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10 Best Plant Labels: Reviews & Buying Guide

Dealing with a diverse allotment, vegetable patch, or flower border can bring you pride. However, it can be a huge disaster to track which flower, vegetable, or herb is before the seedlings sprout. It’s easy to lose track of the seedlings, but did you know you can avoid this entirely by labeling them properly? Purchase printable best plant labels and markers, and you won’t go wrong.

There are very many best weatherproof garden plant labels to the extent that it can be confusing to find your plants’ best. We understand this, and that’s why we are composing our post to simplify your work.

Here we will highlight the best plant labels that you should pick for all your labeling needs.

Our Top Pick:

Top 10 Best Plant Labels: Reviewed In detailed

1. Kinglake T-Shaped Plant Label, 100 Pcs

KINGLAKE 100 Pcs 6 x10cm Plastic Plant T-Type Tags Nursery Garden Labels

If you are desperately looking for the best plant label that will withstand the vagaries of weather, the Kinglake plant label is the best choice you’ve got. Unlike some other plastic plant labels you may have encountered in the market, this one is made from superior quality plastic that’s easy to clean and maintain.

Besides, it’s multipurpose and can be used as a label for whatever plant or seed you wish to grow. Since it’s made from quality plastic, Kinglake plastic label will never lust – it will retain its original state for as long as possible regardless of where you intend to use it (either in greenhouses or outdoors on your farm)

What will wow you about this plant label is the ease of writing and sticking to the soil. Better yet, you will enjoy the fact that you can clean it with your household cleaners and reuse it as it deems fit.

  • Durable
  • Reusable
  • Great value for money
  • It has been criticized by some people who believe wood plant labels are better than plastic
  • It may not be affordable to all


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2. Homenote Plant Label

HOMENOTE 60pcs Bamboo Plant Labels (6 x 10 cm) with Bonus a Pen Vegetable Garden Markers T-Type Plant Tags for Plants

This one differs from other garden plant labels in several ways. For example, it comes with up to 60 pieces and includes a bonus marking pen, which you can use to write the different types of plants.

If you have not yet decided whether to go for these wooden plant labels, consider the various benefits you will enjoy. For instance, you will appreciate that it’s made from eco-friendly material (100% from bamboo) that won’t harm the surrounding.

Also, it’s easy to write on and wash off as you like – the surface of this plant label is highly smooth so that you can write quickly.

When you buy the plant label, you are assured of the best waterproof pencil bonus for plant labels. The pen has washable ink, so you will never have to worry if you need to use the title on a different plant.

  • Multipurpose
  • Perfect design & size
  • Easy to write & wash off
  • They are not waterproof –since they are made from bamboo
  • Some people complained about delivery –didn’t get the product on time


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3. Kinglake Plant Label 500 Pcs, five colors

KINGLAKE 500 Pcs 5 Colors 2X10CM Plastic Waterproof Garden Plant Tags Nursery Garden Labels Markers Plant Stakes

Kinglake is a big name when it comes to designing the best reusable plant labels that will last. Unlike their plant label we discussed previously in this post, this one features 100 pieces meaning it offers you great value for your money.

It’s made from highly durable plastic that will never lust regardless of where it’s used. The manufacturer guarantees you that the plastic material used to make this plant label is 100% environmentally friendly and will never harm your surroundings.

What you will like the most with this incredible plant label are its beautiful colors. The colors have the impact of helping you classify your seedlings by sight.

  • Multiple colors available
  • 100% environmental friendly
  • Easy to clean for reuse purposes
  • Some people claimed that these labels don’t withstand intense sunlight
  • Others say they are not a good choice for outdoors uses


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4. Whaline Plant Label

Whaline 100 Pcs Plastic Plant Labels Waterproof Nursery T-Type Garden Tags Black Plant Markers 2.36' x 3.94' with White Marker Pen

Unlike some other best outdoor plant labels we’ve discussed in this post, the Whaline plant label boasts offering great value for money and ease of use. Its T-shape design makes it a bit easy to insert into the soil without damaging the plant roots.

With this plant label, you can record the plant names or growth easily. It comes black and hence will blend well with most plants or seedlings.

The manufacturer has assured you that this plant label is made from solid plastic material that will resist breakage even when exposed to pressure.

The plastic will readily resist the effects of water/high moisture, will not lust easily, is environmentally friendly, and is not toxic in any way.

  • Water-resistant
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Wide range of uses
  • Does not offer a wide range of colors
  • The plant label comes with sharp ends; hence should be used far away from toddlers


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5. Kensizer Plant Label

Kensizer 1000 Pcs 4 Inches Plastic Waterproof Plant Labels, Nursery Garden Stake Tags, Marker Labels Sticks for Potted Plants

Your desperate search for the best outdoor plant labels should end with the Kensizer plant label. This one has been creatively designed from PVC plastic that’s durable and comes with a waterproof marker. You can be confident that your words won’t disappear in case of excessive water or moisture.

Experts recommend purchasing this marker from Kensizer for many reasons. E.g., it’s UV-resistant, easy to insert in soil (without harming your plant roots), and very convenient to handle and use.

What you can’t ignore about this plant label package is the number of pieces included – you have up to 1000 pieces meaning you save more with a single purchase. Better yet, the manufacturer consists of a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee – this should boost your confidence when making a purchase decision.

  • 100% customer satisfaction guarantee
  • UV-resistant
  • Up to 1000 pieces included
  • It Maybe costly to some aspiring users
  • Refund policy isn’t honored with ease


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6. Kinglake Plant Label 100 Pcs

KINGLAKE 100 Pcs 4 Inch Plastic Plant Nursery Garden Labels Pot Marker Garden Stake Tags White

Like other king lake’s best labels for plant marking, this one is also of tremendous value. It has been widely embraced by many homeowners, thanks to the wide range of benefits it offers. Unlike the various plant labels you have tried or encountered in the market, you can add the plant names and descriptions, and plant pictures.

You will like it that the plant labels can be reused – wipe off the names/pictures and use them to label a different seedling/plant. It’s durable and will withstand extreme weather.

Considering the pricing, we can conclude that it’s a good value for the money – you get up to 100 pieces in a single bundle. This means you will not need to go for extra unless if you are labeling more plants.

What most users enjoy about the plant label is the ease of use and the convenience. Everything comes clearly labeled, and the user manual is included to help you if you are unsure.

  • Reasonable price/quality ratio
  • offers enough space to write plants names – you can write on the front side as well as the backside
  • easy to use and maintain – everything is self-explanatory
  • some people complained of missing user’s manual
  • some think the pricing isn’t fair


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7. Hothingwell Plant Label, 100 pieces

100Pcs Plastic Plant Labels, T-Type Tags Waterproof Re-Usable Nursery Garden Label for Flower Vegetables Herb Signs, White

When looking for nursery labels plant tags, you want something that will save both space and money. If you agree with these sentiments, there is no better choice than the Hothingwell plant label.  It has been ideally designed to fit in your plant pots without consuming too much space.

Besides, it is easy to write on. You can use whatever marker you wish (both permanent and temporary) and be sure that it will serve as expected. What’s more, you can plant names or details on either side – this gives you more writing space.

The manufacturer is confident enough that the plant label will perform to your expectation, and that’s the sole reason they extend a warranty period. In case you are not okay with the product (for whatever reason), feel free to request a full refund or replacement.

  • Wide range of use
  • The plant label is re-usable
  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • Contacting the manufacturer’s customer care desk may be a complicated process
  • No multi-color option – only white color available


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8. Kinglake Plant Label 1000 Pieces

KINGLAKE 1000 Pcs 4 Inch Plant Tags Garden Nursery Labels Plastic Pot Labels White,Box of 1000

Whereas there are many choices to consider when choosing the best botanical garden plant labels, none can compare to Kinglake Plant Label 1000 pieces. First and foremost, this one offers you many pieces – you have up to 1000 pieces meaning you can label as many plants as you like.

It consumes little space, meaning you can use it for your potted plants. What’s more, it does not cause any known harm to your plant roots or soil. It sticks in soil easily, thus making sure you don’t struggle amid use.

Unlike the metal counterparts, this one will never lust as it is made from plastic. You should have confidence that it will retain the same great look. It’s easy to clean or wipe off in case you need to use it on different plants.

  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Consumes little space
  • Durable plastic with 0 chances of lusting
  • You may have to deal with delayed delivery if you order online
  • The customer support desk may not be as responsive as you expect


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9. Zoutog Plant Label

Plant Labels, ZOUTOG 1000 Pcs Plastic Plant Tags 4 Inch Garden Makers with Pen

You will be unfair if you discuss the best plant labels and exclude Zoutog Plant Label. It has won the confidence of many users thanks to its several unique features. For example, it comes with a hole at the tip, which allows you to attach it to the plant using a thread or wire for maximum support.

Ist compact in size and will only need a small space to fit correctly. Better yet, the manufacturer gives you up to 1000 pieces in a single purchase, meaning you may have excess than you need (unless if you own a large farm)

With the Zoutog Plant label, you will eliminate the need to purchase a marker pen or pencil – this comes included in the package hence saving you huge costs.

The labels are strong and will last for as long as possible but under the proper usage.

  • Up to 1000 pcs included
  • Come with a free marking pen.
  • Solid and durable
  • May be costly to some aspiring users
  • May not offer much writing space since they are compact


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10. Luxlia Plant Label, 200 pcs

LUXLIA 200 Pack of Plant Labels (Waterproof & UV Resistant) White T-Type Garden Stakes Plant Labels for Plants, Gardens, Herbs, Flowers, Garden Gifts, and Holiday Stocking Stuffers

When purchasing the nursery plant labels, you want a 100% guarantee to serve as claimed. If that all that matters to you, the Luxlia plant label has been designed with your thought in mind.  The manufacturer wants you to be more than confident when making your purchase. It’s for this reason that they market the product with a 100% user satisfaction guarantee.

If you are considering this choice don’t hesitate to make your purchase. You will get a product that’s long-lasting, waterproof (hence can be used outdoor or indoors) compact, and UV resistant.

  • Great for indoors or outdoors purposes
  • 100% user satisfaction guarantee
  • Modern design – T-shaped
  • There are allegations that the plant labels can rot easily
  • Some users also claim that they are hard to see, especially when exposed to water


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Best Plant Label Buying Guide

Best Plant Label Buying Guide

If you go to the market today, you will realize that there are many options to consider. However, not all will suit your intended purpose. It’s a confusing decision that needs to be handled with great care if you make the right purchasing decision.

If you are struggling with this decision, consider the following helpful purchasing guide.

Your Budget

One of the things you should be aware of is that the different brands and types of plant labels don’t cost the same amount. Some are costly, while others are readily available. The price difference could be due to several things – for example, the materials used, design, etc.

Expect advice you to purchase what appeals to your eyes and agrees with your spending plan.


There is no need to purchase something that will never last.  Regardless of your financial status, you don’t want to go back to the market soon. If your view of this sentiment is affirmative, go for something durable. Make sure you ask about this from the manufacturer or the seller.

You can also get a clue from the material used. Check whether it will withstand the vagaries of weather.

Writing Space

If you are looking to label your plants properly, make sure you go for something with enough writing space. You want something that will allow you to write both the plant name and its scientific name. And if possible, a description, e.g., the year you planted and origin, among other details, you wish to include.

Ease of Writing

Your plant label should allow you to write freely regardless of whether you are using a pencil or ink marker. It should also not fade easily and should be visible.

Ask your friends and Read Online Reviews.

If you are struggling with this decision, try to seek help from your close friends and relatives. There could be a possibility that they’ve bought similar products.

You can also read online reviews on various websites and discover what the best plant labels are.

The Bottom Line

As you may have noted from this post, there are countless plant label choices to pick from, but you should be careful when purchasing. Don’t assume all the best plant labels you come across will please you – they are not made equal, and that’s why you should do some research. In case you don’t have as much time for that, consider our selection. We did it carefully, and we can guarantee that you won’t go wrong quickly.

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