How to Test Soil pH-An Idea

How to Test Soil pH

High yield agricultural production is a result of hardworking. Successful gardeners do a proper calculation and pre-determined timing before planting. Knowing the soil pH is their primary objective as far as optimal growing conditions are necessary. After doing adequate soil pH testing and asserting soil status, they take the essential pH balancing option. So, you … Read more

How to Prune a Peace Lily- An Idea

How to Prune a Peace Lily

Peace Lily also referred to as the closet plant or Spathiphyllum spp, is one of the attractive houseplants suitable for homes and offices. The reason is peace lily the best popular indoor decoration is its low maintenance, adaptability, and it does perfectly in low light. This implies that experienced gardeners can find it easy to … Read more

Different Types of Soil for Gardening

Different Types of Soil for Gardening

There are different soil types for gardening available in the market, making it challenging for gardeners to choose their plants’ right one. Remember, the soil your succulent plant love will leave your tomatoes dry and unhealthy. Alternatively, the soil specifically for cactus will deteriorate your ferns. This is where ideal matching soil to the right … Read more

Where to Buy Castor Oil: A Guide

where to buy castor oil

Many individuals across the globe consider castor oil a laxative substance. However, they don’t contemplate other potential benefits offered by this powerful oil. Castor oil comes from a plant seed called Ricinus, commhich commonly found in Asia and Africa’s tropical areas. Then a question might arise, where to buy castor oil? You can buy it … Read more

Where to Buy Aloe Vera Juice to Drink

where to buy aloe vera juice to drink

Welcome to the mystery of aloe vera! What do you know about aloe vera? When did you first saw aloe? Did you like its taste? Arguably, thousands of questions raise eyebrows concerning this mysterious plant species’ origin and use. Almost everyone has seen or knows the taste of aloe vera. These plants grow on their … Read more

How To Start An Indoor Herb Garden

Start An Indoor Herb Garden

Growing your herbs inside your home is a great way to add splashes of color to your home, save money, enhance your culinary dishes and hone your gardening skills. You can start an indoor herb garden growing all year for quick, easy access anytime or transition it seasonally to your outdoor garden spaces. It is … Read more

The Herbs List AZ – Medicinal & Garden Herbs List

Herbal Directory A to Z

An organized herbs list az and herbal-related articles for quick access. Enjoy our comprehensive directory of herbal knowledge and application.  Here you will find information about an herb’s history and folklore, common names, tips for identification, and more. Besides, we will explore what parts of the plant are used and how they are used. This … Read more

15 Garden Helpers and Tools

Garden Helpers and Tools

Herbs have many benefits on their own for cooking, health, and even aesthetics. They can also make great silent helpers to the rest of your garden. Herb Companion planting can enhance the growth of some of your garden vegetables, deter pests, and even improve flavors. I am going to discuss 15 garden helpers and tools. … Read more

Growing Aloe Plants Indoors – Popular Easy

growing aloe vera plant indoor

The great aloe plant is the most used herbal remedy in the united states. Aloe vera juice and aloe vera gel are also growing their popularity day by day! You can easily have an ample supply on hand by growing aloe plants indoors all year. It is easy; I will show you how! I remember … Read more