Simple Watercress Soup Recipe with Cauliflower

Simple Watercress Soup Recipe with Cauliflower copy

As a follow-up to a recent article, I posted on-site about “How to Grow Watercress Indoors”. I wanted to give you an excellent option for using your newly grown garden delight. This Simple Watercress Soup Recipe with Cauliflower will sure to be a family favorite. It is light enough to enjoy any time of year. … Read more

Bringing Plants Outside- How to Harden Off Plants

How to Harden Off Plants-min

Growing your plants indoors from seed is a very controlled and nourishing environment. The outdoors is a drastic change from what your tender seedlings and young plants are used to. Before bringing them outside it is important to know how to harden off plants so they do not die or suffer from shock. Hardening off … Read more

Spicy Shocker! Black Pepper is Good for You!

Black Pepper is Good for You

Grab that pepper shaker or grinder and kick up that dish with the spicy pick-me-up of black pepper. This common seasoning just got better. Black pepper is good for you, so sprinkle away! More than just a favorite flavor-enhancing ingredient, this king of spices has many fantastic health benefits. I guess that is why it … Read more

Side Effects of CBD Hemp Oil

Side Effects of CBD Hemp Oil

Cannabidiol or CBD oil is the “BIG Talk” around the internet, with lawmakers, and in the health community. Everyone’s excited about the benefits. BUT! Who is discussing the side effects of CBD hemp oil or the alternative of medicinal marijuana-based CBD? Before taking any medications or supplements I know that I want to know up-front what is this going to … Read more

How to Grow Basil Indoors -A Family Favorite

How to Grow Basil Indoors

It is easy to learn how to grow basil indoors as long as you meet its basic water, temperature, and light requirements. Basil has a fast germination time and is very quick to produce. One of my and my family’s favorite herbs has to be Basil. This fast-growing herb is a workhorse in the kitchen … Read more

Hydroponics Herb Garden: Soil-less Growing

Hydroponics Herb Gardens

You do not need to be a science major or even a science geek to learn how to grow hydroponically. Maybe a small love for Bill Nye the science guy won’t hurt but is not required. Hydroponics Herb Gardens are a fun, great way to expand your inside garden and learn something new! Hydroponics is … Read more