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Top 15 Best Pots for Spider Plants

What a name! Yes, it is called a spider plant, but why? No one can precisely tell the reason for that name. However, we all suggest it probably due to their cobweb mimicking leaves. Funny enough, many people know the plant type by several nicknames like spider ivy, hen, chickens, ribbon plant, and more. Whether you are a veteran or a new gardener, starting with the best pots for spider plants as your houseplant is a smooth journey.

If you live in a tenant yard or limited space, the spider plant in a pot is a reliable option that can practically add a texture and greenery look. The plants have bound roots, do well in a cramped space, especially indoor pots, and are easy to maintain without needing much watering or lighting. This review will give you a spectacular range of the best pots for spider plants available in the market.

Our Top Pick:

Top 15 Best Pots for Spider Plants Review

1. POTEY White Ceramic Planter Pots

White Ceramic Vintage Style Hobnail Patterned Planter Pots - 6 and 5 Inch Containers with Watering Drain Plug for Indoor Succulent Plants or Flowers

Gardeners love these products for their extraordinary vintage style and texture. POTEY is a famous brand known for producing outstanding and exceptional indoor plant pots. What sets the pots in question apart from the rest is not plain white or minimalist decor simplicity; there is something more. Yes, the hobnail patterns are a great addition that makes the brand command a more significant market share.

Their balanced design and sturdy construction guarantee that the pots will serve the user for many years. POTEY brand designs ensure the pots have smooth and polished surfaces, making cleaning them a breeze. You wipe with cloth material and sparks clean as if they have just arrived from Amazon.

  • Hobnail texture adds a particular style.
  • Top-quality with an exceptionally balanced design
  • Vintage style with glazed ceramic appeals to eyes
  • Includes multi-functional features for efficiency
  • The brand minds consumer satisfaction by offering refunds and replacements.
  • The planter pot has a non-smooth bottom.


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2. Plant Containers By LA JOLIE MUSE

White Ceramic Flower Pot Garden Planters 6.7 + 5.4 Inch Indoor, Plant Containers with Gold and Grey Detailing

Uniqueness and quality are the two hardest properties to get combined. JOLIE MUSE brand has taken the market by storm by manufacturing the best pots for spider plants with more than just typical white and grew options. Thanks for the taste of difference; now we have planter containers with silver and gold drops.

To maintain the buyers’ status quo who are a little bit observant, the manufacturer sells two planters as a set; one blends classical and modern embellishments while the other keeps a new style entirely. Their looks are such that one features only gold and silver colors while the other takes on gold, white, and silver tones. However, appearance should not confuse you, and those are mere colors.

  • Looks amazing yet functional
  • Different sizes and shapes but harmonized colors
  • Have location versatility, ideal indoors and outdoors
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee with full refunds
  • Features grey and gold detailing
  • No pure classical colors; white and grey


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3. Ceramic Planter Pot By The Next Gardener

Succulent Pots, Small Flower Pots Indoor, 5 Inch Ceramic Planter Plant Pot with Porcelain Tray, Drainage Hole for Snake Plants, Jade Plant, Herbs, Prack of 2 – Plants Not Included

Look here! You cannot underrate the fashionable and distinctive features displayed by these pots. Planters comprise diamond grids and polka dots painted in patterns making the decor fabulous. The next gardener brand designed these pots to enhance the beauty of small flowers and plants like spider plants, jade plants, snake plants, herbs, etc.

Despite the size, the designer was conscious about the healthy plant that should thrive in the small pots by adding a drainage hole. The drainage hole allows excess water to flow out while the porcelain tray for easy watering.

  • Includes drainage plate preventing rot and mildew
  • Made of pure and high quality glazed clay material
  • Versatile to suit home and office decor
  • Suitable for medium-sized and small houseplants like spider plants
  • Smooth and shiny inner hence easy to clean for replanting
  • Only good for small plants


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4. Modern White Geometric Planter Pots By La Jolíe Muse

Ceramic Plant Flower Pots Indoor - 6.3 + 5 Inch Modern White Geometric Octagon & Round Orchid Cactus Herb Planter Pots for Home Decor, Matte Finish

Make your indoor a welcoming heaven by face-lifting with beautiful houseplants using unique La Jolíe Muse planter pots. We can rate your class by the car you drive, can’t we? Similarly, we can judge a plant’s value by its planter pot’s quality and style. This elegant and appealing planter pot comes with geometric patterns that make it valuable.

The pots feature a unique round and octagon set, which means each is designed differently with an individual shape too. Dimensional-wise, the larger round pot has 6.3 inches by width and 6’’ in height. In comparison, the smaller octagon-shaped pot is 5 inches in both dimensions.

  • full refunds guarantee on any damaged item
  • They are functionally designed to potting medium and small plants.
  • Crafted with quality material and eco-friendly paints
  • Comprise geometric design with gold line detailing
  • Differently designed hence can be placed separately.
  • Not suitable for users in need of perfectly similar pots


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5. La Jolíe Muse 8 Inch Pot for Spider Plants

Ceramic Plant Pot with Wood Stand - 8 Inch White Cylinder Floral Pattern Embossed Flower Pot Indoor with Wooden Planter Holder

The style hunters will agree that this planter pot is unique and outstanding in all ways. It is so uncommon to find a ceramic pot having a wooden stand. However, La Jolíe Muse’s 8-inch white cylinder planter with floral patterns embossed includes a wooden holder, too, making it wholly exclusive.

The planter features outstanding embossing techniques with premium glazed ceramic, enhancing beauty and durability. Moreover, the plant pot assures you perfect breathtaking greenery. When your potted plant gets proper aeration and drainage, it will thrive undisturbed.

  • The drainage hole at the bottom allows out excess water.
  • Wooden stand or holder unleashes style.
  • Fully glazed premium ceramic ensures quality and durability.
  • Distinctive daisy pattern art makes it a good gift.
  • Reliable customer support and return guarantee
  • Delicate and brittle


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6. HOMENOTE Decorative Plastic Planter Pots

Plastic Planter, HOMENOTE 7/6/5.5/4.8/4.5 Inch Flower Pot Indoor Modern Decorative Plastic Pots for Plants with Drainage Hole and Tray for All House Plants, Succulents, Flowers, and Cactus, White

Should you require planter pots to plant any indoor plant, consider investing in HOMENOTE pots? Whether you want the best pots for spider plants, succulents, herbs, name them; these decorative plastic plants can contain almost any indoor flora. The planters come in a set of 5 similar but different sizes, yet each has its drainage hole and tray.

The size difference makes pots ideal for potting or repotting plants at all levels. Their number also makes them economical as you can plant several plants without having to buy more. Despite their modern and elegant look, they are additionally thick for quality and durability.

  • Thick material for durability reasons
  • Features modern minimalist simple style
  • Includes trays and drain holes for convenience
  • Different sizes combination for planting wide range sized plants.
  • Saucers catch excess water, preventing indoor wetting.
  • The durability of plastic is always questionable.


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7. POTEY Mid Century Ceramic Planter (5.2 Inch)

POTEY 029411 Mid Century Ceramic Planter Indoor - 5.2 Inch Medium Flower Plant Pots with Wood Stand and Drainage Hole

Their intensity levels define color tones. This pot is an example of pure white achievable relative to snow. White things are a sign of purity; having a POTEY Mid Century planter pot at your office or living room makes the room appealing and elevates your social class. The blend of pot color and greenery indoors induces a striking nature hue at every sight.

The quality ceramic material is a bit heavier, supporting the plant upright, longevity usage, and additional thermal insulation properties. Have a high gloss finish, which gives the pot an appealing shine to blend with various locations like kitchen, living room, bed, or office.

  • Use mid-century designs displaying perfect minimalism
  • 5inch size is ideal for snake plants, spider plants, etc
  • Made of superheated clay hence durable
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor utilities
  • It makes priceless gifts for valentines and baby showers.
  • Set of a single pot hence costly


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8. Modern Ceramic Flower Plant Pot By UooMay

Modern Ceramic Flower Plant Pot - 6.5 inch and 5.5 inch Modern Decorative for Indoor Outdoor Garden Planters with Drainage Hole and Ceramic Tray for Succulents,Plants, Flowers, Set of 2

From UooMay, here comes a set of 2 different sized exquisite pots that are good for potting indoor and outdoor plants. The two planter pots feature each drainage hole and ceramic tray for functionality convenience. The quality material utilized in designing these pots ensures they are for permanent use.

You can have your succulent plants thrive in the UooMay pots; they will offer proper aeration, drainage, and enough space to expand exclusively. These eye-catching planters bring a whole new look into your house while supporting plants and flowers effectively. There are three color options available: blue, white, and green; make your choice.

  • Adds style and look into your living room
  • Features minimalist design favorable to indoor plants
  • Has drainage hole preventing overwatering
  • High-density glazed ceramic ensures quality and durability.
  • Includes a saucer to catch every drop
  • Heavier and less portable


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9. G EPGardening Geometry Ceramic Planter pots

G EPGardening 5.5in Geometry Ceramic Planter Large Round Succulent Planter Flower Pot Indoor and Outdoor Brown Set of 2

Wait!.. Are you a culture explorer? G EPGardening avails these bohemian style planters if you are culturally curious. They come in a set of 2 large pots with exquisite surface engraving. The patterns show that the designer has fundamental art skills expressed in the smoothly worked planters.

Moreover, there is a drainage hole and bamboo tray. The drainage hole at the bottom allows proper air circulation. Simultaneously, the human-made bamboo makes it environmentally conscious by preventing surface scratching and water drops that would make your indoors dirty. This signifies that the manufacturer has researched to develop the product, which ensures the plant thrives happily.

  • Planter uses high-quality and durable material.
  • Drainage hole enhances breathing and draining excess water.
  • Versatile, decorate offices, homes, and good gifts.
  • Sufficient size for planting large succulents
  • Features alluring bohemians style and design
  • Lacks bright shining are more favorable


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10. Embossed Hobnail Patterned Pot with Wooden Stand By La Jolíe Muse

Ceramic Planter with Wood Stand - 8 Inch White Cylinder Embossed Hobnail Patterned Flower Plant Pot Indoor

If you are looking to add irresistible vintage style into your home, invest in chic hobnail patterned pot from LA JOLIE MUSE, and it will never disappoint. Indoor plants potted in this planter style stand out perfectly and get each of your guests to comment about their beauty. The quality and design don’t have to be glittering to command attention, but the feel, texture,’ speaks silently.’

The wooden stand’s long-run effect is not the breathtaking appeal it enhances to the plant while indoors but rather supports and protects the pot from falling. Moreover, the air is designed in a way that enables interlocking naturally.

  • Comprise vintage style quality and hobnail patterned
  • Glazed with white hues, the glossy makes cleaning effortless.
  • Includes supportive and protective wooden stand
  • The glossy surface blends with any home decor.
  • Very responsive customer support
  • Very small that soon plant may tip over


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11. POTEY Planter Pots for Spider Plants

POTEY 055101 Planter Pots Indoor - 6.1 Inches Ceramic Vintage-Style Hobnail Textured Flower Planter Pots with Drainage Hole for Indoor Plants Flower Succulent Modern Home Decor(Plants NOT Included)

The 6.1 inches hobnail textured planter is one of the best pots for spider plants, succulent plants, and other indoor flowers. The properties brought about by this product have made the brand’s name and image Skyrock. The black color does not matter, but the adorable vintage-styled and sturdiness displayed in every particle forming a whole item is everything.

Using POTEY 055101 Planter Pot brings forth a possible new experience. It includes a drainage hole with a rubber plug that protects the water from oozing, and such, you can regulate the amount of water the plant absorbs. No water spills on the floor that commonly makes other pots indoor unfriendly.

  • Adds more style to any room decor
  • Rubber plag helps in regulating water reaching your plants.
  • The top-quality materials ensure a lasting experience.
  • Irrespective of the color, the pot is magnificent.
  • Retails at a customer-friendly price
  • Available in two color hues only shiny white and matte black


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12. White Ceramic Planters for Spider Plants

Plant Pots - Greenaholics - 5.1 Inch Cylinder White Ceramic Planters for Succulent or Small Snake Plant, with Connected Saucers - Set of 4

If you think of getting a perfect planter for a small snake plant, a spider plant, or any succulent option, this set of 4 identical containers is what you need. Their great functionality can make your dreams of having perfect planter designs real. They are 4 in number, therefore clustering them in one corner is a sort of small garden already.

These pots have four dissimilar surface stripes that are spiral, vertical, horizontal, and tart, forming a spectacular pattern to match your house furniture ideally.

  • Supports deep-rooted succulents
  • Features modern style that matches any interior décor
  • Made of high end thermal baked durable porcelain
  • The manufacturer’s support is friendly and responsive.
  • Sells at a reasonable price
  • Only available in white colors


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13. Indoor Ceramic Plant Pots By LE TAUCI

LE TAUCI Indoor Planter, Ceramic Plant Pots with Drainage Hole and Mesh Net, Round Flower Planter Pot for Plants with Saucer/Tray, Small to Large Sized, Set of 3, Aqua

LE TAUCI indoor planter pots include three containers in one set and a mesh net. The fact that the three pots have different sizes makes it easy to pot both small and medium-sized plants. This planter pot works in a more organized mechanism.

Firstly, there is a drainage hole that allows excess water to ooze out when watering your plants. Secondly, the saucer is fixed, which guarantees that it cannot detach for whatever reason, causing any spillage. Finally, there is a mesh net at the drainage hole, which prevents potting mix from escaping out of the pot.

  • Designed for effective indoors and outdoors planting
  • Made durable with high thermal tolerance
  • Features wax finish that supports blade-shaped leaves
  • Different sized, suitable for a wide range of small plants
  • Retails reasonably in comparison with several pots
  • Has fixed saucer lacking flexibility


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14. SQOWL Blue Flower Pots for Spider Plants

SQOWL Blue Flower Pots Round Ceramic Succulent Herbs Cactus Planters Small to Medium Sized with Saucers for Home Balcony Office Set of 3 Indoor Outdoor

This is a fantastic option when it comes to choosing versatile planter pots. What makes this vintage rustic style recommendable is that it works effectively on your outdoor and indoor plants. Most of the pots we have discussed are only ideal for indoor plants. But this one, you can use to repot large plants.

The Chinese culture of dripping glaze is much featured in this design hence answers some curiosity queries. Furthermore, the ceramic material is fired at very high temperatures, producing a super-quality and durable pot. The glossy interior finishes make cleaning a breeze.

  • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor uses
  • Features breathtaking rustic and vintage style
  • Great for displaying incredibly succulent plants
  • Has drainage hole and saucer to allow sufficient airflow
  • Uses durable high temperature fired ceramic materials
  • No refund guarantees details given by the manufacturer


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15. White Honeycomb Flower Pot for Spider Plants

Outdoor Indoor Planters Flower Pots - 9.4 Inch Planter Pot Containers, Plant Pots, White, Honeycomb

Do you wonder why it is called honeycomb? Well, on the pot’s exterior surface, it has a honeycomb engraving design that sets it unique from the rest. The 9.4-inch flower pot has high location versatility, making it many people’s favorite. It blends perfectly with patio, backyard, living room furniture, and deck.

The planter pot fits most plants indoors and outdoors, especially indoors since it doesn’t have drainage holes that could cause spillage. The manufacturer uses environmentally safe plastics that are recyclable. Something attractive to this planter pot, it can tolerate extreme weather conditions.

  • The seller guarantees 100% refunds on dissatisfaction.
  • Able to resist hash environmental situations
  • Designed for both indoor and outdoor applications
  • Lightweight and safe as uses recyclable plastics
  • Features a honeycomb style that blends with surroundings
  • it expensive for a single set


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Having in-house spider plants is an exciting journey that everyone would love. The plant grows very fast, mainly if you invest in rustic vintage pots, allowing sufficient aeration and drainage. Caring for a spider plant is not a hard thing to do, as the plant is very tolerant of unavoidable circumstances such as late watering and poor lighting, unlike other delicate houseplants.

However, the best pots for spider plants are a must for you to have healthy, thriving indoor gardening. This article explores the best pots alternative to make your choice easy.

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