15 Best Pots for Herbs Review

Do you wonder why most countryside homes have herbs grown right from the doorstep?  My grandmother told me, accessibility and convenience is the reason. Sure! The old lady had a point.

It is simple, imagine preparing late dinner, and you realize you forgot to buy basic spices like onions, basil, chilies, etc. Having these plants, especially near the kitchen, where you can reach them anytime, is good. That would save the food from spoiling and missing the taste at the same time. 

Now you can see and feel the sense of having herbs thriving in your limited space. However, it is not just a smooth start; you need to work for it. Firstly, you cannot grow them in just any containers as that would distort the beauty of your home.

Think about the best pots for growing herbs, and they should be artistic or classic enough to make your home even more appealing. To simplify your search for these priceless planters easier below is a collection of top pots in the market for growing herbs. 

Top 15 Best Pots for Herbs Review

1. VegTrug 8 Pocket Herb Garden

Want a super versatile planter garden? As much as we are looking for quality, having a tool that will help save a penny is a masterpiece. 8 pocket herb gardens by VegTrug is a one-stop wooden and artistic planter. The 8 in the product names does not indicate size but rather suggests the number of different plants that can fit comfortably.

This cedar wood made herb garden is reliable as it provides aeration and warmth the plant needs to thrive. No much effort or skills required to set up this box. Further, you are sure it will never harm your herbs as include food-safe preservatives. 


  • Price is inclusive of pre-formed replaceable liners.
  • Incorporates pot liners for preventing soil erosions 
  • Designed with treated cedarwoods for safety
  • Assembling the kit is easy.


  • Water running over the bottom tray may soon drench it

2. Planters’ Choice 9 Herb Window Garden

The many positive user reviews show that this gardening kit is indeed a planter’s choice. 9 herb window garden features top in-demand herb seeds, and you do not need to buy them separately. Another plus factor, the kit comes with pre-fertilized soil discs that expand on watering to adjust with pots.  

Planter’s choice brand creatively makes this windowsill in a way that guarantees there is sufficient water and sunlight to the plant. The artistic design of reusable pots and drip trays is the fine art that makes the system functional. The planter garden is large, making it the best pots for growing herbs outdoors.


  • Drip trays and reusable pots optimize the functionality
  • Soil discs are pre-fertilized to fit.
  • The package includes 9 top in-demand herb seeds.
  • Support is responsive to help the gardener. 


  • The kit is customized for only indoor only.

3. LARGE Vertical Gardening Stackable Planters by Mr. Stacky

Innovation and creativity is the true definition of this modern-day vertical gardening structure. The stackable planter setting’s artistic design is thrilling that every visitor must take a moment trying to understand the pattern. While I have something with optical illusion models, Mr. stacky planters amaze me more. 

Apart from being easy to maintain, the system further saves space and time. Whether indoor or outdoor, the area taken is for the one-pot bottom.  You water the top pot, and the rest assumes a self-watering, saving on time and watering effort. In your 5 pot stacking system, you can grow tomato, herb, strawberries, greens, etc.


  • Features durable, heavy-duty stacking planters 
  • Planter pots are locational versatile 
  • vertical stacking pattern is interesting
  • Watering and maintenance is easy 


  • Not safe when young kids play around the system

4. Outland Living 6-Ft Raised Garden Bed

You cannot ignore the value added by the Outland Living 6-Ft Raised Garden Bed. It is a combination of more than 3 practical modern styles. This structure comprises a freestanding, elevated bed, and vertical gardening. The 27-inch plastic boxes are spacious enough to fit all the herbs, seeds, and flowers you may wish to grow. The planters feature food-safe polypropylene materials, making them the best pots for growing herbs indoors and outdoors.

The manufacturer includes an easy-to-follow assembly guide to effectively set up the structure on a small space, like the balcony, squeezed apartment, and other areas. This mobile garden is built stable and sturdy to withstand extreme weather conditions durably.


  • Both frames and boxes are weather resistant. 
  • The system is built stable to support boxes. 
  • Comprise food-safe propylene plastic materials
  • Features unique style and beauty


  • Heavy and stressful when relocating

5. RopedOnCedar Vertical Patio Herb Garden Planter

These standalone innovative planter boxes ensure that your kitchen has essential greens and herbs all the time. The urban twists of rustic and elegant addition of elevated planters are now bridging the space limits to apartments and condos residents.

The planter boxes have rope handles that make carrying, re-potting and planting easy.  People living in congested town centers can now grow herbs like basil, kale, and cucumber and enjoy similar treats as the countryside. RopedOnCedar brand is known widely for designing these sturdy, durable, and reliable boxes.


  • The design is space-conscious 
  • Constructed  stable and durable 
  • Handles make planting and re-potting easy. 
  • A stylish addition to outdoor decor 


  • Not suitable indoors as it would cause spills

6. Window Garden Aquaphoric Herb Garden Tub – Self Watering Planter

Nothing beats logic behind the aquaphoric herb garden tab; the windowsill will fit the kitchen and patio nicely. The fiber soil uses passible hydroponic to absorb sufficient root zone water and oxygen to feed herbs and plants. This kit creates a supportive environment in which culinary herbs like rosemary and other small houseplants thrive entirely.

The full proof self-watering system gives guidance on the amount of water your indoor herbs need for healthy growth. Further, the fiber soil and ideal growing medium allow easy breathing for the roots while plants flourish. Whether it is your sibling or friend’s birthday, baby showers, and other ceremonial gatherings, this planter makes an applausive gift.


  • Useful for all types of herbs, flowers, and vegetables
  • Allows plant to breathe and flourish
  • Has an indicator preventing overwatering
  • Features passive hydroponic for balancing water and oxygen


  • You buy herbs and seeds separately.

7. Amazing Creation Stackable Planter Vertical Garden

 Amazing Creation Planter is your one-stop option if you fancy stylish stackable vertical gardening. Every pod is full of quality soil that would make it easy to grow flowers, herbs, greens, and succulents. This starter planter design works such that water filled in the top pot trickles down to the last tier smoothly. 

The 5 stackable pots can fit around 15 different vegetations without looking odd. However, made of plastic, it is sturdy and durable. Therefore, planter pods can withstand wet soil mix weights for years without cracking. Their ability to thrive in good and bad environmental circumstances makes them the best pots for growing herbs indoors and outdoors. 


  • Made from polypropylene plastics hence durable 
  • 5 tier stacking system fits outdoor and indoors
  • Can sustain up to 15 different vegetations
  • Works under a self-watering system


  • Costly for some consumers to afford

8. Amazing Creation Windowsill Rectangular Herb Garden

For a fashion enthusiast like me, something flexible in terms of versatility and features is the best thing to buy. Arguably, Windowsill Rectangular Herb Planter is the top-selling beautiful tool from Amazing Creation. The rectangular-shaped self-watering herb garden comes with an indicator for showing when the large reservoir is full. You fill the reservoir, and your plants will siphon their way to health.

The planter design is easy to add plants and deep enough to allow good root distribution while they are growing. Crafted with premium quality safe plastic, this model is durable and includes a stylish stone finish to match indoor living areas or outdoor patios.


  • Crafted with inspiring natural decor
  • Fashionable and durable style
  • Rectangular shaped design, easy to add plants
  • Versatile for planting different herb varieties
  • The self-watering system is effortless to maintain 


  • Planter garden has no handles for carrying.

9. Spade To Fork Indoor Herb Garden Starter Kit

Do you have an interest in indoor gardening yet do not know the best herbs to grow? If this describes your dilemma, Spade to Fork brand has your back. This starter kit features 5 common herbs seed; sage, cilantro, basil, parsley, and thyme. All these seeds are USDA certified and non-GMO from reputable breeders. The brand guarantees that their seeds have a 100% growth guarantee and are ready to refund or replace them in case of dissatisfaction.

 Despite the greenery beauty or decorative essence the herbs garden brings to your indoors, the seeds will soon ensure you eat a fresh and spicy meal every day. Moreover, you can extend the beauty and health benefits of this starter kit by gifting it to your loved ones.


  • A special gift to friends and family members
  • The brand offers no question, refund, or replacement guarantee 
  • Every single seed has a 100% growth guarantee.
  • USDA certified to be organic non-GMO
  • Includes OMRI certified soil discs


  • Comes with compostable non-durable pots

10. Saratoga Home Herb Pots with Tray Set

Saratoga Home brand makes the best pots for growing herbs with an ideal indoor potting option. Saratoga pots’ design is eye-catchy due to its silvery-white color and looks shiny bright. They are designed for every place, whether it is an office, living room, or kitchen. 

The whole set is made from high-quality galvanized steel and is suitable for planting any herbs. They comprise water drainage holes in each pot to keep the plants fresh and healthy. As their edges are made smooth, you do not have to worry about injury. Moreover, the products are sealed entirely with silicon, absorbing all water coming through the holes. The Pots are recommended for indoor usage and look great in any setting. 


  • Small in size hence have high location versatility. 
  • Keeps flowers or plants healthy
  • The best piece for the price 
  • Highly durable tray and can bear the weight 
  • Beautiful style to match with home decors


  • They are only 3 small pots, not spacious enough.

11. Amazing Creation Windowsill Herb Planter Box

Want to satisfy your itch for gardening in style? Try this set of 3 rectangular planter boxes from the Amazing Creation store. The trendy colorful planter boxes are ideal for growing herbs, succulents, and gorgeous summer flowers. Modern artistic design in these planter boxes helps enhance plants’ efficiency, functioning, and growth. 

Each box features a large water reservoir to hydrate your plant regularly through the self-watering system, making them healthy and strong. Moreover, the planter boxes are worth your money because of their sturdy craftsmanship to ensure quality and durability. Apart from their functionality specifications, they are a great addition to your kitchen décor by providing beauty and a welcoming atmosphere.


  • Multi-purpose and versatile boxes for modern-day gardening
  • Reusable and easy to use planter
  • Large water reservoir to sustain plants for longer 
  • Sturdy nature ensures longer use 
  • material quality makes them crack-resistant 


  • the drainage system needs to be improved

12. Garden Window Box by H Potter

Any herb lover will agree that a planter must be functional and durable. The H Potter planter is an ideal garden tool designed with extremely sturdy material. Additionally, it uses hard hammered steel, making it durable than most planters in the market today. They are available in a set of 3 pots with wide openings for easy planting of useful plants to satisfy your herb gardening requirements. 

These plant pots have a versatile design for outdoor and indoor use. Furthermore, the cream color and powder-coated finish complement their look matching any room, patio, or balcony. You can also use these stylish pots on your window box in your kitchen to plant fresh herbs. Moving them around is also easy because of their lightweight nature.


  • Features drainage holes to remove excess water.
  • The size makes them suitable for planting sufficient crops. 
  • Simple and elegant design matches with every room decor
  • retails at a reasonable price


  • Their color flakes after a while

13. Wild Pact Set of 3 Cork Plant Pots

Having limited space in your home does not mean you cannot get fresh herbs to spice up your recipes. Thanks to the Wild Pact brand for availing these multifunctional plant pots. They are reliable options to plant herbs both indoor and outdoor. The pots feature a natural grain finish that appeals to your eyes in every glare. In essence, each pot has a drainage hole that plays a significant role in ensuring sufficient aeration while preventing waterlogging to keep your herbs, flowers, and succulents healthy.

The planter pots are eco-friendly; hence, you take care of our environment when utilizing them.  These pots feature plastic-free sturdy material that makes them long-lasting, thus saving your money for replacing soon. Something attractive to purchasing these planter pots is that they are lightweight. If you want to change their locations, either from outdoor to indoor or vice versa, no problem.


  • Eco-friendly product 
  • Easy to carry 
  • Water-resistant and durable
  • Versatile for growing, plant, flowers, and herbs
  • They have a natural look and attractive finish.


  • They are susceptible to the growth of mold.

14. Loako Indoor Herb Garden Starter Kit 

You no longer have to worry if not blessed with a green thumb. With the Loako planter, you will have everything needed to start growing herbs. The planter kit comes with a 10-page manual booklet and non-GMO seeds to help you set up your small herb garden. The pots are bamboo fiber made, which is biodegradable and therefore eco-friendly.

Further, the wooden box planter package is naturally applaudable, making this product ideal for a gift to your friends and family events such as Mother day, Father’s day, birthday, etc. You will use the Loako planter for a long time because of its durable study design. Crafted to defy any all-weather challenges, you can use Loako indoor herb garden kit anywhere in the home throughout the year. 


  • Comes with easy to follow instructions on planting
  • Makes a good gifting option 
  • The pact is inclusive of 4 non-GMO seeds.
  • Made of bamboo, which is an eco-friendly material


  • The pots crack easily.

15. WH Farmhouse Flower Herb Pot Set with tray

If you fancy a rustic look added to your home decor, WH Farmhouse Pot Set is the best option. The galvanized metal shines to blend with every room in your house. The pot features a tray to keep excess water instead of spilling and making the house wet. Manufacturers crafted the planter set with a drainage hole to allow sufficient drainage. The drainage hole is further responsible for generating reliable air circulation to the plant. 

The tray comes with holders to enhance portability. Therefore, moving the plant around the house to the windows, balconies, and other places is easy. The reason for using steel is to ensure that the gardening tool serves you for a long time. The planters have wide tops and bottoms to have enough space for their roots. 


  • Made of durable metal
  • Easy to carry because of the tray with handles
  • Weather-resistant steel material
  • has drain holes 


  • The metal is prone to rust and discoloration


If you live in urban settings, you will agree that getting fresh herbs to spice your cooking is barely a nightmare. Grocery stores keep herbs and vegetables harvested days, if not months ago. Such vegetables lack that natural taste.

For this reason, we all miss those countryside moments where there are plenty of fresh herbs from the garden. With modern revolutions, people are now turning to container gardening. Despite your limited space, with the best pots for growing herbs, you can get fresh vegetables all the time. 

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