Purple Indoor Plants- Growing Tips & Benefits

Purple indoor plants

There’s no hesitation about it; houseplants are a happiness to feast your eyes on. So, is there any alternative to have purple indoor plants that carry spectacular colors in structure indoors? Well, here I am writing this article to describe the details of Indoor purple plants. Want to enhance a perennial color to your decor? … Read more

Low Light Indoor Trees and Their Benefits

I always adore the look of a neutral environment. Low light indoor trees enhance prettiness to an increasingly concrete and steel-dominated environment. So, who doesn’t want to bring a little piece of that beauty into their own house? This tiny touch of nature can brighten up any place and creates an aesthetic atmosphere. However, there … Read more

How Do Plants Survive In the Desert

how do plants survive in desert

Once, California faced the longest drought of all time. The drought lasted for three years forcing the residents to develop new ways to deal with water. Some farmers opted to drill deep wells while others just left their lands fallow until it rained again. However, some farmers fled the harsh weather and moved to wetter … Read more

How to Grow Catnip Indoors – An Idea

How to grow catnip indoors

Are you a cat lover? Want to know How to grow catnip indoors? Read the article and discover how can you grow catnip indoors! Catnip is an easy-to-grow perennial grown primarily for its fragrant foliage that is extremely attractive to cats. It is fragrant foliage, an easy-to-grow plant. The plants extremely attract the feline-like cat. … Read more

Direct Vs. Indirect Sunlight

Direct Vs. Indirect Sunlight

Interview most houseplant lovers and strictly advise you that if you want to maintain your beloved succulents or other flowers/plants in the best growing conditions, you must understand the critical differences between Direct Vs. Indirect Sunlight. The two types of light are different and will affect the performance of your plants/flowers. For instance, direct sunlight … Read more

Cutting Tree Roots Without Killing Tree

Cutting Tree Roots Without Killing Tree

Do you ever imagine how an environment would look without trees? Nothing can compel the beauty of trees surrounding us. Landscape trees are ornamental to our lawns and block winds that could blow our structures. Additionally, trees provide shade and shelter for birds, critters, etc. However, some undesired roots growth can be potential hazards to … Read more

How Long Does it Take for Grass Seed to Grow

How Long Does it Take for Grass Seed to Grow

If you are a homeowner lucky to have some space in your homestead, think of how to spruce it up a bit. Better days are opening up, and planting grass can transform the available space into an elegant greenery view. Treating your lawn with grass seeds can help restore some beautiful lushness. This article can … Read more

Different Types of Terrarium Moss

Different types of Terrarium Moss can use for beauty as decoration or housing for little reptiles and other aquatic animals. Many mosses are non-blossoming, tiny plants that develop thick bunches or green mats in obscure and clammy zones. Mosses have stems and leaves; however, they are bereft of any genuine roots. It is regular for … Read more

Vivarium Vs Terrarium

what is the difference between a vivarium and a terrarium

The terms vivarium and terrarium may seem strange if you are unfamiliar with the upkeep animals, such as reptiles. However, many people find it challenging to differentiate between the two terms. Additionally, the two words are often used interchangeably, making it hard to distinguish between them. If you are in such a scenario, don’t worry; … Read more

How to Plant a Terrarium – An Idea

How to Plant a Terrarium

Gardens do not have to be outdoors at all times. You can create your little ‘heaven’ inside your home if you have space issues. They add a powerful sense of beautiful nature. Also, they make you responsible for the plant’s growth. Getting terrariums is precious. These are DIY gardens that you can include in your … Read more