Top 5 Best Moss for Terrarium Reviews

by Truman Perkins

If you've ever owned a terrarium or an aquarium, then you know how appealing they can look with live plants inside. The best terrarium moss will take the vibrancy of your miniature garden a notch higher by adding some texture into the mix. Plus, these plants are easy to set and maintain, making them your best option when cutting operational costs.

Under proper care and maintenance, a terrarium moss can last a few years. Most species of these mosses are beautiful all year round. Whether you are looking for something to enhance your interior or exterior beauty, terrarium mosses come in handy anytime.

If it is your first time planting, you've got two options-to collect the moss from their natural environment or buy one. However, with premium options, you can choose from a wide assortment of mosses for what best-fit your needs. Here, we will show you the five best terrarium mosses that guarantee the best value for cash.

5 Best Moss for Terrarium Reviews

5 Best Moss for Terrarium Reviews
5 Best Moss for Terrarium Reviews

1. Galápagos (05213) Terrarium Sphagnum Moss

Galápagos (05213) Terrarium Sphagnum Moss, 5-Star Green Sphagnum, Natural, 4QT (Packaging May Vary )
Galápagos (05213) Terrarium Sphagnum Moss, 5-Star Green Sphagnum, Natural, 4QT (Packaging May Vary )

The beauty of your terrarium lies in how it sustains the live plants and animals inside. When choosing, you'd want to land a moss that is not only a better breeding ground for your small friends but also a comfortable home. Galapagos Sphagnum is a versatile, smooth-textured, and leafy moss that provides comfortable bedding for frogs, tadpoles, toads, anoles, salamanders, snakes other reptiles.

This moss grows gradually to form a leafy green hue that is perfect for interior decor. It thrives best in the tropical and wetland humidity. However, that doesn't mean you can't keep it anywhere, as it responds to other artificial stimuli. It forms long fibers that often curl, creating a comfortable hiding place where your small pets can reproduce.

Most important, Galapagos Sphagnum moss requires no fertilizer to keep its green health in place. It comes with natural fungicides that control it at bay from pests and diseases that affect terrarium plants. Galapagos Sphagnum is not complicated as it strikes the roots deep inside the substrate to obtain essential nutrients. Overall, its value for cash lies in its evergreen aesthetics and ease of use.

Key Features:

  • High absorbency: the Galapagos Sphagnum moss is soft and fluffy to hold 20-times its dry weight in moisture. Plus, it creates a suitable humidity level for wetlands and tropical terrariums when combined with another substrate.
  • Natural: since it has inherent fungicidal features, it can fight odors, mite infestation, and fungal growth in your terrarium.
  • Healthy: this substrate is suitable for tropical snakes, toads, frogs, invertebrates, and other tropical and temperate species. It makes excellent snake bedding and acts as a moist habitat for amphibians.
  • Versatility: the moss can be used in and around water dishes to allow easy access and reduce the drowning risk. It is also used as an incubation medium, humidifier, and substrate for carnivorous or live plants.
  • Forms a pleasant smell that reptiles love
  • It keeps its neatness even with years of use.
  • The moss grows into a vibrant dark green color that is striking
  • It doesn't bleed even after prepping
  • . The moss comes with a non-toxic dye that can green your terrarium.

2. Zoo Med Terrarium Moss 30-40 Gallons

Zoo Med Terrarium Moss 30-40 Gallons
Zoo Med Terrarium Moss 30-40 Gallons

Zoo med moss is an all-natural moss that works perfectly for any terrarium. Being non-living, this moss can survive in any weather condition, provided you keep it clean and well-maintained. For the best aesthetics, make sure to use small chunks for a specific period, cleaning them whenever they attract grime or dust. This moss weighs 1-2 lb when dry and a couple of weights when wet. It doesn't create a bizarre odor that can suffocate life from any live plant you'd wish to add to the mix.

Zoo med works perfectly for crested geckos and a leopard gecko. You can also try it on other reptiles' species since it creates a humidified environment with enough relaxing and bedding spaces. If dry, give the moss some water sprays; it will ideally create a humid hide. The moss comes with a body easy-to-dig making it perfect for animals that love to burrow-such as hermits. You can also place it over a wet substrate to get the bottom wet if your pets love that.

Key Features:

  • The substrate is natural and can survive in any environment hence being perfect for amphibians and wetlands reptiles. It creates a humidified environment with a relaxing and bedding area.
  • It is made of easy-to-dig material: with this Zoo med moss, the animals that love burrowing, such as hermits, can easily dig it. Additionally, you can place it in a wet place to get the bottom wet if the pets enjoy that.
  • Conducive shelter: Zoo med moss is ideal for all types of reptiles and amphibians. It also serves as an incubation and incubation aid for eggs for various reptiles.
  • Earthy smell perfect for lizards, snails, and gecko
  • It does not tear easily even with years of use.
  • Perfect moisture retention eliminates frequent spraying.
  • Come in different sizes to meet your budget
  • Shed off the original green color with time

3. TerraGreen Creations Moss Fairy Garden and Succulent Terrarium Accent Pack

TerraGreen Creations Moss Fairy Garden And Succulent Terrarium Accent Pack - Several Moss Types - Bark - Mini Figures
TerraGreen Creations Moss Fairy Garden And Succulent Terrarium Accent Pack - Several Moss Types - Bark - Mini Figures

If you want a succulent creation, then TerraGreen creation comes with everything you need to jump-start and finish your journey. This product consists of different types of terrarium moss, with varying assortments of color that make it ideal for an aquarium and fairy garden. It goes three inches deep, creating a perfect environment for burrowing and deep resting. The tree and mini-figures bark make a natural-like park, fully packed with quintessential your animal needs to thrive.

TerraGreen mosses are non-living; preserved to keep their original colors. Even with years of use, the bright colors remain intact unless you leave the moss in rain or direct sunlight. Overall, they make for better beautifiers in interior décor. The package also comes with a bit of stick and two mushrooms, as a bonus to make your terrarium complete. Immediately you rip the package open, you'll notice a smell that fades away with time. With time, the moss develops an earthy scent that is perfect for use in a terrarium. Add more woods, and it will give your terrarium the missing appeal your heart yawns.

Key Features:

  • The pack goes 3 inches deep hence creating an ideal environment for borrowing and deep resting. Besides, it makes a natural-like pack with the quintessential that animals need to thrive.
  • Preserved and long-lasting: this moss is non-living, and when preserved, it maintains its original colors. It can last for many years unless the moss is in rain or direct sunlight.
  • The pack contains different types of terrarium moss with multiple colors suitable for a fairly garden and aquarium. It also makes a great gift for gardening enthusiasts or kids to enhance their gardening passion.
  • Beautiful assortments of colors that mimic the natural environment
  • Dyed with a fine powder that can beautifully shade your terrarium
  • The best alternative for filling outdoor plants
  • Colors are dyed and shed
  • Not for use with live plants and animals

4. Moss Preserved, Green Moss for Fairy Gardens

Moss Preserved, Green Moss For Fairy Gardens, Terrariums, Any Craft Or Floral Project Or Wedding Other Arts (Green, 3OZ)
Moss Preserved, Green Moss For Fairy Gardens, Terrariums, Any Craft Or Floral Project Or Wedding Other Arts (Green, 3OZ)

Unlock your creativity and create a perfect DIY terrarium that satisfies your personality with this moss. To start with, the moss is dense, making it easier to customize. It has a dark green color that hardly sheds and can still help up to seven years. Unlike most moss variants in the market, this is an art, not a live plant, so you don't need any input to maintain it. Maybe, a once-over cleaning every one month can help keep the terrarium sparkling. This moss is hand-picked from the natural environment and formed into art. It brings the beauty of the natural environment for interior décor, sprinkling acoustic properties with it.

Save for its color and design, this moss augurs well with wood, ceramic, glass, expanded polystyrene, Plexiglas, and any flooring type. With this moss, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to customizing your decoration. You can add deep colors of plants to give your room a calming feel or bright colored floral patterns for vibrancy.

Key Features:

  • Preserved and long-lasting: when the moss is maintained, it can stay vibrant and green for 7 years at least. It would help if you prevented this indoor plant art from being exposed to rain and direct sunlight. You will enjoy the calming beauty of the art.
  • Its unique acoustic features and shape offer multiple designs. The green moss can blend with materials like wood, glass, ceramic, polystyrene, and plexiglass.
  • The preserved green moss is ideal for home and office. It is also great for the nature lover as it influences the space and helps to keep calm. It does not require watering or replacements. You will enjoy its stunning and relaxing nature.
  • Requires a little maintenance since it is non-living
  • Works perfect with bottle glue and spray adhesive
  • Maintains its color for years under moisture-free environment
  • Easy to work with, especially for interior decoration
  • It smells bad when exposed to moisture
  • Not ideal for use with live plants or animals

5. EZ-Botanicals Fresh Mood Moss Perfect for Terrariums

EZ-Botanicals Fresh Mood Moss Perfect For Terrariums And Bonsai
EZ-Botanicals Fresh Mood Moss Perfect For Terrariums And Bonsai

The last on our list is the EZ-Botanicals, a live moss famous for adding accents to home decor. Well, this moss can be glued anywhere from the attic, floor, walls, and any surface. Plus, it fits into Aquarius, bonsais, fairy gardens, and Terraria. EZ-Botanicals have a dark green color with shades of light-green hues, making them perfect for adding colors. The texture is soft enough to accommodate burrowing animals such as geckos, lizards, snakes, and frogs.

EZ-Botanicals is hand-picked from Appalachia's natural hills, treated with non-toxic formula, and packed for shipping anywhere in the world. Unlike natural moss, it accepts only a certain water level, ensuring that it doesn't get heavier and messier. Also, the moss is tender with leaves that roll to form a perfect bed. The texture is soft, ensuring the body is easily penetrable for animals that like hiding. You can keep the moss alive by frequent watering. If this is something you'd wish to avoid, you can also ask for the seller to ship a non-living one.

Key Features:

  • Soft texture: the moss is soft to accommodate burrowing animals like lizards, frogs, geckos, and snakes. Besides, it ensures animals penetrate when they want to hide from sunlight or danger.
  • The product makes a great décor: you can add this moss to your home by gluing it anywhere from the walls, attic, floor, and other surfaces. It has a dark green color with shades hence adding combinations of colors. You can also place it in the Terraria, bonsai, aquarium, and fairy gardens.
  • It is packed in a 1-quart resealable bag: The EZ-Botanicals are treated with non-toxic formula and shipped anywhere in the world. Plus, this type of moss accepts a specific level of water hence isn't heavy and messy.
  • Ideal for pet animals
  • Use a single layer of moss that is breathable.
  • Comes in both treated and non-treated form.
  • Requires nutrients and water to keep fresh
  • If not well-maintained, it can produce an awful smell

Factor to Consider When Buying a Terrarium Moss

Buying Guide Of Moss For Terrarium
Buying Guide Of Moss For Terrarium

Every reptile or amphibian deserves a great home. As the owner, it is essential to ensure the pet home features the optimum environment to survive. Here are some of the necessary features to consider when choosing a terrarium moss for your pets:

  • Humidity

The first thing to consider is the humidity since too much of it promotes bacteria while too little destroy their skin. The amount of moisture a reptile or amphibian needs depends on the species. Most tropical animals and plants need at least 50% to reflect their natural environment.

  • Size

You should keep in mind the size of the terrarium. It should be big enough to allow smooth movement of the reptile or amphibian around and wide enough to ensure the animals' ultimate comfort. Since the terrarium moss comes in multiple sizes, making it easier to choose what will suit your animals well.

  • Maintenance

It is necessary to choose a terrarium with a specific maintenance schedule. Some terrarium moss does not require maintenance techniques, including watering, while others need more attention. The terrarium moss you are buying determines the maintenance you will require.

  • Style

The terrarium style will help you choose what will suit your preferences and the type of pet to want to keep. If your pet is exposed to a threat, you can opt for a closed terrarium.

  • Quality

The quality of terrarium moss is identified in its construction and the type of material used in designing it. It should be able to withstand all pressures that come with regular usage.

  • Affordability

There is various terrarium moss on the market at different prices, which many people can afford. You will be satisfied with its durability and high functionality.

  • Package

Most of the terrarium moss doesn't come with plants and soil mix. However, there are terrarium kits available on the market. A terrarium kit consists of potting soil, pebble, gravel, moss, activated charcoal, and vermiculite, while some are specific to the plant type.

Frequently Asked Question

What kind of moss do you use in a terrarium?

Mosses for terrarium come in two kinds, living and nonliving. Non-Living terrarium moss fits any environmental condition. Additionally, they are easy to maintain.

Living terrarium moss may require frequent watering and fertilizing, but they too work well for all types of terrariums.

Can you put moss in a terrarium?

Yes, your terrarium moss will not only fit inside the small vessel, but it will also thrive when maintained well. Only that, you need to make sure that your choice of moss best fits the type of terrarium in your possession.

How do you keep moss green in a terrarium?

If your moss is dyed, don't expose it to a humid condition as it will shed off its hue. Sunlights also result in fading, so keep your moss indoors unless it is recommended for outdoor use.

How long does a moss terrarium last?

How long your moss terrarium will last depends greatly on whether it is living or nonliving. Living moss takes between six months and two years before you'll need to replace it. Nonliving moss can last up to seven years under proper care.

Can I use BBQ charcoal for the terrarium?

Yes, you can use an activated BBQ charcoal to make your terrarium porous. The activated charcoal has a coarse texture and an absorbent body that effectively binds impurities and toxins that damage your terrarium.

Final Verdict

The best plant for a terrarium should spruce a combination of imagination, joy, and functionality, whether living or nonliving; your choice of a terrarium moss should create lush and magnificent miniature gardens, both outdoor and indoor.

If you need succulent moss with a good depth for animals to hide, the TerraGreen comes with all qualities your pet desires. Plus, it is affordable and long-lasting, so you can be sure to attain value for your bucks.

If you want moss for your living plants and animals, the Galapagos Sphagnum has your back. It doesn't shed while at the same time keeping its hue for years. Choose the best container, and you'll see your terrarium turn into a magical hub.

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