Top 20 Best Pot for African Violets

Although growing African Violets is not so hard, they must be grown in the best pot for African Violets if they must do well. Unfortunately, finding such pots isn’t a walk in the park, and you can quickly go wrong if you try guesswork.

Happily, we’ve been there before, and we know the hassle of discovering the best containers for African Violets. Therefore allow us to make your work straightforward. Here we present to you our list of the best Pots for African Violets.

Our Top Pick:

The 20 Best Pot for African Violets

1. Atri Pot for African Violets

African Violet Pot Ceramic 6.5”W x 4.6”H Self Watering Planter for Indoor Flowers and Plants Glazed White Outer Plant Pot with Highly Absorbent Inner Planter Pot for Tropical Plants

Atri pot is supposedly the best choice you have when choosing the best pot for your African Violets. The pot stands out among the rest. It comes featuring a 2-part design to ensure a consistent water supply in the potting soil, therefore ensuring your potted African Violet will never dry out.

Better yet, the pot saves you the hassle of watering regularly as it boasts of a self-watering mechanism. The mechanism ensures that your plant will never suffer the consequences of over or under-watering, and hence it’s a great choice.

Besides, it colorful and appeals to the eyes of many. Therefore you can use it for decorative purposes in your home.

Unfortunately, some people complained the pot arrived broken. They had to buy glue for pots while others had to seek a refund or replacement.

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2. Maryland Pot 3.5” Granite Style

3.5' Granite Style (Grey/Brown) Ruffle Shaped Self Watering Ceramic Planter

Another great option you have when shopping for the best type of pot for African violets is Maryland China Pot. It’s creatively designed and will capture your attention the moment you lay your eyes on it.

Most people love using this pot as it holds enough water to keep your indoors or outdoors potted plants well-watered for more than three weeks.

You will appreciate that the manufacturer offers several color options. This means you have the freedom of choice when purchasing. You can therefore go for the one the blends well with your home décor.

On the flip side, some people are not okay with the pricing.

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3. TVP pottery Pot for African Violets

TVP Pottery Green 4' Urn Shaped Self Watering Planter

TVP pot has been embraced by various homeowners and seasoned gardeners due to the many incredible benefits it offers. First and foremost, the pot is multipurpose and can grow many plants other than African Violets. Some of the best-suited plants for this pot include Christmas cactus, fern, asparagus, Boston fern, Chrysanthe, etc.

You will like their best pot for growing African Violets as it has a huge water reservoir that will hold sufficient water to keep your plants hydrated for up to 3 weeks or more. Most users have found it unique as it’s fully glazed inside out to ensure zero leakages. You can therefore be 100% that no water goes to waste.

Unfortunately, some users had complained that the pot cracks easily if mishandled. The cracks can cause leakages hence resulting in loss of water.

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4. Maryland Pot 4” Urn Shaped

Maryland China Company Purple 4' Urn Shaped Self Watering Planter

If you love your potted African violet plants, then make sure you plant them in a pot that will not pose the threats of over or under-watering. Finding such a pot may be tricky, but not any more without this unique pot from Maryland Company China.

One thing you will probably like about it is its unique design. It has been designed in such a manner it will drain excess water and still hold sufficient water for plants. It comes featuring a drainage hole that drains excess water and lets in air. This is extremely important as it makes sure your plant has all the conditions for optimal growth.

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5. DeELF Pot for African Violets, 3 Packs 7.”

DeEFL 3 Packs 7 Inches Large Self Watering Planters Plastic Self Watering Pots Wicking Flower Pots for Indoor Plants, African Violet, Ocean Spider Plant, Orchid, Black Gold

Compared to most other best flower pots for African Violets available in the market, deELF pot beat them all. If you doubt these sentiments, consider that it comes with water injection holes on the innermost plastic pots. These holes ensure that you can comfortably water the inner pots without detaching. You will therefore save time between watering.

What’s more, is that the pot is made from premium quality materials which will last longer. The material is eco-friendly, meaning it will not pose any threats to your plants or the environment.

Another great thing you can’t afford to down look is that the manufacturer gives you three pots for one price. You, therefore, end up saving a lot of costs.

On the downside, the pots do not come with soil or plants. You have to look for these on your own.

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6. ZOUTOG Pot for African Violets

Self Watering Planter, ZOUTOG 6.5 inch African Violet Pots, White Flower Plant Pot for Various Plants / Flowers / Herbs, Pack of 6

There is one thing about ZOUTOG Pot – it comes featuring double layers to ensure durability. Those who bought it before have praised it as the best pot money can buy not only due to its strength and durability but also due to other incredible benefits.

For instance, it comes risk-free, meaning you can request a full refund or free replacement in case of a default product. Also, it is uniquely designed to add décor to your home.

We bet you will even love their ideal pot for African Violets the most as it self-watering. It will save you from the hassling of caring for your plants; hence it more convenient.

Unfortunately, ZOUTOG pot will incur some high costs for delivery.

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7. MyGift Pot for African Violets

White Ceramic 4-Inch Scallop Design Succulent Planter Pots with Attached Saucers, Set of 2

Just as the name suggests, MyGift pot is a heaven-sent gift for you as a home or experienced gardener. Contrary to most other good pot for African Violets you will encounter in the market, MyGift pot comes featuring small holes at the bottom. These let the excess water drain off, therefore saving your African violet roots from rotting.

The holes let in air so that the potting soil is well aerated for optimal plant growth.

Moreover, the pot is versatile, meaning you can use it for a wide range of purposes. For example, you can use it for decorative purposes or other home decors.

MyGift Company is fair enough – they give you two pots for the price of one. This saves you huge costs.

Most users love the pots as they come with pot saucers to save your floor if you are using them indoors.

On the other side of the coin, these pots come with a saucer attached to them, so draining excess water may be an issue.

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8. deELF Pot, six-packs 5.”

DeEFL 6 Packs 5 Inches Self Watering Planters Plastic Self Watering Pots Wicking Flower Pots for Indoor Plants, African Violet, Ocean Spider Plant, Orchid, Black Gold

Unlike the deELF pot we previously highlighted in this post, the above comes with six-packs of 5″ each so that you have more space to plant your African Violets.

These pots self-waters so that you don’t have to waste too much time caring for the plants.

Experts recommend these pots to people looking to add décor to their living rooms or offices.  They are clean and very appealing to match your needs.

Besides, the pots have spaces at the bottom. These holes allow your African Violet plant to breathe and also drain off excess water from the pot.

Better yet, you can use the pots to grow plants other than African Violets. Some of these include Orchids, Ocean Spider golden devil’s Ivy, etc.

There are, however, some things you will dislike regarding these pots. For instance, the cost of 6 packs can be huge for some aspiring users. However, it’s justifiable if you can meet the cost.

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9. Mkono Pot for African Violets

Mkono 3 Pack Self Watering Planter African Violet Pots Plastic White Flower Plant Pot with Wick Rope for All House Plants, Flowers, Herbs, Medium

If you operate on a busy schedule and have little time to spend on your potted African Violets plants, then go for Mkono Pot. The pot is highly recommended as it promises to keep your plant hydrated for more than half a month.  Water once and get to your other demanding issues knowing that your potted African Violets are safe.

Another significant aspect of their plant pot for African Violets is that it’s made from high-quality, environment-friendly PP material. Therefore you can be sure of its durability and safety.

Additionally, the pots are lightweight and hence easy to handle. They come ready for use, meaning you will not have much to do other than preparing to plant your African Violets.

However, you may dislike them as they require you to be extra careful when watering; if you exceed 0.4 inches, your risk killing your plants.

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10. FENGZHITAO Pot for African Violets

Self Watering Planter , FENGZHITAO African Violet Pots, Clear Plastic Automatic-Watering Planter Flower Pot Square Plant Pot for All House Plants, Succulents, Herb, African Violets (3 Packs Small)

FENGZHITAO is the real OG of plant pots. They have designed the above pool to be transparent so that you can see the inner side. Therefore you will be able to tell when to water your plants and when not to.

Furthermore, the pots come in 3 packs for the price of 1. These offer you the best value for money so you can spare your cost.

Besides, you can use them in any environment. For example, you can use them indoors, outdoors, in greenhouses, at home, or in offices. Wherever you use them, be sure that they will perform great.

The pots will never rust, corrode or break easily; hence they are among the best options you can go for.

Although the pots don’t rust or corrode, they require great care. You have to clean them if you must retain their elegance.

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11. Window Garden Pot

Aquaphoric Self Watering Planter (5”) + Fiber Soil = Foolproof Indoor Home Garden. Decorative Planter Pot for All Plants, Flowers, Herbs, African Violets, Succulents. Easy Looks Great. (Slate Matte)

According to various groundbreaking researches, Window Garden Pot could be the best-kept secret. In contrast to other pots for African Violets in the market, this includes Fiber Soil meaning you will need plants only. The retained soil is highly fertile and well-aerated to offer optimum growing conditions for your plants.

Moreover, the pot comes with a water level indicator which lets you know when to refill the pot. This is very important as it ensures water doesn’t run out – something that would result in wilting.

Analogous to other best types of pot for African Violets discussed on our list, the Window Garden pot is also self-watering. Therefore you can attend to other demanding business with confidence that you plant won’t dry out easily.

Lamentably, the pot is not transparent, and this bars you from seeing through it. However, you don’t have to worry as there is a water level indicator that lets you know when to refill.

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12. Vanavazon Pot for African Violets

Vanavazon 6 Inch Self Watering Planter Pots for Indoor Plants, 3 Pack African Violet Pots with Wick Rope-White

Vanavazon is yet another best flower pot for African Violets that has no comparison. As opposed to other African Violet Pots, Vanavazon Pot comes featuring a double layer design. There is a vast water reservoir just below the planting pot. It holds enough water that’s availed to your plant roots through wick ropes as the need arises.

Besides, the bottom pot/water reservoir comes transparent to check the water levels easily. That way, you can tell when it is the right time to refill.

You will love Vanavazon the most as they offer you three modern designed pots for the price of one. Their pots are multipurpose and hence can be used for a wide of activities around the homestead. E.g., you can use them to grow potted flowers as a way of adding décor to your home.

Unluckily these pots (the top layer and bottom) from Vanavazon stick together tightly, and you will require to exert some force when separating them.  If you are not careful, this can cause breakage.

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13. T-Trove Pot for African Violets

6in Round African Violet Self Watering Pot Falling Blue

If you are looking for the best pot for growing African Violets that will fit any setting (either indoor or outdoor), go for T-Trove pot. The pot has been creatively designed and is “high temperature fired” to boost its durability.

You can more than sure that it will never fade or crack in the sun with such a pot. Its ability to withstanding weather vagaries is what pleases most buyers. This, combined with its vast capacity, translates to an excellent value for the money.

You will like that the plant comes with planting instructions so that you can do it right in your first attempt. That way, you are assured of strong and healthy plants.

Although you will like many aspects of the pot, you may not be pleased to realize that it features no water level indicator and isn’t transparent.

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14. T4U Pots for African Violets, 6 Packs

T4U 6 Inch Self Watering Pots for Indoor Plants, 6 Pack White Plastic Flower Pots for All House Plants, Flowers, African Violets

T4U believes in one thing – offering you the best value for your money. And believe it or not, that’s precisely what they deliver.

When you order the above pots, they will deliver up to 6 packs for reasonable pricing. With all these packs, you can maximize your planting needs.

Moreover, you will like their pots as they are made from environment-friendly materials that will resist extreme heat and cold. Also, the material will not cause any harmful effects to your kids, pets, or the surrounding—no need to wear gloves when handling.

Unfortunately, the packs are not clear or transparent – you will not see-through when checking the water levels. This can inconvenience you at times.

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15. HB services Pot for African Violets

6' Self Watering + Self Aerating High Drainage Deep Reservoir Round Planter Pot Minimizes Mold, Root Rot & Soil Fungus in Herbs, Succulents, for Indoor & Outdoor & Windowsill Gardens (Blue)

Most pots in the market, especially those with breathable/drainage holes at the bottom, are sometimes a nuisance as they don’t mind your floor. HB services Company understands that your bed is significant to you, and it’s for this reason they have coupled their massive pot with a detachable saucer.

The saucer holds excess water so that there are no spillages on your floor.  As if that’s not impressing yet, the pot comes with open slats on the side so that air can flow freely for proper aeration. Proper aeration coupled with good drainage means healthy plants.

Most users claim Hbservices Pot is the best in the market as it discourages weed, fungus, or molds from growing. Therefore, you can be sure there’s no competition for nutrients between your plants and weed.

Unfortunately, the company does not offer free shipping, and in certain instances, you will have to bear delays.

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16. Planterhoma Pot

4 Pack 6.7' Self Watering Pots for Indoor Plants with Water Indicator,Large African Violet Pots for Plants,Self-Watering Planters White for Devil's Ivy,Spider Plant,Orchid for Office Home DéCor.

If you consider buying the best plant pot for African Violets for your uses or as a gift to your ‘special ones’, Planterhoma pots are your best pick. First and foremost, the pots are lightweight hence easy to handle. They are made attractive and will appeal to your at a distance thanks to their white African violet kits.

The pot comes in a pack of five; hence you will have more planting space. Better yet, they feature an indicator that lets you know the water levels. As a precaution, you should never water past the hand as this would mean overwatering.

Additionally, the pots are enormous enough to hold a sufficient amount of water. As a result, your plant will never wilt.

Also, they save you too much time that you’d otherwise spend on your plants. This holds, considering you only have to water about once per two weeks.

Unfortunately, the pots can be costly to some aspiring users.

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17. Blue Diamond Shape Pot

3pcs 7.8' Self Watering Pots Flower Pots Indoor Planters Garden Pots Modern Blue Planter Pot for Herb, African Violet, Succulents, Plant, etc.

Blue Diamond Pot is designed for individuals who love colorful products. It’s meant to add that extra décor to your home and consequently make it feel like “a piece of paradise.” The first thing you will like about the pot is its Nordic style. It will wow anyone visiting your home and give them an impression that you are of certain characters.

Their ideal pot for African Violets is made in a way that features an inner and outer layer. The outer pot is a bit larger to create extra space for water. Your plant roots will be able to absorb the water but with the help of cotton strings. All these come included, so no need to worry.

Although these pots can suit any setting, they are best suited for indoor purposes. Using them outdoor will require you to be extra cautious as they can fade easily.

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18. GoldenBasix Pot

GardenBasix 4 inch Self Watering Violet Planter Flower Pots Indoor Home Garden Modern Decorative Pot for Potting Small House Plants African Violet Cactus Herbs Succulents Set of 3 (White.)

GoldenBasix offers you a set of 3 white pots for the cost of one. This doesn’t only save on your cost but also maximizes plant growing space.

According to the manufacturer and most users, the pots are large enough to hold enough water to keep your plant hydrated for up to a few weeks.

Water is held between the outer and innermost pot and is slowly available to the soil through cotton ropes.

The pots are not heavy when empty so that you can maneuver them as deem fit. Additionally, they are whitish, and hence they will reflect heat away. This makes them a more excellent choice for outdoor plants.

Unfortunately, they can be heavy when filled with water and soil.

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19. WindowGarden Pots, 3 Packs

Window Garden – Aquaphoric Self Watering Mini Planter Pots (3 Pack) – Grow On Indoor Sill. Perfect for Potting Small Plants, Herbs, African Violets, Succulents, or Start Seedlings. (Purple Matte)

With these three packs of African Violets Pots, you are ready to plant right away. This is true considering the pots come with fertile Fiber Soil.

The soil is not like any other. The manufacturer claims it’s 3X better than different soil types if you consider things as aeration, drainage, fertility, etc.

Moreover, the soil comes with balanced PH so that your plants can feed more aggressively.

Unfortunately, their good pot for African Violets can be costly, and not all willing buyers can afford it.

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20. Vanavazon Pots, 3 Packs

Vanavazon Self Watering Planter 3 Pack African Violet Pots 6.5 inch Flower Plant Pot with Wick Rope for All House Plants, Flowers, Herbs

You will need Vanavazon 3 packs pots to look for the best value for money and add décor to your homestead. The pots boast modern decorative designs to the extent that you won’t ignore them in any way.

They are multipurpose, and you can use them to grow any small plant, either outdoor or indoors. Feel free to use them in your house, outside on the patio, in greenhouses, etc.

You will like them as they are made from sturdy, eco-friendly, and durable material that will last as long as possible. You may, however, dislike them as they tend to be more opaque – seeing through is a disaster.

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Best Pot for African Violets Buying Guide

Best Pot for African Violets Buying Guide

Consider the following crucial aspects when buying the best type of pot for African Violets.


When picking the best pot for African Violets, make sure your choice features drainage holes. Plant roots will rot if the pot does not drain off excess water.


A Porous pot allows free movements of air and water.  Pots made from porous materials contribute further to the aeration and drainage. They also bring a cooling effect as water evaporates through the material.


Lightweight containers offer the best choices. If you go for heavy planting containers, you will have a hard time trying to handle them.


How much water can your African Violets container hold? In this case, it good to go for a massive pot as it will save you from the hassle of watering daily.


Finally, think about the material used to make your planting container. The material should be durable, eco-friendly, sturdy, and lightweight. With regards to this, plastic is better than glass.

The Bottom Line

The above are some of the best-rated pots for African Violets. They have been selected with great attention to detail, so have your confidence when making purchases.

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