Stop Suffering Today – Herbal Relief using Essential Oils for Arthritis and Joint Pain

by | Jul 3, 2018

Stop Suffering Today – Herbal Relief using Essential Oils for Arthritis and Joint Pain

You are not alone, millions are suffering with you, I am one of them! Nature has answers. You can get herbal relief with essential oils for arthritis and joint pain relief.

I am not offering you a cure but a way to reduce the suffering associated with the awful pain of arthritis. In the process reduce, or even remove, those prescription and over the counter pain medications. How do I know? Because I too suffer from arthritis and joint pain.

So, if you have been looking for a holistic approach to pain management you’re in the right place. Essential oils are a good place to start!

Let me tell you a story, guess how old I am?

10 years ago, I began having some pretty severe issues with my health after a serious illness. It was a rather rapid decline. I had aches and pains before then, but my health was generally good. Either that or I ignored it. I was too busy with a 6 children extended family, a full-time career and life in general! You have been there, right?

Slow diagnoses and possibly me waiting too long left me a list of issues and in rather a rough shape. Among these was advanced osteoarthritis in almost every major joint of my body, including spinal arthritis and degenerative disc disease.

For me, the probable cause of such rapid decline was neglect and the autoimmune disease Lupus.

Age Guess?

My age at the time 35! I tell you this as a demonstration that this is a not an age-specific disease that makes you suffer. This can affect you at any age, at multiple levels of severity.

I do not take prescription pain medications. The foggy brain states they induce have never appealed to me. Previous OTC medications like ibuprofen severely eroded my stomach and gave me an ulcer. For me, herbal and natural solutions to pain are my only options. I find them a safe alternative that works!

Arthritis & Joint pain does not discriminate by age. It can start in the very young or hit in the elderly. I use to believe it was a disease for “old” people. Not anymore!

⇒Disclaimer: The information presented here by Inside Herb Gardens and Its Authors are intended for educational purposes only. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent disease. Individual results may vary. Before using any herbs, supplements or other natural treatments it is always advisable to consult your own doctor or medical professional.

What Are Essential Oils?

Sure, I bet you have a good idea already or you would not be here. But! Let me explain a little to be sure or for those who may not know.

Did you know they are technically not an oil at all but an extremely potent plant extract? They contain no fatty acids that would identify them as an oil type.

The extraction used to create essential “oils” is far different from those used in creating your typical flavoring extracts or medicinal tinctures. The compounds of the herbs and plants are most often distilled using massive quantities of plant material.

As an example, it takes approximately 15 pounds of peppermint leaves to make 1 ounce of essential oil.

Essential oils are the most concentrated and potent of all plant extractions. They can be up to 100 times more concentrated than the dried herbs typically purchased at the grocery store.

Essential oils are also known as volatile oils, which sounds far less appealing. What the volatility represents is this high concentration of natural chemicals extracted from the herbs. This is why you can smell them the instant the cap is turned on the bottle, it is gas-like.

So Why Would You Want to use a Volatile Oil or Essential Oil?

Many of the complex compounds of plants and herbs are volatile. This means they quickly disperse in the air, that is what often gives them their fabulous smell. That same great smell is part of what makes that herb great for healing, health, and even flavor.

Sadly, plant matter loses these amazing compounds easily. Heat from cooking, evaporation in the air, cutting or bruising, sun damage and more!

Essential oils allow you to harvest all the amazing benefits of the herbs at the most concentrated strength without loss of volatile compounds when used properly. For further reading on What essential oils are, follow the link to Wikipedia here.

Now we know, let’s see what are the best essential oils for arthritis and joint pain relief!

What are the Best Essential Oils for Arthritis and Joint Pain?

If you went and did some research on the internet you would find quite a vast list of useful essential for arthritis and joint pain relief. I compiled a list of oils that I have personally used and ones that those I know have used and found relief with.

ginger Essential Oils for Arthritis and Joint Pain

Ginger Essential Oil

This is my number 1 go-to herb and oil for arthritis and pain relief. Ginger root essential oil mimics and could potential substitute other anti-inflammatory drugs. Studies conducted by the arthritis foundation confirmed this. Learn More about Gingers amazing health benefits here.

Learn More about Ginger Essential Oil Here.


Lemongrass Essential Oil

lemongrass Essential Oils for Arthritis and Joint PainMy #2. A natural diuretic, water drawing, lemongrass helps to relieve excess fluids that build up around swollen achy joints. This is particularly beneficial for people like me who’s arthritis is caused by an autoimmune disease, Lupus, and those with rheumatoid arthritis. In addition, lemongrass scent is a natural antidepressant aiding better feelings in general.

Learn More about Lemongrass essential oil here.


Helichrysum Essential Oil

helichrysum Essential Oils for Arthritis and Joint PainAt first, the cost of this oil held me away a bit. It was a bit pricier. However, after reading and hearing from many people including a medical professional, I decided it was well worth trying. Wow! Yes, this made a huge difference. Helichrysum is an anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, and analgesic. This one is inching to the top of my list!

Learn More about Helichrysum essential oil here.


Peppermint Essential Oil

peppermint Essential Oils for Arthritis and Joint PainSmells great and rich in anti-inflammatory properties is a sure win for peppermint essential oil. This great oil can help reduce swelling and stimulate a mild numbing effect on painful joints. It also helps to relieve fatigue that is all too often a side effect of arthritis pain.

Learn more about Peppermint essential oil here.

Love Mint? Want it in more ways than an essential oil, you can easily grow your own. I will teach you how. Follow the link here.


Eucalyptus Essential Oil

eucalyptus Essential Oils for Arthritis and Joint PainMost of you are likely familiar with the scent of this oil from vapor rubs during chest colds. Eucalyptus essential oil has a strong penetrating smell and strength that works deep into the tissues and muscles. It aids in reducing inflammation and provides a lasting relief. Take a bit of caution and test for skin sensitivity with this oil, it is a bit more volatile for sensitive skin individuals.

Learn more about Eucalyptus oil here.


Rosemary Essential Oil

rosemary Essential Oils for Arthritis and Joint PainRosemary is a natural antibiotic and makes a fantastic addition to almost any essential oil blend. In addition, it holds its own beneficial anti-inflammatory advantages for easing joint and muscle pain. The scent of rosemary also stimulates the mind-improving concentration and focus. This can often be deterred when going through a painful episode.

Learn more about Rosemary essential oil here.


Frankincense Essential Oil

frankincense Essential Oils for Arthritis and Joint PainOne of my favorite deeper scents for essential oils. I think this is universally liked by both men and women. This oil is often used in the treatment of inflamed joints, tendons and irritated muscles. Continued use of frankincense essential oil may improve the overall health of cartilage tissue.

Learn more about Frankincense essential oil here.


A Bit of Heat!


Black Pepper Essential Oil

A drop or two at a time, wait and see. This oil can cause some sensitivity, so it is important to be aware of how you will react to it. It will offer you a nice warming heat to a mix with other oils and carrier in moderation. The natural warming effect is an anti-inflammatory.

Learn more about Black Pepper essential oil here.

Grab more knowledge! Learn More About the Power of Black Pepper.


List of Other Essential oils for Arthritis & Joint Pain

This list includes others I saw in research. I have not used all of these personally for my pain management in the form of essential oil. I wanted to mention them here for reference and encase you may already have any of these in your home. Turmeric at the top of the list is a supplement I use on a regular basis.

  • Turmeric
  • Cayenne
  • Myrrh
  • Sweet Birch
  • Lavender
  • Chamomile
  • Yarrow
  • Wintergreen
  • Lemon
  • Orange
  • Vetiver

How to use Essential Oils for Arthritis Pain Relief?

There are a few ways to use essential oils for arthritis and joint pain relief that are effective. It is important to take note that oils are not sold as consumable products. Many essential oils are herbs that may not even be safe for consumption or at safe levels. Unless otherwise under medical advice Do Not Consume Essential Oils!

Mix and Match! A combination of essential oils for pain relief can have a greater effect than a singular alone. I am not saying you need to go out and but the whole list of oils that work. Grab a few scents that you like and use them in combination.

I am including a few recipes and ideas below for usage. Feel free to mix them up to best suit your essential oils and preference. It is always best to test a mix (with carrier oils) on a small patch of skin to be sure you do not have a reaction.

Topical Application of Essential Oils using a Carrier

This is the easiest and most common way to apply essential oils. They need to be diluted before application. Essential oils are highly potent and loaded with rich volatile compounds that are beneficial. This can also cause them to irritate the skin at full strength.

Using carrier oils will dilute the strength of the essential oil making them safe for your skin.

A good ratio to remember is 1 ounce of Carrier oil to 10 – 12 drops of essential oil.

topical essential oils for arthritis and joint pain relief

Common Carrier Oils

  • Coconut Oil
  • Jojoba Oil
  • Sweet Almond Oil
  • Olive Oil
  • Avocado Oil
  • Argan Oil
  • Grapeseed Oil
  • Castor Oil
  • Moringa Oil
  • Black Seed Oil
  • Babassu Oil
  • Apricot Kernel Oil
  • Hemp Seed Oil
  • Flaxseed Oil
  • Emu Oil

Recipe: Pain Relieving Rub for Arthritis and Joint Pain

Use a bottle or container large enough to hold 3.5 to 4 ounces of oil

  • 2 Ounces Carrier oil of choice (grapeseed is my choice)
  • 1 Ounce Jojoba Oil
  • 4 Drops Lavender Essential Oil
  • 4 Drops Lemongrass Essential Oil
  • 8 Drops Ginger Root Essential Oil
  • 8 Drops Peppermint Essential Oil
  • 8 Drops Helichrysum Essential Oil

This recipe I have used for many years. I have made it for my Mother, Grandmother and more. I used to use Eucalyptus in this mix in place of the Helichrysum. Either is effective as a pain rub but Helichrysum is superior. For a little extra heat, you can add couple drops of Black pepper or Cayenne essential oil.

As the main carrier oil, I use grapeseed oil. I prefer the quick absorption it offers in this mix. I often apply it at night when getting into bed. Faster dry time is important.

A Nice Soak! Adding Essential Oils to a Bath

Another effective way to aid the relief of arthritis and joint pain with essential oils is a nice healing bath. Soaking on its own can often aid in some relief of pain. The addition of the oils increases the effectiveness of the bath and leaves residual herbal remnants on your skin to continue working.

To mix with your bath they can be added as drops alone to your favorite bath salts, or bubble bath. I keep it to 30 drops max at any one time. Feel free to mix and match your favorite essential oils for arthritis and joint pain.

My Essential Oil Bath Mix

  1. In a Large Bowl or Pitcher
  2. Add 3 cups of Epsom Salts
  3. Add Enough Warm water to cover and dissolve salts
  4. Mix in:
    • 10 Drops Lavender Essential Oil
    • 10 Drops Lemongrass Essential Oil
    • 5 Drops Rosemary Essential Oil

5. Mix into your hot bath water!

Aw so refreshing! For my men friends who want something more masculine. Change up the Lavender for Frankincense oil for a deeper scent profile.

I keep spicy oils from the bath to avoid sensitive parts! No cayenne or black pepper in the tub!

Essential Oil Heating Pads for Pain Relief


Have you seen these great little heating pads you can make yourself? They are often times rice or flax seed filled in a nicely decorated fabric pouch. Well, I tried my hand at making them several years ago without much thought about them being anything but a nice easy heating pad.

This changed about a year ago by chance! I came across somebody at a craft market that was adding essential oils to these. I felt foolish I had not thought of it but thankful she had. What a wonderful idea and a wonderful way to use essential oils for arthritis and joint pain relief.

These little heating pads are so easy to make and very useful. A great tutorial on how to create them can be found at here. This is a family operated craft site you may enjoy.


Aromatherapy Benefits of Essential Oil for Pain Relief

A sniff of fragrance, perfumes or an air freshener is not the same thing as aromatherapy. Aromatherapy uses essential oils extracted from herbs in concentrated forms to create powerful aromatic compounds.

Although you will smell and the fragrance of the herbs it is not the scent alone that aids you. Those rich herbal constituents are being released into the air. Just as if you would absorb them through the skin or internally. Your body can absorb them through the nose and taste buds.

In addition to the uses that many herbs carry for internal uses, many also carry additional uses in scent. As an example, The scent of Vanilla is said to relax nerves and give a sense of calm. Lavender instill peace and rest. This just an example of a couple.

Ways to use Aromatherapy for Pain Relief

You have already learned about a few of these methods above. In using essential oils for arthritis and joint pain with massage, heating pad or added to a bath. You are already benefiting from aromatherapy.


Step up these Essential oils for arthritis and joint pain relief with additional uses that explore their scent power.

  • Mist your bed sheets lightly
  • Put a few drops on a cloth for smelling throughout the day, or carry in your pocket
  • Use an Aromatherapy necklace, locket or charm
  • Make an Essential Oil (herbal) Air freshener
  • Use an Oil Diffuser

Find Quality Essential Oil Accessories and Oils from Plant Therapy.

Can you Use Essential Oils Internally?

Three crucial points you must understand before you even consider this as an option!

#1 Most critical point to address first! Not all essential oils are safe for human consumption. That is because they are just plain TOXIC! This is because not all plants are safe to EAT!

Tea tree oil is a great example. I use this oil a lot and have for years. This is a toxic plant. You can not eat it. There are many, many more.

It is important to be educated.

#2 Now! This is a huge debate. In fact, MOST essential oil manufacturers must by law label essential oils as “not for human consumption”. These are not FDA regulated, controlled or monitored. If you are to follow guidelines set forth by these standards, then the answer should be no. The FDA approved GRAS essential oils would be the only exception. However, these are minimally issued and still cautioned.

#3 You should never start any drug, medical or even alternative treatments like herbs, oils and even diet changes without medical advice. Consult with your doctor or healthcare provider. You may be surprised to find that some may be very open-minded to your health choices. In addition, an aromatherapist qualification is recommended.

Now – I am not advising you to, but if you are going to make a choice then continue to read and watch.

This is a longer video, under 19 minutes, but worth a watch if you are considering the internal use of essential oils.

Will I use them internally?

Not that it should influence you, but yes, some I sure will. Not every time and not as a preventive. There are plenty of alternatives to essential oil internal use. Herbs can be used in teas, supplements or my favorites tinctures and extracts.

You should be educated. Know and trust your source. Understand clearly the dosage as these are HIGHLY concentrated.

Ease your Pain & Stop Suffering!


Living with pain is not joyful! Pain medications are out there to help but if you’re like me they may not be an answer. The tired, groggy, brain fog is not for me. I want pain relief that stops my suffering without taking away my ability to enjoy life!

Natural essential oils for arthritis and joint pain relief offer an alternative. A simple rub on an achy knee or painful back can get you through the day or the night. Mix up a batch to keep ready for when you need it.

red arrow down rightHave you tried essential oils for pain relief or another herbal method? I would love to hear from you. Let me know your thoughts and how things are working for you! Drop your comments below!


Looking for More?

Thousands of People a Day are Finding Relief with CBD Oil!

You can get the highest quality, purest CBD, plus over 400 other nutrients in an easy to use form and begin experiencing the benefits for yourself. These products are made from some of the richest and highest-grade Hemp in the USA. Pesticide-free. Non-GMO. No THC.

CBD Oil Benefits:

  • Relieve Pain
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Ease Muscle Spasms
  • Reduce Seizures
  • Ease Anxiety
  • Support Healthy Blood Sugar Levels
  • Aid Digestion
  • Relieve Nausea
  • Support Optimum Immunity
  • Regenerate Healthy Cells
  • A sense of Well-being and Serenity
  • Reduce Risks of Artery Blockage
  • Promotes Bone Growth
  • Neuroprotective
  • And much more!


  1. Timotheus

    Oh, thank you so much for writing this helpful article! I am one of those who suffer shoulder, back and joint pain.

    Years ago, I used to go to the gym when I was younger. During one of those sessions, I dislocated my right shoulder. Being young and foolish, I pulled it (forced it actually) back into position. There was very little pain back then, and I thought all was well.

    Now, decades later, the foolish act has come back to bite me. My right shoulder became ‘frozen’ few months back. It could do very limited movement. The hardest was to raise my right arm above my head level. Today, it is slightly better because I forced (again) my arm to move a little every day. To increase flexibility. But it could do better.

    Now, with the information you provided, I am hoping to ease the pain, and in time allow my right shoulder and arm to be more flexible. I am going to try to create my own pain reliever using the essential oils recipes you suggested.

    Once again, thank you for this article!

    • Christina

      Hi Timotheus,
      I am sorry to hear about your painful shoulder. I will not make a medical comparison but it does share similarities to an injury my husband suffered to his shoulder many years ago. He uses the pain rub on his shoulder all the time. It truly does help him, especially when seeking comfort at night to rest. His shoulder was quite damaged as it turned out though and he did have to see a doctor for treatment as well. His was repeated injury and dislocation, ended up needing a partial replacement.
      I understand the “work through it”, as you can tell from my story but be sure to get that checked if it continues to lock up and cause issues. You may have an issue that may be resolvable before it progresses further.
      Unfortunately damaged joints become far more susceptible to arthritis. Having knowledge and an arsenal or natural solutions is a benefit to have on hand. I love essential oils for treating my pain issues. Simple and easy and to use a rub, heating pad or a nice soak.
      Thank you for sharing your story! I look forward to hearing your pain free reply soon!

  2. jeff

    I just love your website, and even more since you started sharing all these wonderful essential oils and recipes. I know I just love visiting your website more than ever, I hope you will keep sharing these awesome tips and recipes. I have been hurting some with our weather extremely humid, my pain mostly my legs any essential oils or recipes you can recommend?


    • Christina

      Hi Jeff,
      Glad to hear you are finding what you are looking for here. Trying to keep everything diverse to fit multiple needs and uses for everyone. Essential oils are very useful for many things.
      I can relate to the high heat and humidity causing issues. Been an already hot humid summer here in the South. I get a lot of visual swelling this time of year, particularly around the ankles. Any of these oils or recipes will also work for heat causing discomfort as well. I find lemongrass is a very beneficial essential oil in the summer. The natural circulation and diuretic aid it offers help to reduce water retention and swelling in aching muscles and joints. Peppermint is also very cooling. In addition to the ones listed, Chamomile is a nice heat soother. It has a calming effect on the muscles and the scent is relaxing.

      A simple muscle rub that is effective
      5 drops Lemongrass Essential oil
      5 drops Peppermint Essential oil
      5 drops Chamomile Essential oil
      2 tbs Hemp carrier oil ( Hemp is a natural muscle soother, as a carrier makes an excellent addition for additional benefits)

      or another great way to enjoy this mix is a foot bath if you have one.
      Mix a cup of Epsom salts
      5 drops Lemongrass Essential oil
      5 drops Peppermint Essential oil
      5 drops Chamomile Essential oil
      Disolve and place in your foot bath or tub.

      If you are looking for a simple solution. A simple natural roll on that is made up of essential oils that is pre-blended can be found here. This muscle aid is a nice quick and convenient way to just grab a great product that is ready to go. Roll-on application makes it easy.

      Any other way I can help just let me know.

  3. Brenda

    What a wonderfully helpful and insightful article! It came at the perfect time for me as I have been having a severe ache in my right thumb joint. I first thought it was carpal tunnel because I type all day long and have typed for many, many years now. But one day I thought “maybe this is arthritis” and I have a strong suspicion that it what it is. I’m sure my doctor will agree and want to put me on some kind of medicine. I would like to try your essential oils idea first so I will be fixing up a batch this weekend! Thank you so much for sharing this and I know you are going to help a lot of people!

    • Christina

      Hi Brenda,
      You are very welcome. I am glad I could help you and I do hope I can help others as well. I have seen and experienced for myself first hand far too much reliance on OTC and prescription pain medications. It is nice to have a natural source that can do the job without the drugs and side effects.
      Always a good idea to get it checked out with your doctor anyway if the pain persists to make sure you know exactly what is going on in there. I type a lot as well and do crafts. The arthritis ache is pretty easy to identify, so you are likely right on!

  4. GiuliaB

    Christina, you can’t even begin to imagine how much I have spent in the last 5 years in sport massage to relieve the muscle pain in my back. Yes, nothing as major as being tormented by the aches of arthritis. But your article was a definite eye opener to how I can self manage my back pain by even making my own heat pads. Thank you ever so much for the much interesting and insightful information, I shall definitely ear mark it for future reference 🙂

    • Christina

      Hi Giulia,
      I am glad that this helps you to find some relief. Muscle pain and strain can be very similar to arthritis and joint pain. Many of these remedies with essential oils will also be very beneficial for those. Have you ever used or heard of a tens unit? I mention it because of my back issues some days it really benefits the pain. You may ask your doctor or therapist about one. Here is an example. They stimulate nerve fibers blocking pain signals and also help release endorphins that can eliminate pain. In addition to the Essential oil remedies, it may help your muscle pain.
      I look forward to seeing you again!

  5. Kim

    Hi Christina,
    A lot of good information here, I will have to bookmark this page for further follow up after I try a few of these oils.
    I find myself in a lot of pain after a good day of work in the yard or the house and have been taking ibuprofen, but after a few days, it has a nasty effect on my stomach.
    Glad I came across your article, thanks!

    • Christina

      Hi Kim.
      Ibuprofen did nasty things to my stomach as well. Was on prescription strength for about a year and developed a nasty ulcer and constant stomach upset. I can’t say that happens to everyone but it can be rough on sensitive tummies. I am glad I can help offer you a natural alternative to your aches and pains. I always say nature has an answer typically that is just as good if not sometimes better with fewer side effects. Essential oils are just one of those ways.
      Hope to hear from you again in the future! Be pain-free!

  6. Dena

    This is such a wonderful article, I know I am not getting any younger and things are just starting to hurt.

    I absolutely hate taking prescription drugs and only take ibuprofen on occasion when I cannot live the pain any longer. I have always tried to stay away from all pharmaceuticals anytime I can as most all of them have bad side effects that may be worse than the original issue in the first place.

    I had a problem with my arm last year and sometimes, even after multiple treatments from the chiropractor, it still bothers me. I have used the Epson Salt bath many times as I tend to run low on magnesium and it seems to help. Thanks to you I can get an added bonus by adding essential oils, thanks so much for providing the recipe.

    I also plan to mix up a batch of the pain relieving rub that I can use instead of the ibuprofen, again thanks so much for the recipe, I think it will be wonderful knowing I have something that will work in place of the ibuprofen.

    • Christina

      Hi Dena,
      You bring up a very good point about Epsom salts as I do not mention why it works in the article. Most people do not realize that important feature of the soak. Magnesium is a primary component and something many of us lack. The wonderful thing is it easily absorbs through the skin so oral ingestion is not necessary. Lack of this mineral actually can lead to muscle fatigue and weakness.
      Magnesium helps relax muscles around the bones by flushing lactic acid buildup from the muscles. That build up happens everytime typically when we have exerted our muscles or compensated for extreme stiffness like in arthritis and joint issues. It also aids in normal nerve function.
      Magnesium is also a key component in our body for absorption of other vitamins and minerals.
      All of these things make the Epsom salts a valuable part of the soak. The essential oils alone in the water could value through an aromatherapy value but with the magnesium from the salts, they get a boost that allows them to absorb into the skin easier and bringing relief. I always keep a big bag on hand. I use it for baths, in the garden and multiple other uses around the house. I like the Sky Organics brand I find it consistent great quality and trustworthy.
      Let us know how the rub works for you and thank you again for bringing up the valuable points about Epsom salts.

  7. ariel

    Hello Christina,
    I know when I come to this site, I will be offered such knowledge and information. And you never disappoint.
    As one who is also dealing with Fibro and autoimmune dilemmas I know that western meds are not the answers at all.
    I am so sorry at such a young age you are dealing with so much!
    Have you found great relief?
    So much to comment on here. But I Know that if I do not use magnesium I will be in pain.
    I know I will be back to reread this.. to get some more relief.
    I am so glad to have found this site..and you.
    in peace and gratitude, ariel

    • Christina

      Hi Ariel,
      When I was first diagnosed 10 years ago and all my issues really began relief was so far away! But the pharmacy was not. I was on so many pills! Painkillers for me were the worst. I hated feeling like I could not function as a genuine version of myself. They left me cloudy, missing time and feeling like a “space cadet”. Were they doing anything to fix my illness or help my body, NO! All the side effects of those and other medicines I was feeling worse, not better. I did that dance of “agony” I like to call it for 5 or 6 years. Trying to do what I was told, trying the next idea or solution and even the next doctor.
      I changed. I decided to go back to my roots.. nature. I was already a Certified Herbalist. I had studied herbs and many other practices in my youth. I actually wanted to be a Doctor of holistic medicine but life happened in wonderful ways that changed my course. Herbs were already there waiting for me with an answer I just had to remember to listen to them.
      Did it cure? No. I have Lupus. Much like your autoimmune issues and fibro, they are not going away but they are manageable beasts. It is not a cure but they become an alternative to the mind-numbing chain of medication and more side effects vicious circle I think.
      Long story to say YES. I have found great relief! I share those things often with my readers including these oils here. As every person is unique and their stories too. Not all my methods and ways will work for everyone. I am also not bashing doctors. I have met some great ones along the way, even the ones who support my choices!
      Your point on magnesium is also key. I commented recently to another poster in this article about the powers of magnesium in the bath and why it was so important! I try to always get magnesium in two ways. Fresh Food or herbs 1, that will account for about 20 to 40% of absorption in the body. Then use the better absorbing organ for magnesium which is your skin! Baths, foot baths etc twice a week or more! An excellent herb that I use as a source of magnesium regularly is Basil. I use basil in cooking when it applies but I will also make a basil tincture (extract) to take orally if I know that my diet that day lacked magnesium-rich foods. I do not take a magnesium supplement, that is my personal thing because I also have some digestive issues that in that form can be unproductive with. Find out about tinctures here.
      I just realized your response could be a whole other article!
      The other thing that I use now to control my disease and is also from nature is CBD hemp oil. Not marijuana based, there is no THC. It is not meant to get you high. It is the best most beneficial parts of the cannabinoid family of herbs without any mind altering. Legal in every state. I have not done a lot of promoting about it to this point because I have a whole other website that details this. CBD oil is great and includes a whole line of natural herbal based products that I can stand behind. That is why I decided to be an associate of the business as well. You can check out the site if you like I also personally extend my invitation to sign up as an associate for free if the product an idea interests you as well.
      Thank you Ariel and I wish you wellness!

  8. Pernilla

    Hello Christina,

    You’ve provided excellent information about joint pain relief. Arthritis is a widespread disease, which is caused for example due to injuries, autoimmune diseases and or nutrition deficiency. Some people are in a higher risk zone if it is a genetical heritage. I’m one of those, therefore I’m looking for ways to prevent a breakout of the disease.

    For my mothers’ sake, I search for ways for pain relief. I’m really very grateful for you sharing your knowledge on how to ease the pain and stop the suffering of aching joints. My mother has got heating pads and I’ll tell her to add essential oil on these. Shall she just put a few drops of one of the recommended oils on the fabric? I believe the Ginger Essential Oil would be good for her. I’ll also tell her about the recipe of the pain-relieving rub.

    Christina, your website is such a wonderful source of knowledge and help, can’t tell you enough how grateful I am.


    • Christina

      Hi Pernilla,
      I apologize regarding the heating pad article link. Seems it is not available at the moment. It is for homemade heating pads and the essential oil is actually added to the dried uncooked rice. Sewn up in fabric pouches that can be reheated over and over again the microwave. When it is back up sure to check it out, a lot of neat designs you could even make a gift for Mom.
      Ginger would be great but it is also good to mix things up. It would work on its own but does well when it can be enhanced by other oils at the same time. I would try at least two or one of the recipe combinations. It makes quite a difference than on their own.
      I am always glad to be able to help you!

  9. Thabo

    Hello Christina,
    Another amazing post. You have done an excellent job of showing the extraordinary benefits that essential oils have for relieving pain while balancing that with a reminder to the reader that they must use caution when dealing with essential oils. I also agree with you that most pain sufferers want to ditch the pill for natural remedies because they are tired of always feeling like they are in a fog.

    Because I focus on a pain management niche, I have looked into the benefits of essential oils and I have been asked by some of my mother-to-be readers if they should take essential oils. Also, what precautions they should know about. I have given them these guidelines:

    Respiratory Disorders

    People with respiratory problems such as asthma, sinusitis, pneumonia, and acute bronchitis, can experience side effects when they use essential oils. Also, those who are allergic to fragrance can have a headache, nausea, fatigue, or respiratory diseases when they inhale the chemicals in essential oils.

    Pre-existing conditions

    Some essential oils when inhaled, can cause side effects for people with health problems. People with preexisting conditions like asthma or heart problems should avoid essential oils unless you’re working with a trained individual.

    Illness or death

    Oils like pennyroyal and wintergreen can be very fatal if swallowed. Some toxic oils can cause miscarriage when taken orally. Do not attempt oral use unless you’re under the supervision of a medical professional. Also, pregnant as well as breastfeeding women should be extremely careful with the use of essential oils. When you want to use them, you’ll need to dilute them heavily in a safe carrier oil such as coconut oil. However, oils such as Rosemary and spike Lavender should never be used on pregnant women, even when diluted. Never use oils at all on babies under the age of one.

    That said, the care and high level of writing always make your posts a must read for those looking for natural relief of pain. This post is no exception. Thanks for sharing.

    • Christina

      Hi Thabo,

      Thank you so much for including those guidelines. They are very important factors for people to follow when using oils and herbs. All essential oils should carry a label of use if from a reputable company. I would also be sure to encourage them to buy from a source that makes sure it includes any specific warnings for individual products as well. Because of the vast number of herbs, the type of processing including the extraction methods these warnings could go well beyond those you listed as well.
      A scary thing is when many essential oil companies utilize gases like butane, petroleum or other harmful methods for extracting compounds of the herb. These are not listed on a bottle and a consumer is unaware of the danger.
      Buy essential oils from a company that cares and does not hide the truth about their products. I recommend Plant Therapy. They have full product sheets available, lab tests and clear labels. You need to be able to always trust your source! If looking for CBD products use CTFO.
      I will be sure to include and these precautions in the future as well. Thank you for the advise and great information to add to my readers!

  10. Maja

    A lot of good advice on the action of Essential oils on diseases. My friend has arthritis and takes the tablets. Now she has problems with the stomach. I will recommend her to read your post and tips. I believe in natural healing and I love Essential oils in the room depending on the mood. Thanks for sharing this great post.

    • Christina

      Hi Maja,
      Thank you for sharing this post with your friend. It is not uncommon for many of us that have to take medication to sooth pain to end up with the side effects of stomach issues and discomfort. Topical and natural answers are where many end up looking to take an “easier” approach on the body or to complement the times in between doses. I hope that this can help her and she finds relief. You’re a good friend!

  11. Michelle

    Hello Christina,
    Thanks for such an informative article on essential oils. It never ceases to amaze me at the goodness that Mother Nature affords to us when it comes to a choice in alternative healing/medicines.
    It is also so ‘real’ when an author writes about their story when it comes to showing how things have helped along their healing journey.
    I learned a lot more about essential oils – those I already know and use as well as the newcomers (black pepper). Going to check them out.
    Thanks for sharing and all the best.

    • Christina

      Hi Michelle,
      Mother nature is a wonder indeed 🙂 I am also glad that I have the ability to share what I have learned along the way with others. I look forward to hearing more about your journey. Please let us know how the black pepper oil works in your added therapy. You may also like to learn that Black pepper on its own is extremel beneficial. In a recent article on site I wrote about that. I was surprised myself! See here.
      Be well my friend!


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