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Top 12 Best Pot for Basil Reviews

Most people are passionate about indoor or outdoor container gardening, but they are hesitant to walk their talk. You should overcome procrastination and start the actual gardening. The main reason for postponing is the lack of knowledge about the types of planter pots to buy.

For instance, this article suggests the best pot for basil and other houseplants. The reviews give clarity and clear lead to gardeners by availing various top-quality planter pots in the market. The collection includes the most reliable, durable, affordable, and aesthetical potting container for small plants.

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12 Best Pot for Basil Reviews

1. HBServices Self-Watering and Self-Aerating Planter Pot

8' Self Watering + Self Aerating High Drainage Deep Reservoir Round Planter Pot Minimizes Mold, Root Rot & Soil Fungus in Herbs, Succulents, for Indoor & Outdoor & Windowsill Gardens (White)

Human safety is the top priority when it comes to picking the best pot for basil. For this reason, the HBServices USA brand uses plastic materials that are UV stabilized and guaranteed to be BPA-free to ensure there will not be any adverse effects to the consumers. Moreover, the planters come in four different sizes and colors.

The manufacturer creates the pot so that they are self-sufficient, eliminating too much user attention and maintenance. Therefore, the containers are practically self-aerating and self-watering; hence are ideal equipment to protect the plants from root rot and other related problems.


  • Has deep water reservoir
  • Extra-large open slats
  • White in color
  • Floor standing design
  • Designed with water reservoir for self-watering and aerating
  • Large open slats ensure high drainage
  • Uses safe UV stabilized and BPA-free plastic
  • Aesthetical looking white gloss finish
  • Heavy and delicate to carry around


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2. Saratoga Windowsill Galvanized Herb Pots

Saratoga Home Herb Pots with Tray Set - Indoor Windowsill Galvanized Planters with Drainage Holes for Healthy Plants

This Windowsill Galvanized Planter is a blend of quality and classical style, making it noticeable by every visitor. At the bottom of the pot, there are drainage holes that boost drainage and keep your indoor plants healthy. The planter is unique for small indoor plants and recommended pot size for basil, cactus, or artificial flowers.

Features a rectangular silicone sealed saucer at the bottom of the pot that captures every drop that trickles via a drainage hole to keep your floor stainless. Moreover, the manufacturers pack with napkin holders and Saratoga farmhouse shakers as a gift to the buyer.


  • Includes napkin holder and shakers
  • Set of 3 flower planters
  • It weighs only 1 pound
  • Silver colored
  • Galvanized with steel hence stainless
  • Ideal real and artificial plants
  • Creates elegance indoors look
  • 1-year warranty for quality assurance
  • Have high thermal conductivity hence gets hot under grow light.


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3. Barnyard Designs Planter Pot Set with Tray

Barnyard Designs Herb Pot Planter Set with Tray for Indoor Garden or Outdoor Use, Decorative Turquoise Metal Succulent Potted Planters for Kitchen Windowsill, (Set of 3, 4.25” x 4” Planters on 12.5” x

This metallic and turquoise-colored planter pot adds a greenery view to your home. Forget the common hearsays that all metal equipment gets rust. Barnyard Designs Vintage Planters have plants to offer a lifetime service without corrosion due to rusts.

Are you a beginner gardener looking for the best pot for planting basil? These classical, rustic planters are ideal for starter gardening. The decorative pots have drainage holes and a saucer to collect excess water. All these properties aim at keeping your small plants clean and root rot-free.


  • Planters have drainage holes
  • Includes excess water collecting trays
  • Set of 3 pots
  • Turquoise colored
  • Reliable for multipurpose use
  • Elevate value and home beauty
  • Drainage hole boost plants health
  • The tray excess water staining indoors
  • Trey may get damaged when removing handles as they are not screwed in.


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4. Self-Watering Herb Container by Cole & Mason

Cole & Mason Self-Watering Potted Herb Keeper

Cole, a $ Mason brand, avails an extraordinary and unique herb keeper with modern usability styles. First, it is a ‘flip and slide’ lid that facilitates safe access without damaging the plants while allowing smooth aeration. A more advanced idea is the removable interior dividers which make it easy to pot several plant varieties.

Additionally, it is the water reservoir that ensures self-watering and has a water level window. The water level window checks water levels and helps you decide whether there is a need for a refill or not. The ideal pot for holy basil comes with a spout through which you check and refill the planter keeper.


  • Includes spout and water level window
  • Features hydro felt pads
  • 3 removable dividers
  • Comprises flip and slide air vent lid
  • Water level window help check if needs refill
  • Removable dividers allow herbs varieties storage
  • Flip & slide allows safe access
  • Large spacious base hence needless repotting
  • With time the plastic dividers become weak and buckle.


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5. Growled Plastic Planters with Drainage

GrowLED 3.5 Inch Plastic Planters with Drainage Garden Pot Flower Plant Pots Modern Decorative Gardening Pot for Indoor Plants, Flowers, Herbs, Succulents, Foliage Plants, Square, White, Set of 4

The world is moving to eco-friendly products. Industries are taking tremendous steps to replace the outdated technologies which promote environmental degradation. Growled 3.5 inches is an example of planter pots made of PP plastic materials that are lightweight, durable, and safe near pets and kids.

Practically, this is the best type of pot for basil and other small indoor plants. Since the planters come with a plate for draining excess water, you can keep your potted plant anywhere. The minimalist design makes it suitable for office decor and other indoors.


  • Quality PP material
  • Saucer plate
  • Minimal design
  • Has drainage holes
  • Suitable for indoor gardens
  • Minimalist design fits office decor.
  • Plates collect excess water leaving a clean surface
  • Creates a serene oasis and vivid pop colors
  • Needs maintenance or will fade, losing the beautiful luster


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6. Self Watering Planter Pot by Lab XS

Lab XS 5.6 Inch Self Watering Planter Pot - Black Gourmet Spices Flower Herb Pot, Indoor and Outdoor Garden, Modern and Decorative Planter Pot for House Plants

What is the purpose of investing in heavy-sized planters? This model is sleek, with a simplistic style that is very attractive. Decorative pots are better light so that they can be easy to take out for some natural lights if possible. The planter makes a great gardening gift to enthusiastic gardeners.

The pot features a self-watering reservoir hence saving your time and energy watering. Another advantage, the design prevents excess evaporation reducing the number of times you should refill the reservoir. The fact that the pot has drainage holes, your plants grow healthy. Moreover, you can order this best pot for indoor basil with confidence as the brand is trustworthy and a good listener.


  • 5.6-inch size
  • Includes self-watering reservoir
  • Minimalist design and light
  • Water level indicator
  • Self-watering design saves time and resources
  • It makes a great gardening gift for gardeners
  • Lightweight and hence flexible carrying around
  • Water indicator helps tell when to refill
  • No color varieties to choose from


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7. Mkono Self-Watering Planter Pots

Mkono 3 Pack Self Watering Planter African Violet Pots Plastic White Flower Plant Pot with Wick Rope for All House Plants, Flowers, Herbs, Medium

You will never want to miss this unique set of 4 different-sized pots. The self-watering reservoir is sufficient to keep your plants thriving for up to 10 days before refilling. The decorative containers are made of sturdy PP plastic materials which are lightweight and durable.

Mkono pot blends white and black colors. This smart size pot for basil is also ideal for other small herbs like the devil’s ivy, ocean spider plants, etc. A double-layer design allows storing excess water and slowly wicks up.


  • It weighs 0.5 pounds only
  • Floor standing mounting style
  • Pp plastic material make
  • White and black double layered style
  • Pp material promotes quality and durability
  • Double layered bottom helps preserve excess water
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor plants
  • Self-watering preventing frequent watering
  • Exceeding inner bracket water lever cause waterlogging


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8. Kenzoplants Modern Plastic Planters and Saucers

6 inch Plastic Planters with Saucers, Indoor Flower Plant Pots, Set of 5 Modern Decorative Gardening Containers for Succulents, Flowers, Herbs, Cactus, House and Office Décor, White

Are you looking for outstanding decorative containers to plant your basil, succulents, and other houseplants? Get this set of 5 pots where each comes with a drainage hole, plug, and a saucer. The drainage formula prolongs plant life by letting out excess water; a fit saucer catches excess water keeping your indoor surface clean.

These planters are suitable for hanging macramé besides being the best pot for dwarf basil and other small and medium-sized plants such as orchids. Potting your plants in these containers promotes home beauty. They are minimalist stylish with the classical white color we all love.


  • Set of 5 6 inch pots
  • Classic white color
  • Drainage hole and plug
  • Fitting saucer for each
  • Strong polypropylene material ensures durability
  • Drainage holes protect plants from root rot
  • Attractive minimalist style and matte finish
  • Features lightweight premium eco-friendly plastic
  • Comes with easy to clean fitting saucers
  • not designed for self-watering


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9. Self-Watering Decorative Planter by Santino

Santino Self Watering Planter Asti 7.9 Inch Menthol/White Decorative Planter, Modern, Water Level Indicator, Drainage, House Plants, Flowers, Herbs, Plastic Flower Pot

Are you a busy working person, who is ever on travel? Gardening is an activity that is known to require personal touch every day to thrive. Well, we are no longer in classical times; this best pot for basil plants can allow you to enjoy the vacation merrily. Asti self-watering planter pot can keep feeding your plant with optimal moisture for up to 4 weeks after refill.

The Santino decorative plastic pot for indoor plants features a water level indicator to guide when to refill. There are sufficient airflow and drainage to prevent waterlogging issues. This pot is lightweight, holds moisture properly, effortless cleaning, and the building structure is UV stabilized.


  • Available in menthol/white color.
  • Each has an inner and external pot.
  • Water level indicator
  • UV stabilized pot
  • Ideal option for busy gardeners
  • Multipurpose UV stabilized hence durable.
  • Well aerated and drained, facilitating fast plant growth
  • Large water reservoir with indicator serving up to 4 weeks
  • Expensive as it retails as a single pot


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10. 5 Inch Grey Plant Pot by Ekirlin

Ekirlin 5 inch Plant Pot - Ceramic Flower Planters Indoor - Modern Succulents Containers with Drain Hole Saucer, Decorate Home, Office & Outdoor (Grey)

We all love classical and also ready to embrace modernity, don’t we? Ekirlin brand did significant research to create this planter pot that portrays a smooth transition to contemporary living. The planter is stoneware baked and subjected to very high temperatures to enhance durability and strength through traditional techniques.

The container planter is elegant, ergonomics with extensive utilities. Since it can withstand high temperatures, it can survive outdoor where there are direct sunlight and the kitchen area. This best pot for basil can as well pot succulents, snake plants, aloe, etc. Moreover, pots are available in various sizes and colors hence ideal for decorating offices, bedrooms, and the kitchen.


  • Multiple sizes
  • Various colors
  • Premium ceramic material
  • Feature drainage hole and saucer
  • Drainage hole prevents waterlogging
  • Saucer tray catch every water drop leaving the surface clean
  • Versatile usability
  • Long-lasting quality
  • Consumer feel it is costly as a single pot


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11. Herb Pots with Tray Set by Cedilis

Cedilis 3 Herb Pots with Tray Set, Windowsill Galvanized Planters, Indoor Outdoor Vintage Pots with Drainage Holes for Kitchen Garden Healthy Plants, Three Flower Pots, A Tray with Handles

What makes Cedilis 3 Herb planters top consumer preference is not having a tray set, but they meet all qualities of the best pot for indoor basil. When purchasing planters, the main key lead is the quality, durability, beauty, affordability, and size of the plant you want to grow. In this case, the set of 3 herb pots are small to fit indoor and small plants. Also, their galvanized nature makes them shiny and attractive.

Additionally, the lead-free silicone sealed rectangular trey holds every water drop that drips, preventing it from dirtying the surface. They are light; hence you can switch location at will.


  • 3 galvanized metal pots
  • Lead-free design
  • 0.2’’ drainage hole
  • Includes drainage trey
  • Metallic hence durable
  • Beautiful, rustic, and vintage style
  • Multifunctional pots
  • Allow drainage of excess water
  • No water reservoir for self-watering


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12. Rivet Modern Hand Painted Stoneware Planter Pot

Amazon Brand – Rivet Westline Modern Indoor Outdoor Hand Painted Stoneware Planter Flower Pot, 8'H, Red White Blue Black

Most stoneware planter pots are traditional, but, in contrast, this is a perfect example of a modern designed stoneware option. The amazon brand -rivet waistline, is quite costly relative to a direct competitor, but none will ever match its quality. If you value quality and durability, then try this trendy colorful potting container.

You can plant both natural and artificial plants, and be sure the pot will be the center of attraction to anyone visiting your home or office. The 8’’H pot is 100% stoneware to means it can serve for a lifetime.


  • 100% stoneware
  • Floor standing style
  • Red-colored
  • Hand-painted rings
  • Multifunction for artificial or indoor plants
  • Durability or stoneware is reliable
  • Beautiful colorful shades
  • Ideal for houseplants; basil, succulents, etc.
  • Has no drainage hole


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These short reviews aim at guiding beginners and experienced gardeners like picking suitable planter pots in the market situation. Going through the text, you will realize that the best pot for basil and other houseplants should have drainage holes. Well yeah, the hole is a point for letting out excess water and allowing proper air circulation.

Below or beneath the pot bottom is a saucer trey that holds water drops that oozes from the pot. This ensures that the surface where the planter is kept is always clean. Further, confirm that you buy from sturdy material to enjoy a durable experience. Finally, decorative pots should have an aesthetical appearance and retail at a reasonable price.

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