Top 30 Best Hydroponics System and Kit Ideas

Do you ever long for a beautiful garden in your home but no sufficient space? Hydroponic gardening can bridge the space limit. Most people living in urban settings would like to grow their greens but lacks a back yard or patio space and direct sunlight. However, with the best hydroponics system and kit, you can grow anything you want in your house. What makes the hydroponics kit unique is that it uses nutrient water and no soil. Thus no dirt and can help realize more yields than compost-based gardening.

Another beautiful thing is that the hydroponic system comes with sunlike full-spectrum LED grow lights, and you do not need sunlight. The following review and guide will give you more insights to aid in picking the most reliable hydroponic kits for indoor gardening.

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30 Best Hydroponics System and Kit Reviews

1. AeroGarden Indoor Hydroponic Garden (Black Harvest)

AeroGarden Black Harvest Indoor Hydroponic Garden

AeroGardens creates an opportunity to grow anything you want; fresh vegetables, tomatoes, herbs, flowers, chili peppers. Technology has developed beyond recognition.  Computers and technology developers are redefining our urban lifestyle today. After purchasing this hydroponic garden, it comes complete with grow lights, seeds, and automation.

The system turns on automatically, alerts when it needs watering, and you can grow several garden varieties.  Lack of backyard or outdoor or balcony is not a limitation any longer within a small space whether, a bedroom or any other room, AeroGarden can fit. Your hydroponic system is the ultimate solution. However, if a single drop touches the LED light, the entire system will fail terribly.

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2. AeroGarden Bounty Stainless Steel Hydroponic System

AeroGarden Bounty Elite Indoor Hydroponic Herb Garden, Stainless Steel

Are you tired of soil, dirt, and smelly organic compost? Well… hydroponics is the end of your sad story. AeroGarden bounty elite brings an in-home system that guarantees fresh vegetable fruits, herbs, and spices every day. This wifi-enabled garden is the best hydroponics system and kit that gives you the right to control new significant aspects.  It comes with attractive features such as  3 step water level sensor, dawn to dusk automated dimming light, and infinite dimming option.

The system is hydroponics plants grow only in water, with a height allowance of up to 24’’ tall. Manufacturer avails nine non-GMO plant seeds with a 100% germination rate and grows to maturity in weeks.

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3. AeroGarden Farm Salad Bar Seed Kit (Black)

AeroGarden Farm 24Plus, w/Salad Bar Seed Kit, Black

Farm 24Plus is another unique system from AeroGarden, making it a big household name. By purchasing this complete indoor hydroponic grow system, you can be sure your home will never again lack fresh greens. The module design is a great option for vertical gardening enthusiasts. You harvest large to feed the entire family as it allows multiple connections.

The system features a control panel that facilitates auto management of gardening using memory commands. With fully customized LED grow lights, there are auto sensors to promote optimal yields. The high-efficiency lights maximize photosynthesis, rapid growth, and hence good harvest.

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4. AeroGarden 360 Indoor Hydroponic Garden (Black)

AeroGarden Harvest 360 Indoor Hydroponic Garden, Black

In this list, all the top 4 products precise any doubts that AeroGarden is the market leader who makes the most effective hydroponic systems. Very affordable, yet the kit includes six ideal favorite seeds—a 3 oz bottle with nutrients sufficient to run the whole growing season to maturity. The ever-increasing environment is serene, simple, no soil mess, just watering.

The indoor hydroponic kit is easy to manage as everything is automated. You sit and watch the control panel switch lights on/off and alert when water is needed. This in-home garden system further features 20 watts high efficient LED lights accelerating functionalities.

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5. iDOO Hydroponics  System with LED Grow Light

Hydroponics Growing System, Indoor Herb Garden Starter Kit with LED Grow Light, Smart Garden Planter for Home Kitchen, Automatic Timer Germination Kit, Height Adjustable (7 Pods)

General uniqueness defines the iDOO herb starter kit. The intelligent garden planter is a reliable option to ensure a constant supply of garden necessities in the kitchen. The complete kits have automatic time to sitch on/off grow lights. Good enough, the brand offers a germination kit to guarantees there is 100% seeds germination.

You no longer have to struggle that plants are getting too close to the light. Now the height is adjustable to fit exclusively. The LED lights have three intelligent modes to facilitate different stages from germination to bloom.

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6. Nutrabinns Hydroponics System for Indoor & Outdoor

Hydroponics Tower Aquaponics Grow System | Garden Tower Aeroponics Growing Kit for Indoor & Outdoor - Herbs, Fruits and Vegetables - Hydrating Pump, Timer, Adapter, Seeding Bed & Net Pots (48 Pots)

Hydroponic gardening technology means better lives. Vertical gardening systems for organic are simplified in this ultrasonics modular.  The automated vertical ecosystem aims at helping gardeners yield more harvest with minimal cost and effort. This production is a result of careful research to create the design with a controlled environment.

The scientific combination makes the aquaponic system an ideal method for producing high yield, consistent growth, and faster maturity. This facilitates the recovery of up to 66% of energy. Hence it is the most efficient indoor hydroponic garden kit in the market.

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7. AeroGarden Stainless Steel Hydroponics System

AeroGarden Harvest Elite - Stainless Steel

The stainless steel made Harvest Elites look stylish with a structural strength that gives it perpetual endurance. Moreover, the indoor hydroponic herb garden kit is supplemented with a chemical-free miracle gro plant food. The nutrient-oriented natural plant food is sufficient to support the plants for the whole growing season.

No more slavery, as you can pack and go for a vacation without worry. The system design accommodates a digital vacation mode setting to maintain your plant thriving while you on vacation. A customizable, high-efficiency 20 watts LED light allows you to turn the herb gardening on/off depending on the plants’ requirement at various stages.

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8. Aerospring Vertical Outdoor Hydroponic System

Aerospring 27-Plant Vertical Hydroponic Outdoor Growing System - Patented Vertical Hydroponic Kit for Outdoor Gardening - Grow Lettuce, Herbs, Veggies & Fruit - Grow Smart, Not Hard

Vertical gardening has never been so easy. This patented hydroponic kit is the ultimate solution. If you have a balcony, patio, or backyard in your residence, Aerosping outdoor growing kit makes the right option. At a very affordable cost, you can get the equipment and say no to grocery exploitation. The herb garden kit is cheap to maintain as no paying power bills, and the plants grow fresh using natural light.

Installation or setting up the system is pretty straightforward. The structure uses premium quality materials for durability reasons. Moreover, it confirms the environmental compliance norms. The aeroponics and hydroponics systems are thus economically to water and space.

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9. OPCOM Wall Hydroponic System with Starter Kit

OPCOM Farm GrowWall - 75 Pot Vertical Hydroponic Growing System - All Year Round Indoor Farming - Height and Angle Adjustable LED Lights with Starter Kit Included

OPCOM farm GrowWall gives you the freedom to grow your indoor farming year-round without being inclined to climatic limitations. The system is flexible as you can adjust both the height and angle of inclination to optimize performance. Having a 5 tier vertical growing design is the best hydroponics kit for home or commercial growing. The option uses minimal space and creates an elegant indoor display.

The OPCOM advanced Nutrient Film Technique is complete and continuously provides nutrients to nurture your plants using a hydroponic flow system. While it is a smart grow option that auto manages a light source, maintenance needs are also minimal.

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10. iDOO Indoor Herb Garden Kit & Hydroponics System

iDOO 12Pods Indoor Herb Garden Kit, Hydroponics Growing System with LED Grow Light, Smart Garden Planter for Home Kitchen, Automatic Timer Germination Kit, Height Adjustable, ID-IG301(No Seeds)

The hydroponic method is an excellent way of growing own indoor food with zero soil, just water and nutrients. iDOO garden is a complete noble system that features built-in grow light and self-watering. Different parts of the design work together to guarantee perfect yield.  The inclusive full spectrum lamps help plants grow healthy and faster.

Additionally, a fan runs for 30 minutes on/off, which ensures proper air circulation. The auto on and off features seen in the fan aims at mimicking the natural pollination method. This small indoor hydroponics system allows the gardener to adjust the system height at various growth stages.

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11. VIVOSUN Hydroponics System with Grow Kit

VIVOSUN Hydroponic Grow Kit, 3 Layers 108 Plant Sites 12 PVC Pipes Hydroponics Growing System with Water Pump, Pump Timer, Nest Basket and Sponge for Leafy Vegetables

The no soil growing system with nutrient film techniques is an ideal alternative that makes modern gardening enjoyable. The method is clean to the environment yet economical to water and space. The circulatory system is timed according to the plants’ needs, although manual setting can also apply. Assembling and using the system is simple that even absolute beginners can use it.

The gardening is set to take place on a PVC pipe with sufficient space for growing leafy vegetables, herbs, and spices. The VIVOSUN’s best indoor hydroponic shelf system comes with assembling instructions and a 12 months warranty.

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12. Moistenland Hydroponics System & Indoor Herb Garden Starter Kit 

Moistenland Hydroponics Growing System,Indoor Herb Garden Starter Kit w/LED Grow Light,Plant Germination Kits 12 Plant Pots for Home Kitchen Gardening (12 Pots)

Soilless cultivation is made easy with Moistenland growing system. Whether or not you are on budget constriction, this system is cost-effective. The planter accommodates a maximum of 12 plants. The system is automated to facilitate water circulation and lighting.  Moreover, the machine makes indoor gardening reliable to feed your family throughout.

The viewpoint is elegant, and the tank holds sufficient water to keep fresh circulation without intervention. The hydroponic indoor garden kit has a control panel that manages on/off LED lights facilitating photosynthesis.

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13. LAPOND Hydroponic Grow Kit with Water Pump & Timer

LAPOND Hydroponic Grow Kit,3 Layers 108 Plant Sites PVC Pipe Hydroponics 12 Pipes Hydroponics Growing System with Water Pump, Pump Timer, Nest Basket and Sponge for Leafy Vegetables

This best hydroponic system for vegetables comes with clear user guidelines that make it a perfect beginner option. The manufacturer designs the system using food-grade PVC-U pipes for safety reasons. The kit allows the circulation of oxygenated water, which helps achieve high-quality vegetables. The hydroponic system uses oxygenated water with nutrients. Soilless production leads to tasty and more nutritious food than soil-based gardening.

As the best indoor hydroponic grow system, it has a timer for controlling water circulation. The water pump bears the timer you can choose to set to operate automatically or manually depending on the needs. The freedom to set whether the system runs or not makes the pamp durable and saves nutrient solution.

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14. Vegebox Hydroponics Indoor Garden(Large-Black)

VegeBox 12 Pods Hydroponics Growing System, Indoor Herb Garden Kit with Grow Light, Smart Garden for Home and Kitchen, Indoor Plant Growing System, Herb Grower, Food Grade Material ABS (Black)

Vegebox indoor hydropic vegetable gardening kit uses new 4 in one light technology. The system is high efficiency and makes the plants grow 1.5 times faster than other similar kits in the market. Additionally, the 4 in one technology prevents your eyes and skin from visible blue light. With a large tank and auto on/off technology, the kit can self-support without additional water for up to 2 weeks.

There are 12 plant pots, and you can adjust the light at a large angle up to 135 degrees. Everything is accessible from sowing, planting, and germination, and it is 100% soil-free. Vegebox brand provides all the accessories you need.

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15. WEPLANT Garden Water Culture Vegetable Salad  with Timer

WEPLANT Hydroponic Growing System NFT with Timer Control, PVC Pipe 108 Planting Hole, Garden Water Culture Plant Salad Vegetable with Timer, Square Net Pot, Sponge

WEPLANT designs a reliable system in which the adapter pump controls the circulation sequence. The method is power efficient, thus saves energy and nutrients. Planting using a hydroponics system, you can observe every step from seeding to ripening. Unlike other gardening kits, this hydroponic planting model is flexible hence can work indoor or outdoor.

A 12V brushless water pump helps drive water into the system. The brushless working mode is durable and noiseless; hence it is a convenient hydroponic indoor growing system.

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16. SIMBR Indoor Herb Garden Kit with LED Grow Light

SIMBR 12 Pods Hydroponic Growing System Indoor Herb Garden Kit, Starter Kit with LED Grow Light, Fan and Water Pump, 4L, Smart Planter for Home Kitchen Gardening 

The garden starter kit comes with 12 seedling blocks and 12 baskets for planting. Moreover, the kit features a LED grow light, fan, a pump, and a 4-liter water tank. The soil-free hydroponic indoor system presents a stress-free method for generating essential vegetables. You can grow crops regardless of the season or weather conditions.

The large 4l visible tank helps you know when to add water and avoid water shortage even when no one around. The fan and water pump ensures a constant supply of nutrients, proper air supply and balances water temperature.

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17. VIVOSUN Wall-Mounted Hydroponic Kit for Leafy Vegetables

VIVOSUN Wall-Mounted Hydroponic Grow Kit, 1 Layers 36 Plant Sites 4 PVC Pipes Hydroponics Growing System with Water Pump, Pump Timer, Nest Basket and Sponge for Leafy Vegetables

Indeed, this garden plant system is the most recommended beginner-friendly option because of its operation ease and zero experience required to set up. The garden unit uses long and thick PVC pipes with enough diameter to allow ample room for plant growth. Moreover, the hydroponic kit features a timed circulatory system that streamlines everything automatically. Eventually, it prolongs pump lifespan, saving on nutrients, and hence plants grow healthy.

Some other advantages of using a wall-mounted hydroponic kit include soilless cultivation. That guarantees excellent yields and uses fewer resources.

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18. CRZDEAL Hydroponics Indoor Growing System with LED Light

Hydroponics System Indoor Growing System with a Adjustable (5.9-12inchs) LED Grow Light Pole, Automatic Timer Hydrogarden for Home Kitchen

Arguably, CRZDEAL growing system is a one-stop flexible garden with expendable light poles to help gardeners set at different angles. When light is set at a convenient position, it allows plants receive energy from LED lights promoting growth at various stages, with ideal flexibility.

Having this best small indoor hydroponic grow system is an outstanding achievement. It automatically flashes water when the level goes down. The water pump noiselessly disperses moisture every after 25 minutes when turned on.

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19. Elechome Hydroponics System with Germination Kits

Elechome Hydroponics Growing System, Smart Indoor Herb Garden 10 Pots Plant Germination Kits, Automatic Timer, Adjustable Height, Indoor Garden Kits for Home Kitchen, Smart Garden Planter(Black)

Traditional gardening that uses soil mixes makes growers suffer because most soils contain harmful impurities such as pesticide residue, heavy metals, etc. However, with the Elechome hydroponic system, the growing period is automated, economical, and stress-free.

Happily, you can enjoy fresh greens, salads, and any hydroponic plants irrespective of the season all year round. A great advantage with an indoor hydroponic vegetable garden kit is adjusting lighting height to accommodate various growth stages.

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20. AILISS PRO Hydroponics System and Kit

Hydroponics Growing System Newest 12Pods Herb Garden Kit Indoor Herb Garden Starter Kit Auto Smart Garden Planter LED Lighting Seeds Not Included

AILISS PRO’s newest hydroponic kit is designed with a water circulation system and pumped water. The strategy aims to help transport oxygen and nutrient to the roots better than using soil-based gardening. Features 36 watts LED light that offers full spectrum that mimics natural sunlight. With clarity of the system, it is ideal for helping beginners observe the growth process.

The system comes with auto on and off modes that are ideally designed to support different growth stages. Moreover, using the best indoor hydroponic grow system, you can adjust the height to accommodate how high the plants can grow.

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21. Scottish Boy Indoor Hydroponics System and Kit

Scottish Boy Intelligent Indoor Garden Hydroponics Growing System Starter Kit with Grow Light Home Smart Countertop Herb Garden Kit Indoor

By buying a Scottish boy starter kit, you get growing lamps and other hydroponic supplies that work together to facilitate healthier growth. This countertop herb garden kit comes with three lighting modes for a better usability experience. There is no worrying about when to add water as the system has a built-in alert to remind you. The system is simple, portable, and giftable to gardening enthusiasts.

The indoor hydroponics growing system is easy to use; you buy your favorite seeds from quality stores, place them on the holders, add water and watch as they germinate.

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22.Trecaan Home Garden Kit Indoor with Grow Lights

Hydroponic Growing System 12 Pods Home Garden Kit Indoor, Trecaan Smart Herb Garden Growing Kit with Grow Lights Gardening Gifts for Women Mom

Want a presentable gardening gift for your mom? This best hydroponic system for vegetables is a great gardening option for women for their durability and ease of use. The 12 pods home kit can help your plants grow well in low light space independent of weather conditions.

Having two innovative modes option, you press to switch modes and get the LED lights you want. Whether garden lighting for bloom, view stage, or germination, the variation is suitable for all types of flowers and vegetables.

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23. EZORKAS Hydroponics Smart Garden Planter system

Hydroponics Growing System, EZORKAS 12 Pods Indoor Herb Garden Starter Kit with LED Grow Light, Smart Germination Kit Garden Planter for Family Home Kitchen with Cycle Timing Function

Reach out for this intelligent garden planter with variable modes for fruits and veggies. The gardening kit has a smart lighting system that can automatically switch on or off using the command memory. Imagine a kit with a water pump that can run noise-free. It can run without interrupting your sleep, even if it was located in the bedroom.

The garden planter system supports flora and fauna health both directly and indirectly. It makes you relax and rest as it operates automatically, supplies a good amount of oxygen and nutrients to the plants. When you harvest delicious fruits, they build your health and save your grocery money.

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24. moistenland Hydroponics Herb Garden for Home Kitchen

moistenland Hydroponics Growing System, Indoor LED Lighting Herb Garden Germination Kits, Automatic Timer Plant Germination Kits for Home Kitchen(10 Pods)

Moistenland hydroponic system is an excellent alternative to soil-based cultivation methods. The planter garden helps solve soil contamination predicaments, such as pesticide residues, nitrate compounds, and GMO toxins. The system is equipped with high efficient 10 watt LED lights. Comprising full-spectrum light shades facilitating rapid natural growth for better harvest

Do not fall victim to financial exploitation searching for the best hydroponics system and kit, while moisten and planter is available at a reasonable price. The design features an innovative, noiseless water pump and LED grow lights, both of which are automatically managed by the control panel.

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25. Royalsellpro Hydroponics System with Germination Kit

Royalsellpro 12 Pods Hydroponics Growing System, Indoor Herb Garden Kit with LED Grow Light, Automatic Timer Germination Kit with Height Adjustable, Smart Garden Planter for Kitchen Home

Royalsellpro, the manufacturer of these quality hydroponic kits, has made tremendous technological additions to their system. The most notable feature, water pump and the built-in fans.  The top has an air circulation design that sends fresh air purses mimicking the natural sea breeze, efficiently supporting plants’ growth. The pump, on the other hand, circulates oxygen and nutrient to the root system.

The home garden system helps generate constant veggie and fruits all year round and works quietly since the fans only make 20dB. The lamps are all energy savers, and the garden kit is controlled automatically.

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26. Yoocaa Hydroponics System for Home Kitchen Gardening

Yoocaa 12 Pods Hydroponics Growing System Indoor, Large Indoor Herb Garden with LED Light, Up to 19.4'' Height Adjustable Hydroponics Gardening System for Home Kitchen Gardening, Furvous

Yoocaa’s garden makes it possible to grow greens, herbs, flowers, and spices at home. This best small indoor hydroponic system allows the user to adjust the height of the LED light. Thus you can grow variety without worrying about plants getting burnt. The system comes with a water pump and a sensor to coordinate, ensuring optimal moisture as needed.

The 20W LED lights are sunlike to mimic natural sunlight making the hydroponic garden ideal for growing healthy vegetables. Additionally, the Yoocaa system includes a 1-year warranty to give buyers enough confidence as a satisfaction guarantee.

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27. Westwego Hydroponics System and Kit

Hydroponic Indoor Herb Garden with Grow Light - Mini Hydroponic Garden Growing System

The system comes as a complete hydroponic kit. Thus you don’t have to get extra supplies to see it work after purchasing. The Westergrow hydroponic kit is a unique piece of equipment that features dua functions, grow light, and a built-in timer. Thus, you can use it as grow light, free or in a produce tent, and as a desktop lamp in your house.

You choose to grow anything of your choice as the system is versatile and suitable for almost any herb, veggie flowers, etc. Using the starter kit is just effortless; adding seeds plus water and you are done.

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28. DreiWasser Hydroponics System with LED Grow Light

DreiWasser Hydroponics Growing System, 10Pods Indoor Herb Garden Kit with LED Grow Light, Smart Garden Planter with 16H Timer for LED Lighting and Irrigation System (White)

For the love of indoor gardening, DreiWasser hydroponic is built to last and always. For this reason, gardeners enjoy the services and experiences of the system life long. The system has ten pods allowing gardeners to plant a variety of veggies and herbs. For irrigation, there are small electric turbine pumps which run with water. However, you must maintain some minimal water level, or the pump may burn and not operate.

The built-in timer makes the system stay on for 16 hours and off for the next 8 hours.  In so doing, it keeps the growing plants healthy. The planter is 100% hydroponics hence environmental conscious.

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29. Environet Hydroponics Kit, Self-Watering Mason Jar (Set of 3)

Environet Hydroponic Growing Kit Set, Self-Watering Mason Jar Herb Garden Starter Kit Indoor, Grow Your Own Herbs from Organic Seeds (Mint, Cilantro and Thyme)

Environet is one of the best hydroponics kit options with a set of 3 jars for different plants, like thyme, mint, or cilantro. The planter set is not complicated to maintain.  You can place it on your balcony and let the plants feel natural lights. Good enough, the system is designed to be self-watering, relieving you the burden of remembering every time.

The artistic herb jar adds to the home decor rustic look. Every guest or visitor gets glued on the appearance; you can place anywhere, kitchen counter, windowsill, etc., comes with heirloom seeds with 100% germination rate.

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30. Yoocaa Hydroponics System for Home Kitchen Gardening

Yoocaa 12 Pods Hydroponics Growing System Indoor, Large Indoor Herb Garden with LED Light, Up to 19.4'' Height Adjustable Hydroponics Gardening System for Home Kitchen Gardening

Newly released but with extraordinary quality features than most hydroponic alternatives available in the market. This option is spacious to grow many fruits, vegetables, and herbs throughout the year. The system is self-watering, with no soil, thus stress-free gardening without maintenance hustles.

What makes this option the best indoor hydroponic grow system is the wide range of adjustability. Hence you can adjust the height up to 19.4’’. With a 3.5l  tank, the system also has an automatic in-built water pump to keep your plants watered.

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Buying Guide for Hydroponic Kit and System

Buying Guide of Hydroponic Kit and System

When you finally decided that you want to purchase a hydroponic system with kits, there are factors to consider. Because you need to buy the best garden system without stress and the one you can afford.

Know what you want to grow

Firstly, the first thing to think about is what you want to grow. This is because certain crops and plants grow better in specific hydroponics systems. Choose the ideal garden system and kit that will enhance what you thrive on getting more yields.

Type of the system

There are several types of systems. What you want to grow will perform better depending on the system. You can choose through the systems like Nutrient Film Technique(NFT), Wick, Deep Water Culture (DWC), Ebb, and flow.

The amount you want to plant and harvest

The amount you want to harvest is directly proportional to the seeding quantity. Therefore the size of the system to buy depends on the amount of yield you expect. If you have a spacious place to locate your system, then buying larger is the best option. Similarly, you cannot buy a large grow kit when there is no space in your house or balcony or outdoor.

How easy to use

Most hydroponic systems and kits are effortless to use, while others require some skills and experience to use and set up. Go for hydroponic gardens that you can operate with ease and within your skills. If you want to avoid frustration, choose a system that using is a breeze.

Your Budget

Your willingness must go with the ability to buy. It means no matter how quality and efficient a hydroponic kit is, if you cannot afford it, find the best within your budget. The most large-sized system with more advanced technology tends to be costly. Additionally, consider the model’s features; some systems may have features that are not worth the price.


Hydroponics systems are not new. They started very early with the agricultural revolution. Since the invention and discovery of hydroponic gardening, the method has proved ideal. Compared to soil-based farming, hydroponic cultivation is the most versatile, cost-effective and leads to high yield in both indoor and outdoor.

Moreover, using the best hydroponics system and kit, you can harvest nutrient-rich crops within a short growing period. This review and buyers guide will help you choose the efficient option in the market. Making the right decision about the hydroponic kit to buy based on your needs is a considerable step towards hydroponic gardening success.

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