Best Soil for Lavender Reviews

Are you looking to grow potted lavender plants in your home? If your straightforward answer is affirmative,  make sure you pick the best soil for lavender plants in pots.

Soils are different and don’t feature the same properties. There are those suited for growing certain plants and not others.

When it comes to growing potted lavender plants, there are very many recommended soils; however, we discovered the following:

Our Top Pick:

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Top 7 Best Soil for Lavender Reviews

1. Miracle-Gro Lavender Soil

Miracle-Gro Indoor Potting Mix 6 qt., 2 Pack

If you are looking for the best soil for growing lavender plants, your futile search should end with Miracle-Gro Lavendor Soil. There are many reasons why experts recommend this soil as the best for your potted plants. For instance, the soil is highly nutritious and will feed your beloved lavender plants for more than six months.

You will love the most regarding this soil for growing lavender because it comes blended with coconut coir. These are very important when it comes to retaining water and helping the potting soil to re-wet.

Better yet, this is suitable for all pot types and can be used to grow other plants around the homestead. For instance, you can grow vegetables, herbs, flowers, etc.

You should be 100% when purchasing this lavender soil as the manufacturers give you a guarantee that it’s not easily prone to gnats (this means you will not have to stress about harmful fungus, which can be a threat to your potted plant).

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Classic packaging and reasonable pricing
  • Highly nutritious
  • Other than lavender, the soil is suitable for vegetables, herbs, shrubs, etc.
  • Some people claimed of receiving the soil with mold
  • Others didn’t get a replacement or refund


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2. Espoma AP8 8-Quart Lavender Soil

Espoma AP8 8-Quart Organic Potting Mix

If you can’t yet discover the best lavender soil for a potted lavender plant, your next pick should be Espoma AP8 8-Quart lavender soil. This one has conquered the rest and pleased many customers as it’s diverse, nutritious, and lightweight. It will support healthy plants and make your work easier.

With this soil in your lavender pot, the need to water regularly will decrease drastically. This is on the basis that the soil retains moisture without permitting overwatering. Your plant will get a continuous supply of moisture even amid the hot or drought days.

When it comes to nutritional content, this soil is unbeatable. It contains earthworm castings which are vital for boosting lavender plant strength and size.

On the downside, this potting soil for lavender plants can be a nuisance once you open the seal. It quickly absorbs moisture from the atmosphere, so it’s recommended you store whatever you are not using in a well-sealed, airtight bag.

  • Feature Myco-tone to boost water retention
  • Suitable for indoors or outdoors potting plants
  • It saves you the hassle of watering regularly
  • Ease to use
  • It does not permit overwatering, which may cause lavender plant roots to rot
  • . Need excellent maintenance once the seal is open
  • It may not be the best value for your money


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3. Perfect Plant Soil for Lavender

Organic Potting Mix by Perfect Plants for All Plant Types - 8qts for Indoor and Outdoor Use, Great for Veggies, Herbs, and Cannabis Plants

Unlike some other best soils for lavender plants, this one comes packaged in easy-to-reseal bags so that you have no stress of storage once you open the seal. Better yet, it is recommended as the best soil for the lavender plant if your primary concern is buying soil that will hold moisture for long and eventually save you from the hassle of watering daily.

The allegation could be true if you consider that the soil is enhanced with coconut coir, Perfect Plant Perlite, and Peat Moss – all meant to facilitate water absorption and moisture retention.

When it comes to its nutritional content, the soil has no comparison. It features nutrient-boosting ingredients such as worm castings, Composted Pine Bark, and Mycorrhizae.

As if that’s not enough, this soil also boasts as the best as far as PH is concerned. The manufacturer claims that it comes with added lime for balancing its PH.

On the downside, some people who purchased this soil claimed that it came featuring some materials that were not completely decomposed. They had to return while others had to seek a refund.

  • Balanced PH
  • Best for water absorption and moisture retention
  • Great value for money
  • Can support multiple plants
  • Can be used for indoor or outdoor plants
  • Getting a refund is hectic
  • Some people complained about the cost


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4. FoxFarm Lavender Soil

FoxFarm Ocean Forest Potting Soil Organic Mix Indoor Outdoor For Garden And Plants - Organic Plant Fertilizer - 38.5 Quart (1.5 cu ft). - (Bundled with Pearsons Protective Gloves) (1 Pack)

When choosing the best soil for your potted lavender plant, you will face a plethora of options, but we can guarantee you nothing will match the standards of FoxFarm Lavender soil.

If you can get what we mean yet, allow us to explain. This soil comes ready for use and is ideal for almost all the seedlings– you will not need any additives. Just add it to your pot, put insufficient water, and begin planting right away.

The soil also boasts of being well-aerated and comes lightweight; hence it highly convenient to use. What’s more, is that it comes with adjusted PH to allow optimal uptake of fertilizers and nutrients. It thus offers the best growing conditions for your lavender plants.

What you may probably not like about this best potting soil for lavender are the initial costs. Some people feel that the price-quality ratio isn’t much reasonable.

  • Lightweight
  • Classic packaging – you can reseal after use
  • Ready for use at the time of purchase
  • Great for DIY projects
  • Come featuring hand gloves for easy and safe handling
  • Free shipping not guaranteed
  • To some people, the pricing is quite unfair


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5. Rio Hamza Lavender Soil

Air Cleaning Indoor Plant Soil Mixture, Gardening Soil Amendment and Clean Air Plant Soil Media, 4qt

Whether you are looking for the best soil to grow potted lavender plants outdoor or indoors, at home in your home, office, or workplace, Rio Hamza lavender soil is a sure bet. The soil comes featuring worm castings, lime, and a mixture of pet perlite – all these works together to enhance plant health and new health.

You will like this soil as it can be used to glow a wide range of plants. For example, it’s nutritious for growing other things such as vegetables, etc.

The soil is a great choice, especially for those looking to grow indoor plants. This is because it supports indoor plants such as aralia, snake plant, Peperomia, peace lily, Schefflera, Marginata.

According to NASA’s information regarding Rio Hamza soil for lavender plants, this soil is a great choice to purify the home and office hair. It doesn’t feature anything that would be toxic to you or the environment.

The only notable negative thing regarding this lavender soil is that it is a bit costly. However, this is justifiable considering the many benefits it offers.

  • Great option as it doesn’t feature potentially harmful additives
  • Great for DIY indoors or outdoors project
  • It can be used to re-pot indoor plants
  • It will filter indoor pollutants
  • Promote clear air
  • Can be costly
  • No free shipping


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6. Burpee Soil for Lavender Plants

Burpee Organic Premium Potting Mix, 8 quart

When looking for the best soil for lavender plants, you want to be sure that purchasing is a safe product. If this is your primary concern, there is a better option other than Burpee soil. This one is OMRI listed, meaning it has meant all the laid down standards of quality lavender soil.

It comes boosted with Burpee plant foods meaning your lavender plant will never starve due to lack of nutrients.

Besides being an excellent choice for use in pots, the soil is also ideal for raised garden. It allows you to be as creative and flexible as you can with your DIY farming projects, and hence it’s worth it.

What will wow you is that it will save you from the hassle of caring for your plants daily. This is because it retains moisture for a long and is highly rich in nutritional content. More so, it free from harmful gnats that would threaten the well-being of your plants.

Something that would scare you away is the cost of this soil for lavender—this, combined with the fact that you may deal with delayed deliveries, inconveniences many potential buyers.

  • Can be used to grow almost all the plants
  • Great for pots or raised beds
  • High water retention capacity
  • No harmful gnats
  • Highly nutritious
  • The cost isn’t so far, according to some users
  • Late deliveries may inconvenience you


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7. Black Gold Lavender Soil

Black Gold 1310102 8-Quart All Purpose Potting Soil With Control

This is the best soil for lavender plants as it comes ready for use. It the most recommended option by many experts owing to many things. For example, it’s multipurpose, boasts of slow fertilizer release, highly rich in nutrients, etc.

It’s this soil that will give you vigorous plants. Black Gold lavender soil beats its counterpart because it features forest humus, pumice, worm casting, etc. All these work together to give your plants the best growing conditions for extraordinary performance.

Much as you like this soil for lavender plants, there are a few things that you will probably not like about the manufacturer. For instance, they are slow to respond to customer inquiries, and they don’t offer free shipping.

  • Meets OMRI standards 100%
  • Offers your lavender plants the best conditions for growth
  • Highly nutritious
  • Slow fertilizer release
  • Safe for use
  • Irresponsive customer care desk
  • The soil comes dry, and you will need to water


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The Bottom Line

As you may have learned from this post, the best soils for lavender plants have significant differences. No soil is equal to the other. However, none is useless. The only thing that matter is what the soil feature or what it will offer to your plants.

As a rule of thumb, you should go for the best soil for lavender in pots that will offer your plants maximum benefits and optimal growing conditions. If this gives you a headache, why don’t you consider the ones we’ve just highlighted? They have been selected based on their performance, so be confident with us!

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