabric size is excellent for the money as it retails at customer-friendly prices at all stores. Another exciting advantage to the consumer is that the sheet is available locally and online, thus convenient.

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2. A&A Greenhouse UV Resistant Film (25′ x 40′,6 mil)

A&A Green Store Greenhouse Plastic 4 Year 6 mil UV Resistant Clear Polyethylene Film (25' x 40')

Commonly, greenhouse plastic sheets share characteristics that are similar to other alternatives in the market. But for sure, they differ in terms of quality, durability, and reliability. A&A greenhouse plastic features built-in UV protection that makes it stand out as unique and durable. With that, the covers can filter excess heat and sunlight from reaching or damaging the crops.

This six mil A&A version covers 25’x40′ is the best greenhouse plastic.  As a four-year-rated UV precise plastic equipment, it ensures excellent strength and toughness for optimal plant growth.

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3. Farm Plastic Greenhouse Blackout Cover (32′ x 50′, six mils)

Light deprevation Greenhouse Cover 100% Blackout Film 32' x 50' 6 mil

This best plastic sheet for the greenhouse is a 100% blackout film six mils with coverage of  32′ by 50′. The system is designed perfectly watertight with complete light deprivation. The rating and consumer reviews can tell the good stories of why the equipment by Farm Plastic Supply is gardeners’ top choice.

The white top and black bottom design make the Light Deprivation Greenhouse look elegant in a controlled growing. Durability is another thing the guarantees customer continued undisturbed support by the greenhouse sheets for years.

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4. SUNVIEW Polyethylene Covering Gt4 (12ft. X 25ft.), 6 Mil

SUNVIEW Greenhouse Clear Plastic Film Polyethylene Covering Gt4 Year 6 Mil 12ft. X 25ft.

For perfection and quality, the Gt4 year six mil plastic sheet from SUNVIEW is an ideal option to bank on. With this greenhouse plastic cover, you can be sure of getting a constant supply of seasonal crops all year round. Unlike ordinary plastic covers in the market that partially control sunlight, SUNVIEW  is UV treated to offer 100% protection.

The plastic features a higher light transmission capability to allow optimal plant growth. In addition, this 12ft by 25 ft transparent plastic sheet boasts superior strength and toughness to withstand environmental affliction by guaranteeing four years of service.

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5. Farm Plastic Greenhouse Film 6 mil Thickness (25′ x 50′)

Farm Plastic Supply 4 Year Clear Greenhouse Film 6 mil Thickness 25' Wide in Various Lengths (25' x 50')

The farm plastic supply brand strictly produces super quality equipment to guard their reputation. Thus, like various types of greenhouse films it has manufactured, this one is not an exception. The clear plastic film is 25 ft by with and 50 ft long, although there are various lengths to serve wide consumer needs.

Thankfully, the best plastic film for the greenhouse is durable and UV resistant. Thus reliable to offer more extended service to the gardener. In addition, the film is designed seamlessly with high light and heat transmission.

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6. Farm Plastic Greenhouse Film 6 mil Thickness (32′ x 50′)

Farm Plastic Supply 4 Year Clear Greenhouse Film 6 mil Thickness (32' x 50')

First, farm plastic supply has established itself as the brand that has invested highly in the industry. Despite its products featuring as top best plastic sheeting for a greenhouse, the manufacturer never compromises the quality.

The ability of this plastic sheet to retain and sustain constant internal temperatures while allowing maximum light creates ideal conditions. Therefore, it prevents mold formation, overwatering, and other condensation problems. In addition, the durable plastic film features a UV coating for maximum plant protection and durability.

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7. A&A Greenhouse Mil UV Resistant Film (12′ x 25′)

A&A Green Store Greenhouse Plastic 4 Year 6 mil UV Resistant Clear Polyethylene Film (12' x 25')

If you want internal weather conditions in your greenhouse conserved, A&A clear plastic option can offer a real-time solution. The greenhouse cover is waterproof, rustproof, UV proof, and weatherproof to ensure the plants’ health growth. Hence, when you purchase a six mil A&A version, the plastic guarantees a better harvest regardless of the time of the year.

The plastic is designed foggy and not glassy like common alternatives, yet remains reliable and the best type of plastic for greenhouse. This 12 feet by 25 feet sheeting material lasts longer and keeps your growings safe from nasty weather.

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8. Farm Plastic Greenhouse Film 6 mil (40′ x 40′)

Farm Plastic Supply 4 Year Clear IRAC Infrared Anti-Condensate Greenhouse Film 6 mil Thickness 40' Wide in Various Lengths (40' x 40')

If you have been yearning for square-shaped plastic greenhouse film, there you go!  This heavy-duty greenhouse plastic covers a vast 40ft by 40ft. Enough is never enough until sufficient for a consumer’s needs; hence a film covering a larger area is ideal.

An IRAC is an excellent 4-year thermal greenhouse film that also works double as an anti-condensation plastic cover. Greenhouses are a temperature thrust growing environment. Additionally, unlike standard films that radiate sunlight, this IR addictive cover traps heat to sustain the greenhouse temperature.

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9. Farm Plastic Greenhouse Film 6 Mil Clear (40′ x 25′)

Farm Plastic Supply Greenhouse Film 4 Year 6mil Clear 40' x 25'

Well, practice makes perfect is an old saying that gets rewards every day in our contemporary world. This briefly explains why all greenhouse plastic sheets by farm plastic supply offer quality services seamlessly. The brand has invested more time and resources in research to develop different greenhouse products to benefit the consumer.

Therefore, the four years six mil film covering 40ft by 25 ft can make all the difference in your garden performance. The brand avails a reliable plastic for greenhouse roof that will accord durable service while maintaining a similar internal environment all through. Moreover, it perfectly prevents harmful UV from reaching your greenhouse plants.

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10. Clear Heavy Duty Fiber Reinforced (10 x 30, 14 Mil)

Clear Heavy Duty 14 Mil Poly Tarp Fiber Reinforced Nursery/Greenhouse/Garden (10 x 30)

Wait … for premium heavy duty quality greenhouse covering with incomparable uniqueness, reach out for this option. The seamless 14 mil cover is reinforced with poly tarp fiber to enhance toughness. Despite the perfection in creation, Arc direct inc avail the product in the market at the most reasonable price.

The heavy-duty cover comes with rope-reinforced edges and corners. It is rot-proof, waterproof, tearproof, and acid-resistant. Thus consumers are on dush to acquire the system for greenhouse utility. This best greenhouse plastic can give you a great harvest all through the year.

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11. Happybuy Greenhouse Polyethylene (25 x 40 ft, 6 Mil)

Happybuy Greenhouse Film 25 x 40 ft, Greenhouse Polyethylene Film 6 Mil Thickness, Greenhouse Plastic Greenhouse Clear Plastic Film UV Resistant, Polyethylene Film Keep Warming, Superior Strength

Getting an ordinary plastic film for your greenhouse is easy. However, landing a lang lasting quality is never a walk in the park. 25×40 ft 6 mill thickness option from Happybuy is designed using superior quality polyethylene material. Therefore, the plastic film seamlessly unfolds when installing and works to guard the growing plants against UV radiations for years.

Additionally, the film prevents dust absorptions that could interfere with average growth. Finally, as the best clear plastic for a greenhouse, it maintains constant internal temperatures during warm weather and keeps warm when cold.

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12. MCA, Plastic String Reinforced Poly (40×100), 6 Mil

MCA, Plastic String Reinforced Poly Sheeting 40 Feet X 100 Feet, 6 Mil Nominal, Transparent/White, Durable, Top Quality Visqueen

MCA  plastic string reinforced greenhouse sheeting material can guarantee unmatched durability and quality in the industry. This six-mill nominal and Visqueen quality is the best greenhouse plastic for cannabis and other controlled growings.

The translucent plastic film is reinforced with mesh to enhance strength. Moreover, the greenhouse membrane is 100% waterproof and capable of resisting tearing of any kind. The plastic string reinforcement further offers support in case of strips and punctures resulting from storm blows etc.

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13. GRELWT Greenhouse Covering Plastic (24x 100,6 mil)

GRELWT Greenhouse Film 6 mil Thickness, Covering Plastic, UV Resistant (24 ft x 100 ft)

In the future, GRELWT 6 mil transparent polyethylene film guarantees a customer four years duration without tearing. The greenhouse plastic features five-layer technology for perfect UV resistivity. As a result, the system has high mechanical strength and flexibility.

The greenhouse film has 90% light transmittance, ensuring sufficient light transmission necessary for optimal plant growth. Facilitates light scattering or dispersion in the greenhouse structure and permits consistent temperature for the plants. The film is multipurpose as you can use it to cover your mini plastic greenhouse, yard, tunnel, etc.

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14. SUNVIEW Polyethylene Covering (20X 25, 6 Mil

Greenhouse Clear Plastic Film Polyethylene Covering Gt4 Year 6 Mil 20ft. X 25ft. by Grower’s Solution

This polyethylene covering is built with high precision to ensure extraordinary strength and toughness. The best greenhouse plastic film offers perfect and uniform light transmission that reaches the plants entirely. Although the film is rated to offer UV treatment for four years, consumers report using up to 8 years with proper care.

The best practice users can do to extend SUNVIEW plastic film life is by regularly cleaning with soap and water. Another thing to note is that the system is designed infrared addictive to prevent heat loss and maintain a stable greenhouse environment.

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15. vensovo Garden Sheeting Plastic (13×26 Ft, 6 Mil)

vensovo Farm Clear Greenhouse Covering Plastic - 13x26 Ft Garden Green House Sheeting 6 Mil Plastic Polyethylene Film

Surprisingly, this VENSOVO plastic sheeting retails cheaply yet is built of genuine quality material. The design makes It is easy to cut the film into suitable sizes for your small plastic greenhouse. The system is multifunction as it is 80% transparent to maintain the optimum temperature. Also preventing dust entry and windows from freezing.

The VENSOVO film has high light dispersion, and transmittance regulates UV radiations. This gives your plants an excellent environment to thrive, keeping them safe from all bad weather fluctuations. In addition, the company builds its reputation by being always there for its customers through very responsive support.

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16. Okuna Plastic Sheeting Roll for Farms (25 x 40 Ft, 6 Mil)

Okuna Outpost Greenhouse Plastic Film Roll for Farms, 6 Mil Sheeting (25 x 40 Ft)

The six mil sheeting generates sufficient light transmission to support the plant during photosynthesis and through other stages. This is the best type of plastic for a greenhouse that creates an optimal environment for plants to thrive. Although the film is 25ft in width and 40ft long, it is easy to cut into your preferred sizes.

The plastic film is designed strong for durable use. There are no many skills required when installing that could attract extra costs, but instead, you wrap on your grow room. Apart from quality heat retention, the film protects the crops from harmful UV radiation.

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17. GT4 Greenhouse Plastic Clear, (20X 25, 6 Mil)

GT4 Greenhouse Plastic 6 Mil Clear, 20' Wide X 25' Long

Compared to standard polyethylene films, GT4 can withstand a tearing strength up to 164% better. This strength and toughness make the model the best plastic to use for the greenhouse. Moreover, the six mil thickness design boosts the system’s durability.

The brand manufactured the plastic membrane to offer four years of guaranteed protection against ultraviolet degradation. If you install this greenhouse equipment, be sure to have peace of mind while expecting better harvests. Keeping the product away from PVC piping ensures a more vast experience since it induces faster degradation.

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18. SunView White Polyethylene Covering (16 X 25, 6 Mil)

Greenhouse White Plastic Film Polyethylene Covering Gt4 Year 6 Mil 16ft Wide X 25ft Long

The Israel manufactured greenhouse cover film comes rated four years of use without disappointment. The polyethylene plastic film is a top-quality option with reliable UV stabilizers to help your plant grow seamlessly. It is further shaded 50-55% to enhance strength.

This polyethylene covering is the best plastic sheeting for a greenhouse that you can trust to protect your crops. Their quality is the attribute to the product’s ability to transmit light, allowing optimal growth excellently. In addition, the covers keep adverse environmental factors out of the greenhouse.

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19. A&A White Plastic Covering (10ft X 25ft, 6 Mil)

A&A Greenhouse White Plastic Film Polyethylene Covering 4 Year 6 Mil (10ft Wide X 25ft Long)

Here comes a four-year six-mill greenhouse plastic designed with users’ interest at heart. The A&A item proves to be an exception in preventing UV entry with 100% precision. The consumer feedback and rating further shows that the film sets a different.  Compared to other greenhouse plastics, which perform dismally, it rules the market.

The 10ft by 25ft polyethylene covering is ideal for fitting standard greenhouses in the contemporary world. Thus it is the best plastic film for the greenhouse. This equipment is rated to serve for four years but can help you longer if with proper maintenance.

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20. Sunview Clear Plastic Covering Gt4 (24ft X 25ft, 6 Mil)

Sunview Greenhouse Clear Plastic Film Polyethylene Covering Gt4 Year 6 Mil 24ft Wide X 25ft Long

The surface look and price tag could mislead you into feeling that the item is costly, but specs tell the price is worth it. The SUNVIEW greenhouse plastic is manufactured as multi-layer polyethylene with 90% light transmission. All the formulations, strength, and clarity are meant to give a user a happy experience.

In some cases, the greenhouse films may not live up to the market promises, but this item reflects what it says. The manufacturer invested time and resources to develop a sheeting that delivers hope to greenhouse gardening.

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Buying Guide of Greenhouse Plastic

Greenhouse Plastic Buying Guide

Greenhouse plastic films help diversify farming activities. Thus the plastic films facilitate average harvest throughout the year irrespective of the season. While traditionally some gardeners used old plastics, modern farmers have specially designed plastic films. Check out factors to consider when looking for the best greenhouse plastic.

Protective Coating

UV rays hurt plastic, but the plants have no issues with the radiation. When buying plastic film, you should ensure it has coatings that protect it from excess UV rays. The reason for protecting the plastic from UV is to make it durable enough. The layer further should prevent the escaping of infrared radiations that help keep the greenhouse warm. Additionally, a good coated film includes ant-dust and ant-drip protection.


There are several types of plastic materials that are used in the manufacture of greenhouse films. The strength and durability of your structure depending on whether you have used greenhouse plastic panels, rolls, or woven designs. However, maintenance is the key to long-lasting greenhouse sheets.

IR Addictives

Some quality polyethylene greenhouse plastic formula includes IR addictive, which helps trap infrared radiations. Infrared rays have lower frequencies while they help keep the internal greenhouse environment  20% warmer than outside. This further contributes to reasons why greenhouse guarantees constant harvest when in season and offseason.


Although thick greenhouse plastic films need depend on the plants grown, there are more benefits of thick films. Generally, thickness is considered proportional to the greenhouse plastic durability—the most significant advantage is that thickness determines the product’s torsion strength.


It is essential to consider buying large plastic rolls as it is easier to maneuver them than small sizes. Connecting short pieces to cover your greenhouse entirely is problematic. You will need to screw with tapes, glues, and other developing seams that add more potential weak points.


Outfitting your greenhouse with transparent and durable plastic films or panels is a very commendable way of ensuring better results in the long run. For sure, using plastic sheets is a cheaper and easier alternative to using glass or fiberglass panels. Moreover, the best greenhouse plastic sheets shaped into ideal forms can guarantee smooth gardening.

Properly shaped Polyethylene greenhouse plastic sheets are cheap but can impact a better rigidity and longevity. Choosing quality plastic sheeting from the above reviews can mean you will spend less than using glass or fiberglass. However, you can still achieve equivalent performance.

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