Where to Buy Castor Oil

where to buy castor oil

Many individuals across the globe consider castor oil a laxative substance. However, they don’t contemplate other potential benefits offered by this powerful oil. Basically, castor oil is extracted from a plant seed called Ricinus communis, which is commonly found in tropical areas of Asia and Africa. Generally, the oil is applied to the skin directly … Read more

Where to Buy Aloe Vera Juice to Drink

where to buy aloe vera juice to drink

Welcome to the mystery of aloe vera! What do you know about aloe vera? When did you first saw aloe? Did you like its taste? Arguably, thousands of questions raise eyebrows concerning this mysterious plant species’ origin and use. Almost everyone has seen or knows the taste of aloe vera. These plants grow on their … Read more

The Herbal Directory A to Z Medicinal & Garden Herbs List

herbal directory a to z

An organized A-Z directory of herbs and herbal related articles for quick access. Enjoy our comprehensive directory of herbal knowledge and application.  Here you will find information about an herb’s history and folklore, common names, tips for identification, and more. In addition, we will explore what parts of the plant are used, and how they … Read more

15 Garden Helpers – An Herb Companion Planting Guide

garden helper

Herbs have many benefits on their own for cooking, health, and even aesthetics. They can also make great silent helpers to the rest of your garden. Herb companion planting can enhance the growth of some of your garden vegetables, deter pests and even improve flavors. This quick guide will help you to plan your garden to get the most benefit … Read more

Indoor Gardening Tips: How to Water Herbs and Plants

Indoor gardening tips

Although watering seems simple enough there is more to it than dumping a glass of water in a pot. It is vital to learn how to water herbs and plants correctly. As containerized plantings, they take extra care and practice to get it right. Improper watering is the leading cause of plant failure. Too much … Read more


seed now great source of seed

Purchasing your seeds to use in your inside or even an outdoor herbal garden is a critical step in the growing process. Having a great source for seeds is a must for any gardening project. Everything starts with the seed and if it is not from a reliable and reputable source you could be setting … Read more

Buy Seeds Online: Amazon For Seeds

Buy Seeds Online Amazon For Seeds

With over 240 million customers nationwide Amazon has to be doing something right to appeal to the average consumer. Millions of people a day turn to them for their online shopping needs for their vast selections and highly competitive prices. Amazon for seeds shopping though is a legitimate question. Does this huge online retailer meet … Read more

Basil Pesto Recipes – Simple Delicious Versatile

Basil Pesto Recipes

Basil pesto recipes are not complicated and consist basically of your herb, nut or seed, cheese, and oil. It is the combination of these that creates variety and flare that change up different dishes and add unique versatility to this Italian classic. Almost nothing that you can make from your herbal garden tastes as fresh … Read more