Best Lights for Terrarium Plants

by Truman Perkins

Terrariums are small enclosed environments for plants and animals, especially reptiles. They are like a mini-greenhouse or zoo. The plants or animals are put in cages that are typically made of transparent glass or plastic. LED or fluorescent lights have been considered to be the best type of artificial lighting for a terrarium. Compact Fluorescent bulbs (CFL) can also be another option for your terrariums.

It's, however, good to remember that your general household tubes and bulbs cannot provide the health needs of your pets and plants. Instead, terrariums primarily benefit from natural light that comes from natural filtered sunlight.

With that in mind, your mind has started wondering about their needs and how to meet them. This is where the terrarium light fixtures come into play. They provide efficiency, versatility, and quality for you as an owner and your pet or plant. They come with adjustable light levels, gooseneck lamp design, detachable lamps. Not forgetting they are CE certified, meaning you can have peace of mind, especially when your reptile is basking.

Top 5 Best Lights for Terrarium

Top 5 Best Lights for Terrarium
Top 5 Best Lights for Terrarium

1. "REPTI ZOO" Terrarium LED Light

REPTI ZOO Terrarium Light Day And Night Mode Reptile LED Light Hood For Reptile Terrarium White Light And Blue Light Fit For Different Pet Habits
REPTI ZOO Terrarium Light Day And Night Mode Reptile LED Light Hood For Reptile Terrarium White Light And Blue Light Fit For Different Pet Habits

The best terrarium lights are known globally for their versatility and multifunctional use. LED light hood is dynamic in terms of usage because it transmits preferred energy levels for daytime and nighttime. It transmits both white light and blue light that is fit for different habits and habitats.

The battery has a 20000hours lifetime, and the body design is ultra-thin and light in weight.


Memory function: in case of a sudden blackout, the LED terrarium light can remember the last mode color when it powered on.

Touch Switch: no pressure; touch on it lightly, and it powers on or off. A new and trendy touch-type control switch.

Day and Night use: This light provides both night and daytime mode. It transmits 6500k of natural white light during the day, and during the night, it illuminates at 465nm. This ensures the best terrarium light in the market meets your pet habits' needs in their habitats.


  • Long power storage 20000hours lifetime
  • The ultra-thin main body design
  • Adjustable light options
  • Memory function
  • Light in weight


  • Prone to breakage in case of frequent fall

2. "GHodec" Grow Light for Indoor Plants

Grow Light For Indoor Plants,GHodec Tri-Head 126LED Clip Plant Lights With Flexible Gooseneck & Timer Setting 4/8/12H,5 Dimmable Levels
Grow Light For Indoor Plants,GHodec Tri-Head 126LED Clip Plant Lights With Flexible Gooseneck & Timer Setting 4/8/12H,5 Dimmable Levels

Do you love your garden? Are they beautiful succulents or flowers? The terrarium lighting for plants is one of the best terrarium lights in the market right now and is in the market just for you.

A one of a kind grows light for indoor plants. The lights are LED, closest to natural light, the best source of light for plant growth. They are highly efficient in energy usage. Also, they have an adjustable gooseneck that can turn 360with a solid anti-slip clamp. Do not forget the lamp comes with a timer setting which is dimmable all through 5 levels. Widely suitable for plants in greenhouses, balconies, dark rooms during any season.


Versatility : these terrarium lights offer 3 timing options: - 4H/8H/12H lighting time every day. Each LED bar can control its on /off separately. Besides, they give you the option of adjusting the grow lamp's brightness depending on your plant needs.

Energy-efficient: it does not consume a lot of electricity; therefore, a wise investment. The estimated cost of use is roughly 2 $ per month.

Sunlight white lighting is the best terrarium lighting for plants since it has similar light properties as noon sunlight. Equipped with 5Red+ 37 Sunlight White LED in each bar, this terrarium light is ideal for indoor plants at all growth stages. It produces a soft, flicker-free illumination perfect for night reading.

Widely used : The terrarium lighting for plants is best for balconies, darkrooms, and balconies. A great provides the best terrarium lights to small potted, especially when the plants need extra lighting when the weather conditions are not favorable.


  • Adjustable brightness
  • High energy efficiency
  • Soft lighting
  • It has a vast turn


  • It is suitable for small plants.

3. "CalPalmy" UVA and UVB Light and Heat Lamp

"CalPalmy" UVA and UVB Light and Heat Lamp
"CalPalmy" UVA and UVB Light and Heat Lamp

All pets need light for better growth and development. This is especially so for your pet reptiles that include lizards, turtles, or snakes. This light provides UVA and UVB light suitable for your reptile's health, thus a great option as it is the best terrarium light choice for your pets' needs.

This light is among the best terrarium lights since it is multifunctional. It is for animals and can be used anywhere from in the office to the garage. These lamps are CE-certified. Therefore, quality is assured.


Rotating head : the Reptile dome light is designed so that the gooseneck is turning and clips on. This feature allows it to shine on the preferred surfaces of your pet. Terrarium light reviews rate the CalPalmy light and heat lamp as one of the best terrarium lights in the market.

Dimmable Switch:

The best terrarium lights have this feature where it allows for adjusting the lighting of the lamp. The lamp provides illumination and HeatHeat to easily adjust the temperature or the lighting according to your animal's needs.

Certification : the UVA and UVB reptile light is made of high-quality, safe materials suitable for use by your pets. Whether your pet is a bird, an amphibian, or a reptile, they will enjoy the warmth and the lighting from this lamp because it is the best terrarium light for use in their habitat. It is CE-certified.


  • Multifunctional for animals or human beings
  • CE Certified product
  • The lamp offers both HeatHeat and light
  • It has an adjustable length
  • Adjustable degrees of temperature and lighting


  • Manually operated

4. "DBDPet Reptisun" 14″ Terrarium Hood Light

DBDPet Reptisun 14' T5HO Terrarium Hood Light Fixture & Free 5.0 UV-B Bulb - Includes Attached Pro-Tip Guide - Great For Small Reptiles, Chameleons, Geckos, And More!
DBDPet Reptisun 14' T5HO Terrarium Hood Light Fixture & Free 5.0 UV-B Bulb - Includes Attached Pro-Tip Guide - Great For Small Reptiles, Chameleons, Geckos, And More!

Take your pet's health needs to the next level with the best terrarium lights in town. It great for small pets like geckos, lizards, small snakes, and turtles. The list of small pets is quite extensive! The terrarium hood fixture comes with excellent energy efficiency and higher UVA and UVB transmission with full-spectrum lighting.

This lamp also features a highly polished curved reflector that directs light down onto the terrarium so that your reptile enjoys the overall benefit of a t5 ho high output linear fluorescent lamp. This lamp is perfect for your reptile needs because it includes a Pro-Tip guide written by reptile owners for reptile owner's use. Without a doubt, there is no other lamp suitable for your reptile needs.


Energy efficiency : like all the best terrarium light products, these bulbs have incredible energy efficiency that will not dent your pockets.

Excellent light output: it includes a complimentary 5.0 tropical UVB T5HO bulb that is great for light illumination.

Guarantee: this terrarium light fixture has a 12-month warranty. No worries, get the product if it not to your liking you can always return it to the shop.


  • Saves energy
  • Great lighting
  • Product warranty
  • Includes a pro-tip guide


  • Perfect for smaller reptile cages

5. "REPTI ZOO" Terrarium LED Light Hood for Terrarium

REPTI ZOO Reptile Light Fixture 2 Packs 5.5 Inch Deep Dome Lamp Cap Lamp Fixture Optical Reflection Cover For Reptile Glass Terrariums
REPTI ZOO Reptile Light Fixture 2 Packs 5.5 Inch Deep Dome Lamp Cap Lamp Fixture Optical Reflection Cover For Reptile Glass Terrariums

It's time to add some lighting to your reptile's cage. Repti Zoo has introduced another light fixture that suits the needs of your snake and its habits. It's a 2 pack, 5.5 deep dome lamp cap with lamp fixture for optical reflection that covers. It transmits a maximum of 100W suitable for both UVA and UVB transmission.

The best thing about the lamp is that it has an independent power switch from the on/off button for the lamps. You can use a hanging hook to hang it. As always, it's another best terrarium light product for your reptile health needs.


Energy efficiency: a characteristic feature of terrarium light fixtures is high energy efficiency. The bulbs can carry a maximum of 100W; you can constantly adjust the lighting to 26W, depending on your reptile's needs.

Quality Assured: We supply the best terrarium lights in the market because the lamps are made of safe and quality material for your pet. LED terrarium light fixtures are ETL approved and have a 12-month quality guarantee.

Multipurpose : it can be used in an aquarium, brooder, reptiles' cage, and other pets as a heat bulb. A characteristic feature of the best terrarium lights.


  • Energy efficient
  • Certified products
  • Versatility in animal use
  • It comes in 2 packs


  • It can break easily if it falls.

Buying guide of Best Lights for Terrarium Plants

You have been thinking of keeping that beautiful succulent on that corner shelf or any other place where it's going to be a fabulous addition to your home accessories or office. There might be a chance that there is this reptile that you fell in love with, and you're wondering how it's going to work, especially since it's going to need enough HeatHeat and light for it to grow beautifully. They are great for people in love with gardening or those who live in small spaces. Keeping your plant/reptile indoors means that it will be denied that natural day and night cycle, so you have to make up for this. Well, terrarium lightings are here for you. These are the best lighting fixtures in the market. This is not just by hearsay but because of their quality.

Terrariums need lighting, whether they are plants or animals. This is one of their essentials. The selection process for the best lighting can be a daunting process at the beginning. Figuring out the best lighting for your terrarium needs can be quite a challenge. From inexpensive fluorescent bulbs to high-end LED fixtures, all are at your disposal; it's only for you to decide what your needs are and whether your needs are met. There are a few pointers that might be of assistance when going shopping for one, and they include:

The needs of your terrarium

Lighting fixtures are of two uses, providing HeatHeat and lighting. There are several light fixtures in the market that provide the terrariums with proper lighting and heating needs. The biggest challenge is putting together a system that fits both the animal/plant and the owner's budget.

Lighting is important because it helps regulate the pet's sleep cycle and mating habits. On the other hand, HeatHeat is crucial in maintaining a reptile's body temperature and digestion. All these factors lead to a healthy pet.

Plants, on the other hand, need lighting to make their food. Something that terrarium cage assures you. Terrarium lighting fixtures provide both day and night mode lighting. They also offer both UVA and UVB light for both your pets and plants.


Choose lighting fixtures that will serve you for a considerable number of years-lighting with a service guarantee.

Our high-quality LED terrarium lights are rated up to 20000hours. That means they will last over 6 years if used 8hours per day: no burned-out or flickering tubes, no light bulbs to change, or battery.

Compatibility with Your Space

Our lighting fixtures have features that can be curved out, dismantled, and connected. They are set up as your installation demands. They are also relatively thin and low profile, meaning they can quickly be ticked and hidden from direct sight if you so wish. They can also be fixed on cages of your reptiles. You have different requirements depending on what you are growing, so this versatility ensures you can create optimal conditions for your project.

How to Choose Lighting Fixtures

When choosing lighting fixtures for your terrariums, two critical factors come to mind. Remember, we consider your terrarium's needs, be it a reptile or plant, since they bring so much joy and satisfaction to us. Here are the two things that are overall important:

Pick One That will Provide Something Close to Natural Lighting.

Since your terrariums will be indoors, the chances of natural lighting have minimal sunlight. You will need artificial lighting that will provide lighting close to the natural lighting to cater to their health needs. Choose lighting fixtures that will provide both HeatHeat and lighting for your plant and reptiles. You will need LED lighting fixtures that provide both UVA and UVB light for your terrariums.

Choose Energy-saving Ones

Depending on what you are keeping, either plants or reptiles, you may need your lights to work 24/7. Thus it would be best if you chose something sustainable. Terrarium lighting fixtures can produce over 100 lumens per watts. This means you will get bright, high-quality light at a fraction of the energy used by incandescent, halogen, and even fluorescent options. The LED terrarium lights give you better growth, healthier light, and lower energy bills.

Final verdict

Terrariums are a great addition to our indoor spaces. Be they plants or animals, and there's some satisfaction you get when seeing them in your space or even when taking care of them. They are pretty small and grown in glass containers or cages. This means that they will not get enough or any natural lighting. The only option is choosing artificial lighting that will provide both HeatHeat and lighting for your plants /animals.

The best type of lighting best for your terrarium is LED lighting that provides both HeatHeat and light. Please note that the general household lighting fixtures will not provide your plant or animal's health needs. The terrarium lighting fixtures provide that and several other functions for your plants and animal's needs. They are multipurpose, versatile, certified and energy saving among other things. That is why they are the best terrarium lighting fixtures in the market globally.

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