Top 15 Best Outdoor Planter Pots

If you love green and do gardening, then it is high time to enhance your garden beauty. For this purpose, you have to select the best outdoor planter pots for plants. But there are a lot of outdoor planter pots available in the market. So, choosing the best one must be a big job.

It is time-consuming, and often people failed to find the right one. As a result, it cost them multiple times to find the right one. Therefore, I dig deep into the market and pull out some best outdoor planter pots that are amazing in all aspects. I picked these based on price, outlook, durability, usability, and public reaction.

Our Top Pick:

Top 15 Best Outdoor Planter Pots Reviews

1. Lechuza Cubico Garden Planter Pot

Lechuza 13158 Cubico Self-Watering Planter, 30', Slate Matte

When you need something that is best for outdoor and indoor, Lechuza Cubico is the best choice. Because it has a super outlook along with all other criteria for outdoor use. First thing first, it is 30 inches tall and 15 inches wide. That indicates to plant and place outdoor. And ensures durability as well.

Speaking about durability, it is made of plastic. So, it is strong enough as it should be. Another helpful feature of this pot is the self-watering system. You need to refill water once a week. And, it will provide water to the plants as it requires. As well, it has a better drainage system to prevent plant damaging or root rotting.

Moreover, its cubic shape with slate matte color provides a better outlook to enhance your garden or indoor beauty. As a result, it deserves to place in this best large outdoor planters list without any doubt.

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2. LA JOLIE MUSE Tall Planters

LA JOLIE MUSE Tall Planters 20 Inch, Flower Pot Pack 2, Patio Deck Indoor Outdoor Garden Tree Planters (Weathered Gray)

Another sophisticated planter with versatile using capability. You can place it in your bedroom as well as a balcony, patio, or porch. That is possible because of its size. This 20-inch-tall planter is well enough to spread root freely as long as it wants. Because of this size and weight, there will be no problem placing it indoors, and it is easy to transfer it here and there until you are satisfied with the placement.

Well, this planter pot is made of recycled plastic and stone powder. As a result, it is lightweight yet durable enough. That is what people want in the best garden planters. Besides, it has better weather resistance. It withstands extreme sunlight, cracks, frost, and others.

But the best planters must have the best drainage system. So, it has four draining holes to drain excess water and save the plant from getting damage. But having no tray plate makes it difficult to place indoors because it can spill water and make the surface dirty.

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3. H Potter Tall Outdoor Planters

H Potter Tall Outdoor Planters for Balcony Garden Deck Front Porch or Indoor Copper Flower Pots Set of 2

Here is something that is specially made for outdoor use. From outlook to durability, it has everything as it should be. So far, this rustic outlook is the best in my eyes. And perfect for outdoor.

First of all, this planter is made from iron. That ensures its strength. But iron can get rusty; that is why it is coated with copper that looks rusty but with a better outlook. Also, this is lightweight to remote here and there easily.

And, this 35-inch-tall outdoor planter is one of the best outdoor planters. Because this height is enough to provide freedom to enlarge roots and plants as much as possible, it has a better drainage system. Of course, with a significant drain hole. And it has a tray inside to reserve water as well.

Moreover, it has two handles on both sides to hang it without having any problem. That will help you to turn it on the balcony. All of these make it one of the best outdoor planters.

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4. FCMP Outdoor Heritage Black Planter Pot (2 Pack)

FCMP Outdoor Heritage Planter (2-Pack) (No Arrangement)

This is another outdoor planter pot that can be one of your choices too. You can place it entrance of your garden or your home to enhance beauty. It is also one of the best tall outdoor planter pots.

This classic planter is made of plastic. Yet, it is strong and, of course, lightweight. Besides, it can stand firm anywhere without any additional support.

This 28.5-inch-tall planter divides into two parts. One for the plant pot and another for the watering system. Yes, it has a better watering system that allows doing self-watering. And it prevents the plant from getting damage. You need to refill water regularly and clean the tray.

If you are looking for decorative outdoor planter pots, then this might be the one you want. Its classic look with a modern planting design can be the perfect match for your requirements.

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5. LA JOLIE MUSE Tall Modern, White Flower Pots

LA JOLIE MUSE Tall Planters Outdoor Indoor - Tree Planter 20 inch Modern White Flower Pots with Drainage Holes for Balcony Garden Patio Deck Pack 2

As you know, LA JOLIE MUSE is an excellent name for planter pots and other gardening accessories. Since some of you can seek white outdoor planter pots to match your house color, here is the one for you.

Well, you can use this n20-inch-tall planter pot for both outdoor and indoor both. But better to use it outdoor. And it is made from recycled plastic and stone powder. That makes it lightweight yet strong enough to last for a long time. Also, it can prevent weather damage, as well.

Of course, it has four draining holes for a better drainage system. But it does not come with a tray for holding extra waters. So, it will be perfect for just outdoor use unless you want to get your indoor dirty.

Moreover, this brand provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee and return guarantee if anything is not as it says. Therefore, it earns a place in the best outdoor planters list.

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6. Veradek V-Resin Taper Planter (Set of 2)

Veradek V-Resin Indoor/Outdoor Taper Planter, Set of 2

This square-shaped planter pot is also ideal for the front door of your house or garden. Perfect for outdoor use for sure. Also, it has an excellent outlook too. This planter pot has made from high-grade plastic. Well, that may seem a little low-quality than ceramic, but it is affordable, durable, and lightweight. Also, it provides better weather protection, as well.

Moreover, the 35-inch-tall planter is divided into two parts: planting pot and another for holding water. However, there is no drainage system available in this planter. But you can fill the bottom part with the rock for storing water for a long time.

This modern design black color planter pot can be ideal for your home decoration. Since this is affordable, you can get multiples of this and enhance your home’s beauty.

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7. Suncast Decorative Garden Planter, 16.”

Suncast Seneca 16' Ombre Decorative Resin Garden Planter, Blue/Brown

Suncast Seneca garden planter is one of the best garden planters for enhancing beauty. Therefore, it has an excellent outlook to attract you, and anyone sees it. This can be perfect for flower planters to match flower beauty and provide a better outlook. Well, this resin-made planter is not tall but all-around large. It is 14-inch in height and 15-inch in width. As a result, the plant gets more space to spread roots.

Also, it is durable and lightweight. And it requires less water and clay or ceramic pots. But, it does not have any drainage hole. That may be a big concern. So, every time you do watering, make sure you have done it in the right amount. Otherwise, excess water can damage your plant.

Although it calls an outdoor planter, it can be versatile and usable both outdoor and indoor. For round shape and medium size, it can place in anywhere. That makes it the best garden planter.

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8. LA JOLIE MUSE Indoor Outdoor Garden Planters (Set of 2)

LA JOLIE MUSE Tall Planters Set 2 Flower Pots, 20 Inch Each, Patio Deck Indoor Outdoor Garden Planters,Weathered Gray

As I said, LA JOLIE MUSE is one of the best brands for gardening accessories. As a result, you see multiple planter pots from this brand. Because of their excellent quality and excellent customer service, I just have to pick them. So, there are other outdoor planter flower pots.

Well, this one is also made from recycled plastic and stone power. Recycled plastic ensures lightweight, and stone power provides strength. And, this combo is perfect for durability and portability. Also, it has better weather resistance.

This round-shaped 20-inch flower pot has enough space to spread roots correctly. You can place this pot anywhere in the house, including the bedroom, patio, balcony, and garden. It is instead used for house beautification.

Moreover, this flower pot also contains four draining holes to drain extra water. And that saves plants from getting damaged. It is an essential part of watering any plants.

As usual, LA JOLIE MUSE provides better customer service than others. Also, they ensure a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied. Therefore, this must be one of the best planter pots, without any doubt.

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9. Furinno Hardwood Flower planter Box, 1-pack

FURINNO FG16011 Tioman Hardwood Flower Box, 1-Pack, Natural

So far, this is different from others and very interesting too. There are two boxes on two sides for planting flower plants and connecting with a bench where you can sit. Indeed, this is for outdoor use, no doubt about that. Where you can enjoy your morning or evening while you are surrounded by flowers and sitting right between them, this will be perfect for your garden bench too.

Including the bench, the item is 71 inches in length and 18 inches tall. But the bottom panel is not included. So, you have to use small pots inside these boxes. But for durability and portability, I think this will be the right option to choose.

Although it can be expensive, it will provide better decoration than others for sure. If you don’t need a middle bench, you can remove that easily and use it as just planter pots.

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10. H Potter – Tall Garden Planter, Large Copper Flower Pots

H Potter Tall Planter Outdoor Large Copper Flower Pots Indoor Outside Patio Deck Garden

H Potter makes metal planter pot with a good reputation. This is the second one from H Potter on this list. Well, this tall planter is also made from stainless steel. And hand-applied copper finishes on the outside. That provides raw beauty and perfect for outdoor beautification. Indeed, stainless steel is strong and durable. Also, it is lightweight than ceramic too.

Although the planter pot is 33-inch tall, the base pot is 11-inch deep where you will plant the pots. And there are draining holes to drain extra water to save the plant.

From the four-color variation, you can choose one that matches your home. And place it on the front door to enhance your home beauty. Moreover, this planter pot provides better weather protection to the pot. And, it has a sophisticated design with extended-lasting capability. So, it will be worth your money if you are seeking the best planter pots.

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11. FCMP Outdoor Black Planter (set of 2)

FCMP Outdoor Modemmo Planter (Casablanca)

Another beautiful planter pot for outdoor uses. I included this for various reasons. First of all, it has a better outlook. Yes, that is going to enhance your house’s beauty. Its Moroccan Quatrefoil design is outstanding! Well, that would be nothing if construction is not strong enough.

In that case, this high-grade plastic-made planter is well justified to the strength, durability, and lightweight. Also, it has protection from weather for sure.

The planter pot divides into two parts. The upper part is for planting the pot, and the bottom for reserve water. The planting pot has a drainage hole to drain extra water, and the bottom part holds that water for future use. And this is one of the best watering systems for any planter pots so far. It has a drainage tray too.

And, you can place this 24-inch-tall planter pot anywhere in your house, especially outdoor. Also, it is affordable compare to others.

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12. Classic Home and Garden Whiskey Barrel

Classic Home and Garden S1027D-265R Whiskey Barrel, 20.5', Distressed Oak

If you love classic items and want to decorate your house with a classic vibe, this might be the best option for your garden. This Whisky Barrel planter pot is the best so far for a classic outlook. It is made from oak and resin with distressed oak color. And it can blend seamlessly with your classic design home.

Well, this large-size planter pot is durable and lightweight. And, it provides better weather protection as well. One more thing that surprises me is that it has a drainage system too. But it can be challenging to move it again and again. Therefore, it is the best option for outdoor use.

And its vast space allows growing plant roots as long as possible. This is the first choice for classic home decoration and the best outdoor planter pot too. Maybe not for everyone, but classic vibe lovers need one of these, at least.

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13. Best Choice Bucket Barrel Wooden Garden Planters

Best Choice Products Set of 3 Wooden Bucket Barrel Garden Planters Set Rustic Decorative Flower Beds for Plants, Herbs, Veggies w/Drainage Holes, Multiple Sizes, Indoor Outdoor Use

Another wooden planter pots of this list. But this is not standalone. It is a set of three planter pots. And all of these comes in different sizes. As I said, this is made from wood that binds with metal on the outside for strength. Also, coated with resin for long-lasting and better weather protection and provide hand-on on both sides to hang these if needed.

Wooden posts are usually lightweight and durable. And its natural color great beauty. It has that classic vibe that for specific peoples.

Well, the pot has a better drainage system to prevent plant damage or root rot. Also, three different sizes let you do other planting types based on where you will place them.

Overall, these could be the best pots for outdoor planting if you are classic vibe lovers.

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14. H Potter Tall Copper Antique Flower Pots 

H Potter Tall Planter Large Outdoor Copper Antique Flower Pot Indoor Patio Deck Ribbed Garden 29 Inches High

Another H Potter outdoor planter. But this time, it has better usability. First of all, it is also made of stainless steel. And copper-coated outside. That ensures better durability and protection from the weather. As usual, metal is more substantial than others. So, it is evident that this planter pot will last longer than others.

But this tall planter comes with a better design and outlook. For the first time, H Potter added a drip tray. That ensures to use it indoor or outdoor anywhere. And it will never spill water on the floor; thus, the surface will not get dirty either way.

Same as the previous one, it also has a base pot for placing the plant. And base pot included four drainage holes. That ensures no damage to the plant for excessive watering.

At last, you can get a pair of these planter pots and place is at your house front door. I am sure that it will look fantastic!

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15. FirsTime & Co. Farmhouse Trough Outdoor Planter

FirsTime & Co. Farmhouse Trough Outdoor Planter 2-Piece Set, American Crafted, Aged Galvanized Metal, 15.5 x 14 x 32.5 ,

This is a different-looking planter pot from all of the above. It is made from galvanized metal. And that is great for weather protection as well as strength and durability. Also, it provides a classic American vibe. It has planting pots that are standing on a stand.

And, it comes in two different sizes according to your need. Well, you can use it indoors or outdoor, whatever you like. But it does not have a drainage hole. So, you can drill on your own for outdoor use as well as indoor use. But you have to add an extra drip tray if you for indoors. That will prevent water from spilling all over the place.

Moreover, they are providing 30 days warranty. Overall, it could be your choice for your Farmhouse.

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Buying Guide of Best Pots for Outdoor Plants

best pots for outdoor plants

Before getting any outdoor planter pots, you need to know basic things about planter pots to ensure you are getting the best outdoor planter pots for yourself. Therefore, you must read the following points.


Either it is outdoor or indoor planter pots. Construction material is essential. If it is large, then metal and plastic made pots provide long-lasting and better durability. On the other hand, ceramic and clay pots can be better for small sizes. But for outdoor, I would suggest plastic and stone powder mix material. That provides strength as well as lightweight.


For the outdoor planter, pot size is not that much issue. If you plan to place it on the front door or beside the gate, it should be taller. But average garden or balcony planter pots can be any size based on your house.

Drainage system

No matter what purpose, you are going to use planter pots. It is essential to have a drainage system in the pot. Because that ensures better plant growth without damage, an indoor planter pot must have a dripping tray.

What people say

Before buying any product, check out what people are saying about that product. That is a good habit to ensure product quality if people provide helpful reviews, which means it is good whether it comes from a new brand or an old brand.

So, make sure you are following the above four points before buying any planter pots. It will ensure you are getting the best quality outdoor planter pots according to your need.

Best Place to Buy Planter Pots

buy planter pots

You can buy plant pots from the nearest gardening store. Also, you can get it online. In that case, I think Amazon, Home Depot is the best solution you have got. Although if you buy from a physical store, you always have a chance to check it properly before purchase. But you will have a ton of options online. Now it is your turn; what is your preference. If you are thinking online, then check the above list. All the product has a purchase link. You can get it from that link.


So, that was the list of the best outdoor planter pots. There is a versatile choice that must meet your preference. For different purposes and places, I have added different types of planter pots. It will be perfect for your home decoration, whether you need to grow plant longer or need better home beauty from metal to ceramic and plastic. These outdoor planter pots are going to satisfy you in every aspect. 

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