10 Best Pot for Aloe Plant: Indoor & Outdoor

Aloe Vera plant is an excellent decor for indoor as well as it has health benefits too. Aloe Vera juice can relieve pain, and it improves air quality also. One of the essential parts to take good care of these plants is finding the best pot for the aloe plant. A perfect pot for planting must have good airflow and a water draining system.

But that is not an easy job at all. That is why you may read this post. Here I am going to present the ten best pots for the aloe plant. As well as answer a few FAQs that help to acquire basic knowledge about aloe vera.

Our Top Pick:

Top 10 Best Pot for Aloe Plant Reviews

1. Costa Farms – Modern Ceramic Planter

Costa Farms Aloe Vera Live Indoor Plant Ships in Modern Ceramic Planter, 10-Inch Tall, Green

If you are looking for the best pot for an indoor aloe vera plant, then it might be your choice. Because of its stunning outlook, it can be great for room decor. As well as, it comes with a live plant. That reduces your hassle for planting a new aloe plant.

Due to the grey-white combination color of this pot, it can place anywhere in your room. But it must be somewhere that can get enough air and direct sunlight. As I said, it is an indoor aloe pot so, there is no hole in the pot because it can spill water and make your room dirty.

On the other hand, these 10 inches tall and 4-inch diameter pot does not take too much space. So, it can be placed anywhere on the desk, tabletop, cabinets, etc. Since it comes with an aloe plant, you can send it as a gift to others. And that could be a unique and most excellent idea.

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2. LA JOLIE MUSE – White Ceramic Flower Pots 

White Ceramic Flower Plant Pots - 6.5 + 4.9 Inch Indoor Planters, Plant Containers with Beige and Cracked Detailing

For better beautification of your home, this pot could be for you. It is the best flower pot for the aloe vera plant as well as other small plants. And, this pot is the best detailed ceramic design. Moreover, it has a cracked, intricate design with a strong base. But, as beautiful, this pot looks pretty strong too.

Well. It can be an indoor pot but not for your room because it has holes for draining water. And, you don’t want to spill water here and there in your room, that for sure.

Moreover, this pot comes in two different sizes and shapes. You can choose either small one that is 4.7 inches tall and around 5 inches in diameter. Or the big one that is 5.5 inches tall and 6.5 inches in diameter.

Most of the time, if you order a pot online, it has a chance to receive the broken pot. That is why LA JOIE MUSE provides a total return guarantee if you receive any damaged product from them. Overall, I must admit this is one of the best pots for aloe plants.

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3. Full Depth Round Cylinder Aloe Vera Pot by Novelty

Full Depth Round Cylinder Pot, White, 8-Inch

Sometimes you required something bigger to plant and grow a large aloe plant. That is not possible either in a small size pot that is mentioned above or an indoor tabletop. Therefore, you need a bigger pot like this one. Mostly I suggest using it outdoor and not for remote use or decoration purposes. Because of its bigger size, it may look awkward in tight spaces.

Well, this plastic build pot has an 8-inch height and 8-inch diameter. That is large enough to plant and grow as much as an aloe plant can grow. That ensures this one is the best-sized pot for aloe plant while you want to provide freedom of enlarging to the plant.

Moreover, this plastic pot has bottom holes for extra water draining. Yet, water cannot spill all over the place due to its built-in tray. So, you can place it anywhere without having tension about getting dirty. And, all of these make this one of the best pots for the aloe plant.

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4. Mkono Plastic Planters, Decorative Garden Pot, Indoor Plant Pots

Mkono 6.5' Plastic Planters with Saucers, Indoor Set of 5 Flower Plant Pots Modern Decorative Gardening Pot with Drainage for All House Plants, Herbs, Foliage Plant, and Seeding Nursery, Cream White

Plastic pots are lightweight. And this is the best plastic pot for the aloe plant. Due to its lightweight, you can place these pots anywhere in your home, office, bedroom, kitchen, outdoor, etc. Well, it has draining holes in the bottom that covers with rubber. You can either open it or close it according to your need. And, it has a tray plate to protect your room surface or table from getting dirty.

Its cream white color suits ideally in a sophisticated area; well, it has 6.5 inches in diameter and 5.7 inches in height. And that is enough to grow an aloe plant. And this is the best size pot for the aloe plant.

Plastic pots are lightweight, so you can also hand these pots. Bottom holes can help to hang it up. And plastic pots are durable and can handle better drop protection than ceramic pots.

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5. MyGift Rectangular Ceramic Planter Pot

10 inch Rectangular Modern Minimalist Turquoise Ceramic Succulent Planter Pot/Window Box with Saucer

This is the first of this list with different shapes and the ability to plant more than one and has modern and minimalist looks. That is great for office decoration and living room decoration. Since it has a lot of space in the pot, you can plant an aloe plant and any other plant together in the same pot.

Well, this pot is a ceramic build pot. And, this 10-inch long, 5-inch width pot is enough for planting two plants. Moreover, its seamless finishing design is very eye-catchy.

Above all, it has two draining holes for water draining. And, the removable tray will help you keep clean regularly without spilling water or messing around.

Although it does not come with the plant, you can buy that separately and gift that with this pot to your friend or family member because this is the best pot for an indoor aloe vera plant.

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6. POTEY – Ceramic Flower Pot, Planter Pots Indoor

Green Planters Pots for Plants Indoor - 5.1 + 4.2 Inch Modern Home Decor Glazed Ceramic Flowerpot Bonsai Container with Drainage Holes & Saucer(POTEY 053107, Plants Not Included)

For indoor beautification, pots need to be bright colors and sophisticated designs. And, this pot is the exact match for an indoor aloe pot. However, it is small in size but strong enough to restrain average drops. 

POTEY pots are made out of ceramic. That makes it a bit heavy and sturdy. But its shiny outlook provides one step further beauty to your living room, kitchen or office. 

And, for usability, it has a drainage hole to remove unwanted water. That helps to prevent rotten roots and provides a healthy plant. And, drainage tray reserves drained water to ensure no water spilled on the surface. 

Above all, this pot’s look is the main attraction to get this for your home or office. Although the ceramic pots are pricey compared to plastic pots, they will be worthy of investment. Especially in this pot, to be precise.

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7. LA JOLIE Flower Pots Indoor, Planter Pot with Drainage, Modern Plant Pot

Flower Pots Indoor Outdoor Planter - 8.6 Inch Planter Pot with Drainage, Modern Plant Pot, Speckled-Black

If you seek the best flower pot for the aloe vera plant, then stop searching and go for it. Usually, flower pots come with beatification capability. And, this is what it is. So far, this is the most beautiful spot on this list.

This pot is made out of recycled plastic and stone power. As a result, this pot is more substantial yet lightweight than ceramic pots. And, this 8-inch-long pot is enough to enlarge roots as long as they can. That ensures the long life of the aloe plant. Also, its Speckled Black color attracts the most.

Although it has a draining hole for draining to do not damage plant roots, it does not include any draining tray. That may cause the problem to spill water and get the surface dirty. You have to add a separate tray if you want to place it indoors.

Above all, LA JOLIE MUSE ensures the best customer support to ensure 100% satisfaction. And provides a full refund if you get damaged products or are not satisfied.

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8. Classic Home and Garden, Vogue Planter

Classic Home and Garden 3/807G/1 Premiere Collection Planter, Vogue 8', Willow Green

Although this is a flower pot, you can use it to plant aloe for beautification and place it indoors. This Resin made flower pot is lightweight yet very strong. There is no drainage hole due to indoor use. Since there is no hole, there is no question of having a draining tray. However, you can drill holes quickly through this Resin material. But it would be better to have pre-drilled holes and covered with rubber or something.

And, this 8-inch wide and 7-inch-tall pot provides enough space to spread roots with freedom.

Moreover, this pot costs less than ceramic pots. As well as, you can hang it due to its lightweight. Overall makes it one of the best pots for the aloe plant.

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9. SBServices Self Watering Planters, Round Planter Pot

8' Self Watering + Self Aerating High Drainage Deep Reservoir Round Plant Pot, Maintains Healthy Roots, for Indoor & Outdoor & Windowsill Gardens (White)

I know some of you are lazy AF like me. So, what if you do not need to do watering daily. And, the pots help you to provide water? Yes, this is the main patent of this pot. You need to refill water once a week, and it will automatically give water to the plant regularly.

And, these plastics made pots are enormous too. Eight inches tall and an 8-inch-wide pot is enough for a better aloe plant to grow. Moreover, it has the best drainage system so far. That ensures you do not get attacked by fungus or rotten roots and have a tray surface that does not get dirty.

Also, the plastic material makes these pots lightweight. So, you can remote this pot easily if needed. And place it anywhere in your home or office for better beatification. Its glossy white outer look provides a subtle and cleanest design to fit in any environment.

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10. Next Gardener Modern Cement Planter Pots

Brief Succulent Pots, 5 inch Diameter, 2 Pack Modern Cement Cactus Flower Aloe Snake Plant Planter Container with Drainage Hole, White (P013)

This is the last pot of this list. This cylinder-shaped pot has a flat bottom to place ideally on any flat surface. And, this pot is made out of cement. That increased weight a bit, but it also provides a strong base.

This 5-inch diameter and 5-inch-tall pot are small in size, and that is perfect for tabletop use. It will be one of the best pots for aloe plants to place in your office or living room with the white-grey color combination.

Although it has drainage holes but does not provide a drainage tray, that may cause an issue. You have to be very precise about watering unless you want to spill water here and there and mess your office or living room surface.

Overall, it is the best aloe Vera plant pot as well as other succulents.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are some questions and answers to them that random people might generally ask us.

Where to Buy Aloe Vera Plant?

The question has multiple answers. If you intend to buy raw aloe vera for use as a medicine or related to planting, you can get them from any garden or floral shops nearby. Otherwise, many super shops or chain shops can help you get some fresh aloe vera at reasonable pricing. Specially amazon.com can help you get some aloe vera with pots and other stuff.

As online shops provide quality planting stuff these days, you don’t need to go to a shop and waste your time carrying all the heavy things like pots, plants, fertilizers, etc. You can also lose in the price bargain with the shopkeeper if you are not aware of the exact pricing.

What Size Pot for Aloe Plant?

what size pot for aloe plant

Well, for me, 4 to 6 inches pots can be the best size pot for aloe plants for the early times in any weather and location. Usually, you can find such pots with the proper drainage facilities that help aloe plants grow well.

The main reason I never suggest using larger flower pots is the lack of drainage facilities. You can shift your aloe plant when it gets bigger and heavier. At that time, you can use a pot twice in size from the first one to better the plant’s root.

How to Care for an Aloe Vera Plant in a Pot?

how to care for an aloe vera plant in a pot

Taking care of the aloe vera plant is almost like nurturing other plants. There are some basics you need to follow for the best result.

  • It would help if you were a bit careful while doing the watering job. The pot’s soil should not be too wet as it can harm a plant’s roots’ health.
  • The plant should be kept in a roomy place where the ventilation feature is present. Having enough air and sunlight makes the plant grow faster and healthier.
  • You need to observe the growth of a plant quite well. When a plant grows, you might have to change the previous pot with a new and larger one. Besides, it would help if you remembered to use the necessary amount of soil-containing fertilizers.

What Kind of Pot is Good for an Aloe Plant?

Mainly, people intend to use plastic or ceramic pots these days. They don’t intend to use clay or terra cotta pots for some odd reasons, like weighing heavier or simpler looks.

I prefer the terra cotta pots should be your first choice. If you fail to find one, then shift to ceramic pots. Both types have pretty similar features to provide for outdoor planting. But such pots don’t fit in any home interiors. So, the right option depends on where you are keeping the plant.

How to Cut Aloe Vera Plant?

how to cut aloe vera plant

If you are asking me about cutting leaves from an aloe plant, then there’s a simple way.

The first thing you need to look for is the leaves closer to the soil. Leaves near the soils are the older and bigger ones usually. Then, take a sharp knife or scissors and cut off those leaves without leaving any part with the primary plant body.  It not only prevents wasting aloe but also keeps the pleasant look of the plant.

How to Pot an Aloe Plant?

how to pot an aloe plant

Putting aloe in a pot can be done in a jiffy. Following a few simple steps finishes your job of planting.

The first job for you is to get a pot with more than one draining hole. Also, never forget to mind about the size. For baby plants, the eligible pot size range is 3 to 6 inches in general. For larger plants, 6 to 12 inches is enough depending on the root’s condition.

After that, you have to prepare the soil with some common fertilizers. There is no need to use any chemicals or extra fertilizers for fast growth.

The next step is to place the plant carefully in the pot. While putting the plant out of an old jar or soil, be extra cautious about the root. If the root gets cut even a little bit, then there can be a chance of the plant dying sooner.

These are three basics that you need to know. The rest is all about nurturing regularly.


Well, that was the list of the best pot for the aloe vera plant. I provide various choices for you to ensure your satisfaction. And, every pot in this list has its attraction. You may get one based on your preference. And, it is you who know what is best for you. I am here to give you all the possible options. 

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