Top 12 Best Plant Mister Reviews

Houseplants can add décor to any living room; however, without a good plant mister, keeping them thriving throughout the year-round can be a bothersome task. Misting your plants is extremely important as it helps to increase humidity, manage pests and keep plant leaves clean and shiny. There are many plant misters in the market, but not all will get the job done efficiently. This raises the question, “what’s the best plant, mister?” well, let’s find out.

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12 Best Plant Mister Reviews

1. OFFIDIX Mister

OFFIDIX Plant Mister Flower Water Spray Bottle, 6.3' Tall Vintage Style with Bronze Plastic Top Pump One Hand Glass Watering Can for Indoor Potted Plants Terrariums (Dark Gray)

According to experts and seasoned gardeners, the best plant mister should be ergonomically designed to fit perfectly in whatever hand size. It would help if you had an easier time working with it to perform to your level best.

OFFIDIX Company understands this better, and that’s why they have made their plant mister lightweight and compact. You will hardly feel any weight while using it.

Besides, their plant minister comes with a small finger-ring holder and a pump at the top. This enhances your grip while spraying or watering your plants and hence giving you the convenience you’ve lacked with other plant misters.

You will like it that your best plant mister is made from durable plastic and glass. Therefore, it will last for as long as possible since both glass and plastic resist rusting and corrosion effects.

Additionally, OFFIDIX’s best indoor plant mister is good for a wide range of purposes. For example, you can use it to spray your plants, watering plants for cooling needs or cleaning purposes.

Most people like it as it creates a classic display next to your indoor plants or countertops. Furthermore, it’s an excellent value for money. This is true if you try to think about what it can do for you and what you pay for it. Unfortunately, it’s small in size and may not hold too much liquid for your watering or plant spraying purposes.

  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • No rusting
  • Durable and
  • Easily portable
  • Smaller size hence may not hold much liquid – you have to refill frequently
  • Some people dislike the glass material as it can be fragile


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2. Sustainable Village Mister

BRASS PLANT MISTER: Indoor Plant Mister, Terrarium Mister, Orchid Spritzer, Succulent Mister, Nickel Spray Bottle Mister, Plant Sprayer Mister | A Beautiful and Useful Houseplant Accessory

Sustainable Village Plant Mister is the best recommended for individuals growing tropical plants such as orchids, African Violets, Fuchsia, Aloe, and Philodendrons.

Unlike other best house plant mister in the market, this one comes in various color options so that you go for what you think will add décor to your home. Feel free to pick between Nickel, Brass, and Copper misters.

Other than giving you freedom of choice, Sustainable Village Mister will make your watering or plant spraying needs a bit easier. It features a creatively designed nozzle that delivers steady stream or fine mist to keep your plants hydrated and succulent.

Although the nozzle itself is hard to maneuver, the mister works smartly on all the angles. Therefore, you can flip or tilt it upside down when spraying the hard-to-reach parts of the plant. Something else that will wow you is that the brass plant mister will never be a rusting or corrosion victim. You can thus be sure that it will never lose its appeal.

With it, every guest in your home will wonder how you got it. Even your kids will love your gardening projects to the extent that they will want to take part. Unfortunately, it can be costly for some aspiring gardeners. However, it’s worth it if you can raise its cost.

  • Add décor to home
  • Easy to use – no special skills
  • Resist corrosion and rusting
  • Highly durable
  • Wide range of uses
  • It can be costly
  • Purchasing online will incur some delivery costs


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3. Driew Mister

driew Plant Mister Spray Bottle, 10oz Plant Spray Bottle for Plants Misting Bottle Plant Water Spray Bottle Fine Mist Spray Bottle (Green)

Compared to the various options available in the market, Driew Mister is unique in several ways. For example, it’s made from eco-friendly and transparent plastic that conserves the environment and lets you see. Consequently, you can monitor the levels of the liquid inside.

Better yet, the mister has a huge capacity (up to 300 ml) compared to those we’ve already highlighted here. Thus, it will hold more liquid and help you cover a vast project without refilling now and then.

From the various reviews, we can deduce that most users love their best vintage plant mister for its attention to detail. The manufacturer has included a safety buck and a threat neck to prevent liquid from spilling or leaking. It will therefore save you significantly since there is no wastage.

To guarantee satisfaction and great value for money, the manufacturer offers premium after-sale services. You are encouraged to seek immediate assistance in case of a default product. Their customer care desk is more than welcoming and follows the matter to the letter until your 100% satisfied.

Unfortunately, the same customer care desk may take too much time to attend to your needs. This is the case, especially amid covid19 threats.

  • Transparent – you can see the liquid levels
  • Eco-friendly – no harmful material used, only BPA, PP, and PET
  • Premium after-sale services
  • 100% customer satisfaction guarantee
  • No spillages or leaks
  • The customer care desk may not be as responsive
  • Sometimes seeking after-sale services can be a nuisance.


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4. Ebristar Mister 6.5” 200ml

Ebristar Glass Plant Mister Spray Bottle, 6.5' Tall Vintage Plant Spritzer Watering Can, Succulent Watering Bottle with Top Pump, Small Plant Sprayer Mister for Indoor Outdoor House Plant - Dark Green

Ebristar Mister is made from thick transparent glass that resists corrosion and hence lasts longer. It is specifically designed for watering and spraying purposes of small house plants such as air plants, orchids, ferns, and other succulent plants.

Besides the above purposes, their best indoor plant mist sprayer also serves to decorate your living rooms. It’s green in color, and thus it blends perfectly with your indoor grown plants – adding décor to your living room.

You will like it that the mister comes with a ring-like finger holder, which gives you perfect grip amid use. Considering its almost negligible weight, it feels very comfortable to spray your plants while holding the ring-like handle.

The glass is meant to last for as long as possible as it will never fade, rust, or corrode. In the long run, this translates to great value for money.

What’s more, is that this vintage plant mister comes in a wide range of colors so that customers can pick their best. As a rule of thumb, you should look for the one that blends perfectly with your interior décor.

Furthermore, the plant mister from EbriStar is multipurpose and will serve many uses around your home. For example, you can fill with water to hydrate your plants or with perfume for aromatherapy. Unfortunately, the glass plant mister can crack or break easily if it falls accidentally. Therefore it should handle with care.

  • Transparent
  • Ergonomic design
  • Wide range of use
  • Easy to handle
  • Durable
  • Need careful handling
  • The spraying nozzle may not be long enough to reach the bottom of the glass savior. As a result, all the liquid may not drain completely.


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5. Tacklife Plant Mister, Electric 2000mAh

Tacklife automatic plant mister is supposedly the best in the market. Contrary to other manually operated plant misters, this one runs automatically with a switch of the button. It features a 2000 mAh rechargeable battery powerful enough to spray up to 32 pots of water in 2 seconds.

It, therefore, implies that you will not need to apply any effort doing manual work such as pumping the mister. Also, you save time as it works faster with little to no effort required.

Additionally, the mister comes with an adjustable spraying nozzle that lets you maneuver it as deem fit. You will appreciate it that the nozzle can spray up to a distance of 6 meters from a fixed position. Better yet, it delivers fine mist than other nozzles, and hence it convenient to work with.

Tacklife Plant Mister is also good for other purposes around your home. For example, you can use it to clean your pets, cool yourself, spray your living room, etc.

On the flip side, the plant mister is not transparent. Therefore it is not easy for you to check the liquid levels. Also, it’s a bit costly, and this is justifiable considering the superior technology it employs.

  • Electric powered – no need for manual work
  • Works faster than regular plant mister
  • It comes with an adjustable nozzle to add to your convenience
  • Powerful – can spray up to 6 m from a fixed position
  • Delivers extra-fine mist
  • It’s relatively expensive
  • It’s not transparent; therefore, checking the level of the liquids is a challenge.


6. Casa Basic Mister

Watering Can Indoor, Small Watering Cans for House Plants, Succulents and Flowers, Long Spout, 1 Liter, with Bonus Plant Mister Spray Bottle (Grey)

If you are looking to save tremendous costs and still get the best deal, consider purchasing Casa Basic Mister.  It’s one of a kind, and we bet you will appreciate it that the manufacturer offers the bottle at affordable costs. They are fair enough and will give you an extra spray bottle for no added costs. What a deal!

Unlike most other plant sprayer mister, this one from Casa Basic has a wide opening at the top – something that makes it easy to refill with liquids. Also, it has a massive capacity of up to 1 liter. This saves you the hustle of regularly refilling when handling a broad project.

Other than that, Casa Basic Mister comes transparent and calibrated (measurement markings included). Therefore, you will have an easy time checking the liquid levels and reading the remaining liquid’s exact volume.

Besides, the plant sprayer mister features an extra-long spraying nozzle that can reach far than regular ones. It’s this nozzle that directs fine mist to the targeted parts of the plant more conveniently.

To impress you further, the Mister boasts an appealing design that will add décor to your home. More so, there are different color choices available, so pick what blends well with your interiors. Contradictorily, some people think it not an excellent value for the money.

  • Extra-long nozzle
  • Transparent and comes calibrated
  • Colossal volume – up to 1 liter
  • Huge opening at the top for quick refilling
  • Made from plastic hence not fragile or prone to rusting or corroding
  • Some people don’t think it’s worth it
  • No free delivery


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7. SENLIXIN Plant Mister

SENLIXIN Plant Mister Flower Water Spray Bottle Can Pot | Vintage Pumpkin Style Decorative Glass Plant Atomizer Watering Can Pot with Top Pump for Indoor Potted Plants Terrariums Flowers

When searching for the best plant mister, one of the critical things you should pay attention to is the nozzle size. If you agree, go for SENLIXIN Plant Mister. It comes with an extra-long nozzle to save you the hassle of spraying your plants. With such a nozzle, delivering the spray to the proper position becomes effortless. Additionally, the nozzle is also adjustable, meaning you can be as flexible as you wish.

Similar to other plant misters you have already encountered, SENLIXIN Plant Mister is also multipurpose. It suits other uses such as misting plant leaves, cleaning pets, cleaning windows, spraying perfumes to your living room, etc.

Something you will probably admire about their plant water mister is that it comes with a unique design. Its retro and antique design will add a sense of pride to your home. Also, it’s clear, and you can see through it. This is extremely important as it means you can check the liquid levels. You know when to refill so you won’t have to experience inconveniences.

Unfortunately, the plant mister lacks calibrations. It’s therefore not easy to tell the exact volume of liquid in the reservoir. Also, it is made from glass which can be fragile if mishandled.

  • It’s clear, and you can easily
  • Extra-long nozzle for convenience
  • Unique design
  • Multipurpose
  • Easy to handle and use – no assembling
  • No calibrations
  • Needs great care when handling


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8. Bimonk Electric Mister

0.5 Gallon Electric Spray Bottle Watering Can, 2200mAh Rechargeable Plant Mister Sprayer Spritzer, Handheld Plant Atomizer with Adjustable Spout Automatic Stop, for Indoor Outdoor Cleaning Gardening

If you are a busy gardener who wants to save time when misting plants, it would be a wise decision if you choose Bimonk Electric Mister as your best plant mister. First, the mister is electrical, meaning you will not apply any effort when misting or spraying your plants. You can thus handle a massive project within a matter of seconds.

It boasts of a one-switch operation. Press the button, and your mister will get into work immediately. Your most significant task is refilling the reservoir and directing the nozzle you wish to mist or spray.  This is convenient as it means no more sores or hand cramping.

With a capacity of up to 0.5 Gallon, the plant mister is good enough to meet your needs.

You will like it that the mister works automatically once you press the button. It will spray all the liquid within 7 minutes – after which it automatically powers off.  That way, it saves power and makes watering and spraying much easier. What’s more, this indoor plant mister is made from premium quality BE plastic; hence, it is 100% safe for you at home.

The battery is also durable to last for as long as possible. However, it can be a bit costly. Also, repairing the mister is in case of any mess is not easy and requires you to send it back to the manufacturer.

  • Electrical hence works faster
  • It saves you the hassle of manual spraying
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Durable
  • 5 gallon to suit your needs
  • It can be costly
  • Not easy to repair in case of breakage


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9. EbriStar Plant Mister 7oz

Ebristar Glass Plant Mister Spray Bottle, vintage Plant Spritzer, Succulent Watering Bottle with Top Pump, Small Plant Sprayer Mister Watering Can for Indoor Outdoor House Plant - Green Brown Gradient

With a capacity of up to 7oz, EbriStar Plant Mister is an excellent option for misting, spraying, and watering small plants.  It’s made from thickened glass that can resist easy breaking in case of accidental errors.

As you well know, glass does not rust, so that you can bet on this mister. It will withstand extreme indoors and outdoors weather conditions and thus boosting its durability.

Something that will wow you about it is its unique design and style. It is creatively designed to add an appeal to your countertops. Its beautiful kind will prompt everyone in the room to take part in your gardening projects. This is great as it will mean more productivity.

Better yet, the plant mister is available in multiple colors to suit the needs of different users. When you pick a shade that appeals to your eyes, you will want to use it the most. And when you are in love with your tools, your morale and hence productivity will always be high.

On the flip side, the indoor plant mister has a small opening at the top. This may make refilling a nagging task; however, it’s manageable considering you only need a tiny amount to supply.

  • Unique style
  • Multipurpose
  • No rusting
  • Lightweight
  • No assembling needed
  • The small opening at the top complicates the refilling process
  • Glass can break in case of accidents


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10. T4U Plant Mister

T4U Plastic Plant Mister, Fine Mist Spray Bottle with Top Pump Trigger, Indoor Plant Watering Can Water Sprayer for Flowers Herbs Plants Home Garden Blue (20oz)

Assuming you are on a tight budget and want to get the best deals on Plant mister, we would advise you to give T4U Plant Mister a try. Firstly, the plant mister is huge with a capacity of up to 600 ml (20oz), meaning it will get the job done regardless of your project size.

Besides, it comes with a creatively designed and adjustable nozzle that lets you be as flexible as you wish. Feel free to change the “direct injection” or “fine mist spray” by simply adjusting the nozzle.

Something else you will appreciate regarding T4U Plant Mister is that it’s compact and lightweight so that you can handle it with ease. More so, it does not require any special skills or training before use. Open its “mouth” and fill in the correct quantity of liquid. Close the lid and get ready for the task.

Unlike most other plant misters in the market, this one from T4U comes with a 100% user satisfaction guarantee. You have up to 120 to test the product – in case you are not impressed, seek a refund or replacement.

However, be ready to face some hard times seeking a refund. The manufacturer requires you to give a valid reason why the product doesn’t work for you!

  • Huge volume up to 600 ml
  • 120 money-back guarantee
  • Lightweight and small in size for easier handling
  • It comes fitted with an adjustable nozzle
  • Come ready for use
  • Lengthy procedure when seeking a refund
  • No free shipping


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11. MOAMI Plant Mister

MOAMI Plant Mister - 6.3' Tall Glass Water Spray Bottle with Plastic Top Pump, Glass Watering Spray Bottle Vintage Small Watering Can for House Plants, Garden, Cleaning Solution, Home Dec(Transparent)

MOAMI Plant Mister is known for its Nordic style. It comes small and “pretty cute” that you will fall in love with it instantly. The manufacturer understands that you need beautiful products in your home, and that’s why they’ve made this one from shiny, highly thickened borosilicate glass that won’t break easily whatsoever.

Besides, using MOAMI Plant Mister is easy, and even your kids will operate them usually. Get a grip of the ring-like finger handle and press the piston at the top. It will give a fine mist that will hydrate your plants.

It also multipurpose and hence you can be flexible with it as you wish. Fill it with liquid to mist your plants or perfume for aromatherapy purposes in your home or office.

Miami’s best indoor plant mist sprayer is made to last, and this holds considering the strong glass it’s made from. The top is made of superior plastic, and both are known to resist nature’s vagaries.

Controversially, the plant mister is small with a capacity of up to 200 ml. It may not be so great if you have a vast project.

  • Transparent
  • Made from durable glass
  • Lightweight
  • Flexible with adjustable nozzle
  • Add to your home or office décor
  • Small-sized hence not suitable for significant projects
  • Some users complain it breaks down easily


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12. YeBeauty Plant Mister

Yebeauty Plant Spray Bottle Mister, Plant Mister Spray Mister for Plants Glass Vintage Style Decorative Watering Spray Bottle for Indoor Gardening, with Top Pump, Pack of 2| Green, Blue

Whether you are looking to water your plants, clean pets, or spray perfume in your home or office, Yebeauty Plant Mister is the way to go.

The best house plant mister is made from both glass and plastic, meaning it will last as long as possible. Unlike other misters made from similar materials, this one features ribbed glass and is available in many colors. You can therefore expect it to blend well with your interior or exterior décor.

With a retro-designed style, the mister will speak volume once you avail it at your home.

Unfortunately, their best indoor plant mister requires great care when handling. You are cautioned not to pour corrosives or expose to high temperatures.

  • Retro designed style add elegance to your home
  • Made from premium materials
  • Ease of use
  • Get two packs for the price of one
  • Enjoy quicker shipping
  • It should not be exposed to high temperature
  • It can corrode easily if it comes into contact with corrosive.


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The Bottom Line

The above are some of the most impressive plant misters that will help you keep your plants thriving. All of them are multipurpose, meaning they will not only help to mist your plants but also serve other purposes around your home.

Consider any of the best plant mister the next time you go to the market, and we are more than sure you will be impressed!

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