11 Best Pots for Lavender Reviews

Choosing the best pot for lavender plants can be confusing and hectic. Your pot choices will go a long way in determining whether your plants will survive and do well. It’s a decision you have to make cautiously but because pots are available in various brands, sizes, styles, and colors, it’s easy to go wrong with this decision. So how do you know whether what you are purchasing is the best lavender pot? Well, let’s help.

Top 11 Best Pots for Lavender Reviews

1. Fax and Fern Store Lavender Pot

Fax and Fern Store Lavender Pot is an amazing choice for homeowners looking for a durable multipurpose planter with huge space to grow almost everything (that’s vegetable, flower, herbs, etc.) The pot is meant to offer your plants optimum growing conditions for maximum yields. It comes featuring drainage plugs meant to drain any excess water.

This is extremely important as it ensures your plant roots don’t decay due to the effect of excessive moisture/water. The pot is a good choice as it allows you to be as flexible as you wish – you can either position it on your balcony, patio, or even indoors. Wherever you decide, have confidence that it will deliver as expected. Fax and Fern Store Lavender pot is a great value for the money as it will resist the effect of frost and UV lights and hence last longer.

The only thing you will probably not like about this pot is the manufacturer’s negligence when it comes to requesting a refund or a replacement. The process is usually nagging and hectic – you may end not getting anything at all!

2. Peach and Pebble Lavender Pot

Yet another premium pot choice you have when it comes to picking the best pot for lavender is Peach and Pebble Lavender Pot. This one is meant for individuals who are looking for a pot that can blend perfectly with their indoors or outdoors décor. It adds a noticeable appeal to your home thanks to its uniquely designed shape coupled with its porcelain ceramic beauty.

Unlike other lavender pots in the market, Peach and Pebble Pot comes in a wide range of colors and sizes so that you can pick what appeals to your eyes. The manufacturer is fair enough and strives to instill confidence in you by offering a warranty duration of up to 30 days from the day of purchase.

Although you will love this pot for its many amazing features and benefits, you will not like it that free shipping isn’t guaranteed. You may have to incur some huge delivery costs but depending on where you live in.

3. rePotme Lavender Pot

Considering all the benefits and features of this lavender pot, it’s undeniable that rePtome lavender pot is second to none (especially on this list).  First and foremost, the pot is the self-watering meaning you will not have to waste time watering your plants. Furthermore, its self-watering property ensures that your plants will never wilt due to lack of enough moisture.

Better yet, rePtome Lavender Pot comes in a variety of sizes and colors thus giving you the freedom of choice when purchasing.  It also a great option for both indoor or outdoor purposes.

The main issue with this pot is that it requires to be handled with great care since it’s made of ceramic materials that can break easily if mishandled.

4. La Jolíe Muse Store Lavender Pot

Whether you have limited outdoor space to grow lavender or simply want to make your home distinctive, La Jolíe Muse Store Pot will get the job done. The pot is built to withstand unfavorable weather conditions such as harsh winter temperatures and intense sun. It’s not prone to fading or frosting meaning it will not lose its value easily.

Most users love the pot as it’s easily movable from one position to the other. This is justifiable because it’s made from lightweight material. If you are wondering whether to go for this Lavender Pot, the manufacturer encourages you to do so with a lot of confidence. They have a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and this is meant to boost your confidence in the product.

The downside of this pot is that it does not come with soil. You have to look for fertile soil on your own and this can be a challenge particularly to individuals who lives uptown.

5. SUREAM Store Lavender Pot

If you have been searching for the best lavender pot but to avail, here comes a deal you can’t ignore. SUREAM Store Pots have been creatively designed to decorate any scene. The pot comes as a set of 3 rectangular planters meaning the planting space is a bit huge. With these lavender pots in your home, growing healthy plants will never be a challenge anymore. This is because the pots are well ventilated to allow proper airflow and soil drainage.

SUREAM Store Pot beats most others on this list when it comes to maintenance. This one features a removable tray that makes cleaning a timeless task. You are encouraged to consider SUREAM Store pot if your main concern is to purchase something long-lasting, safe, and anti-corrosion. More so it is made from ABS-free superior quality plastic materials which further guarantee safety. It’s compact, lightweight, and removable making it the best portable lavender pot ever.

On the flip side, this lavender pot will never be delivered for free – you will have to bear delivery fees and in some instances deal with untimely delivery.

6. Santino 11.8” Lavender Pot

This is arguably the best time-saving lavender pot for individuals on a busy schedule. It’s self-watering with a huge water reservoir which ensures your plant roots have enough supply of moisture all the time. Santinho Lavender Pot requires little maintenance as you only have to refill the water levels after a period of say 4 weeks.

You will exactly the right time to refill the water level as this pot comes with a built-in level indicator. It guarantees faster growth as it’s able to the best conditions for plant growth – for example, it ensures well-aerated soil, continuous supply of moisture, well-drained soils, etc. What you will like about the pot is that it’s made from lightweight, sturdy and UV-stable plastic.

Santino Lavender pot is however not a good choice for all homeowners. The pricing is relatively unfair (according to some aspiring buyers)

7. Novelty Store Lavender Pot

This classically-designed lavender pot comes featuring a matte finish and a satin banding to blend perfectly with your preferred outdoor or indoor plants. Several reasons make this pot a standout among the rest. For instance, it allows you to grow deep-rooted plants i.e. small trees – something that may not be possible with some other lavender pots in the market.  Built with impact-resistant resin, this pot will resist fading and guarantee longevity.

This coupled with its fair pricing makes Novelty Lavender Pot a worth choice. For added functionality, the planter comes featuring in-built pot lifters which hold it slightly high above the ground – this is extremely important as it helps to boost airflow inside the pot and to avoid pooling of water/moisture under the pot. Something else is that you have some degrees of choice when purchasing this pot as it comes in two sizes and four colors.

Some users however have criticized this pot because it’s heavy especially if it comes with soil.

8. GardenBasix Lavender Pot

Of all the best lavender pots you know, we can bet that none can outshine GardenBasix Pot. Wondering what are we talking about? Well, GardenBasix lavender pot comes with coconut coir soil which is in all the ways better than regular soil. Although the included coconut coir soil contains low proportions of nutrients, it has good water retention capacity, helps to repel pests, better soil PH, and high gas permeability.

As if that’s not enough, the pot is self-watering meaning your plant will need little care for healthy growth. There is also a classic water level indicator that lets you know when to add more water to the reservoir.

Perhaps there are a few things about this you will probably dislike. For instance, the included coconut coir soil adds to its weight impacting mobility. It’s also not readily available to all aspiring buyers.

9. MyGift Store Lavender Pot

Just as its name suggests, you can think of this pot as a great gift. You will readily agree with this sentiment if you try to compare its pricing to that of other similar brands. MyGifts Pot is built from cement-like materials and boasts of a simple geometric shape that’s a nice complement for contemporary homes and commercial decors.

Although this box offers you a great way to display your flowers/other plants, it can heavy if comes with soil.

10. Santino 8.8” Lavender Pot

When buying the best pot for lavender, you want a guarantee that it will support the healthy growth of your plants. For this to happen, your pot should allow free flow of air in the soil, good drainage, and zero leaks. This is exactly what Santino 8.8” pot promises to offer. Going by the amazom.com reviews we can deduce that the pot is what it’s claimed to be. Most users have expressed their satisfaction and recommended the product to others.

If you are not sure why this brand over others, consider its property such as high quality, low pricing, lightweight, versatile, ease of cleaning, huge volume, etc. On top of all these, this pot will save you much precious time as its self-watering. You will think of refilling water after the duration of say, 4 weeks.

You will love the pot but not the manufacturer’s customer support desk. They are lazy to clarify complaints or offer any technical assistance.

11. Home and Garden Store Lavender Pot

This lavender Pot is ideal for mixing and blending well with your patio, sun porch, pool deck, front steps, indoors, or anywhere you wish. Its UV coated meaning it will resist fading for outdoor use. This makes it more durable and hence a great value for the money. It’s easily movable since it’s made from lightweight material – you can move your plant to a more shaded area when the sun is intense.

It’s offered in two sizes meaning you have freedom of choice when buying. Unlike most other pots in the market, this one will allow you to grow small trees, flowering plants, vine varieties, or even shrubs

The only downside of this pot is that it is delivered without drainage holes. You can however do it yourself a needed.

How to Care for Lavender Plants in Pots

If you are going to grow lavender plants in pots for the first time, begin by learning how to care for the plants. Taking good care of your lavender plant is what will guarantee better plant health and yields. Make sure you observe the following

1. Watering Regularly

As you well know your plants will never do well if not watered properly! If your pot isn’t a self-watering pot, you have to DIY every day in the morning and evening.

2. Expose your Lavender Plants to Sufficient Sunlight

Similar to most other plants, lavender requires sufficient sunlight for healthy growth. Studies have shown that these plants require up to 6 hours of sunlight daily (either continuous or broken) for enhanced blooming and growth. It’s your responsibility to change the plant pot position to ensure it receives direct sunlight. In case of excessive sunlight move to the shade.

3. Conserve Moisture Through Mulching

Prolonged exposure to sunlight will cause water to vaporize leaving your lavender plants to wilt. You can avoid this by applying a light mulching layer. Mulching will not only prevent water loss but also hinder weed growth and supply nutrients to the soil.

4. Remove Weed Regularly

Even though mulching will hinder weed growth, you will still need to remove the few weeds that grow in the pot. This is vital as it ensures your lavender plants don’t compete for nutrients with the weed.

Other caring tips include:

  • Applying appropriate fertilizers
  • Pruning as the need arise and
  • Spraying pests


As you have noted from this post, not all pots are good for growing lavender. Some will facilitate healthy growth while others will just waste your effort. Since your main aim is to grow healthy lavender plants that will give you yields, research well before purchasing any pot. If you are unable to discover the best planters for lavender, consider either of the choices we’ve listed here. They have been carefully selected on basis of their performance – you will never go wrong with them!



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