Top 10 Best Soil for African Violets

by Truman Perkins

If you are a houseplant lover, you can attest to how they make your indoor environment cheerful and bright. One such houseplant is the African Violets. They are extra special and famous across the globe for their colorful and decorative traits. However, just like other houseplants, African violets require light, water, and air of blossoming well. This is where the best soil for African Violets comes into play.

With the best soil mixture for African violets, the gardeners enjoy the best results. Why? Because potting soil mix is a soil formula that is well aerated, drained, and contains enough nutrients for your houseplant. So what are the best potting soil options in the market?

Top Soil for African Violets by Editors

10 Best Potting Soil for African Violets Reviews

Top 10 Best Soil for African Violets
Top 10 Best Soil for African Violets

1. Miracle-Gro Potting Mix African Violets

Miracle-Gro African Violet Potting Mix, 8-Quart (currently Ships To Select Northeastern & Midwestern States) … (2 Pack)
Miracle-Gro African Violet Potting Mix, 8-Quart (currently Ships To Select Northeastern & Midwestern States) … (2 Pack)

One of the best accessible brands and precisely blended soil for African Violets is Miracle-Gro Potting mix. The soil can be an ideal option for both novice and expert herb gardeners. Surprisingly, the soil is versatile, which means it is suitable for planting different types of plants. These can be vegetables, flowers, trees, shrubs, and herbs.

Besides, you can use it both indoors and outdoors, and no doubt your plant will thrive well. Also, this potting mix is essential as container gardening soil because you can mix it into the in-ground flower bed. Amazingly, the soil releases fertilizer slowly, and this assures that your African Violets will absorb nutrients for up to 6 months.

Although this soil creates an excellent condition for your African Violets plants, the soil is reportedly to create an extraordinary situation for some types of bugs. This is naturally not wrong as long as the bugs won't destroy your plants. Some of the bugs are beneficial; however, you need to be careful to check the type of bug available and control it if destructive.

  • High-quality ground for outdoor/ indoor gardening
  • It contains fertilizer that releases slowly to offer plants nutrients for up to six months.
  • Ideal for flowers, shrubs, vegetables, and herbs
  • Great potting mix for container plants
  • An excellent option for every gardener, from novice to expert
  • Creates favorable conditions for several types of insects and bugs

2. Espoma AV4 LAWNGARD African violet Organic Potting Mix

Espoma AV4, Organic African Violet Potting Mix, LAWNGARD, 4-Quart
Espoma AV4, Organic African Violet Potting Mix, LAWNGARD, 4-Quart

If you want to diversify your search, this organic soil mixture for African violets from Espoma will give you an easy and quick time. It is also among the best potting mix that plays an integral role in plant strengthening. This organic potting mix is appropriate for combing other types of soils used for indoor pots, garden beds, or outdoor planters. This is due to its various properties that are enough for all distinct conditions.

This organic potting soil is also a blend of advanced Myco-tone, which helps hold the proper moisture without overwatering. This is still the feature that aids the soil to have or keep something for the plants to use during drought or hot days. Additionally, the soil contains earthworm castings to help boost plant size and strength.

Many people have been overwhelmed with the overall result of this soil. However, others have one major issue regarding water holding capacity. Since it is incredible to keep water, the package has to be stored well. You must seal any remaining soil airtight because it will keep it for a long time in a bag with moisture.

  • Blended explicitly for strengthening African Violets plants
  • It contains myco-tone, a formula that helps save moisture
  • Diversified soil for beds/containers for indoor/outdoor conditions
  • A fantastic option for areas experiencing drought
  • High water holding and absorption capacity

3. Sun Gro African Violet Horticulture Mix

Sun Gro Horticulture Black Gold African Violet Mix
Sun Gro Horticulture Black Gold African Violet Mix

This African Violets mix from Sun Gro is excellent because it does support many types of horticultural plants. Interestingly, it contains all the plants require to blossom healthy and faster. Among the things blended in this package are Sphagnum peat moss, volcanic pumice, perlite, earthworm castings. Due to these inclusions, it is clear that this potting mix has everything African Violets plants require.

African Violets plants have unique requirements, and utilizing Sun Gro African Violets Horticulture mix takes your guesswork out. The reason is that everything has been expertly mixed, including the soil PH. Lucky enough, the perlites and earthworm castings keep the aeration and drainage favorable for your plants.

Overall, the balance of everything in this soil makes it suitable for your African violets plants. The soil can also be used indoor and outdoor. Besides, it is the best soil for starting African violets, which means you can use it to start seeds or plant other types of plants.

  • Gritty soil makes it easy for roots to breathe well without causing soil clumping.
  • Excellent aeration and drainage
  • This horticulture mix is rich, dark, and a complete package of organic materials and minerals.
  • Inconsistency quality of packaging bags

4. Hoffman 10301 African Violet Organic soil Mix

Hoffman 10301 Organic African Violet Soil Mix, 4 Quarts
Hoffman 10301 Organic African Violet Soil Mix, 4 Quarts

This organic soil mix for African violets from Hoffman is expertly formulated for maximum growth of different kinds of African violets. The soil mix is tailored to aid the plants to grow to their very best while encouraging roots developments. Moreover, it contains ingredients that give your plants an ideal environment for growth.

African violets require proper drainage to blossom perfectly. The good thing is that this organic soil mix possesses the right ingredients that maintain the drainage level. Other ingredients included in this organic soil mix are perlite, sphagnum peat moss, and earthworm castings. These play a vital role in ensuring the soil has the right amount of organic matter.

If you are a novice gardener, the good news for you is that the package comes with directions on using it. Even if you have no experience growing African violet plants, it is easy to transplant them and enjoy healthy blooms.

  • PH and nutrient balanced
  • Contains the right amount of organic matter
  • Ready to use soil
  • Works best in different types of environment
  • Loose and light traits make it promote beautiful blooms and healthy foliage.
  • Hydrophobic issues

5. rePotme Imperial African Violet Potting Mix

African Violet Imperial Potting Mix - Mini Bag (2 Quarts)
African Violet Imperial Potting Mix - Mini Bag (2 Quarts)

If you need a handcrafted potting soil mix for your African Violets plants, this option by rePotme can be the right option. The soil mix comes with the best ingredients that always ensure that your plants blossom well and healthy. The fantastic thing about this soil is that experts formulated it; therefore, the soil has everything required by the plants.

What's more? The packaging of this soil mix is done in small quantities for easy usage. You only need to choose a good pot or container with the proper drainage. The excellent drainage of this soil mix is due to the exceptional phalaenopsis orchid. Other ingredients in this soil are perlites and coconut husk. They combine perfectly and work to enable airflow and water retention. Also, the tiny particles and dust are well separated to ensure an error-free experience.

Although this soil mix enables your African violets to blossom healthy, it doesn't include essential nutrients available in other premium or expensive options. With that in mind, the price is a bit low and therefore, you will be getting what you pay for.

  • Essential soil mix for different kinds of plants
  • It comes with a top-notch resealable pouch
  • Include finest ingredients
  • Right aeration and drainage
  • It does not have some nutrients.

6. Miracle-Gro African Violet 0044607323 Potting Mix

Individuals concerned about a specialized potting soil mix for their African Violets plants should try this custom-made choice from Miracle-Gro. Professionals perfectly formulate the potting soil mix to have the proper drainage, aeration, and nutrients. The nutrients available come from the nutritional fertilizer that also gears towards giving your African Violets plants a beautiful color naturally.

Furthermore, you can mix the potting soil mix with other soils such as garden soil or flower bed soil. However, the more you meld with other dirt, the less efficient and effective it becomes. This is arguably why it is designed for pot or container planting instead of wider-scale or more diverse gardening. The soil is perfect for indoor plating.

Additionally, if there is leftover, it must be kept airtight when storing. If this is not the case, the soil can attract some kinds of flies.

  • Build strong roots
  • Nutrients up to 3 months
  • Specifically tailored for African Violets
  • Enriched with essential nutrients
  • Excellent for small scale gardening
  • Appropriate for different types of plants
  • Not ideal for large scale planting
  • It needs to be sealed airtight and stored correctly.

7. Espoma AV4 African violet Organic

Espoma AV4, Organic African Violet Potting Mix, 4-Quart (2 Packs Of 4-Quart)
Espoma AV4, Organic African Violet Potting Mix, 4-Quart (2 Packs Of 4-Quart)

This organic soil from Espoma is appropriate for African Violets and still works wonders in other houseplants. This soil mix is popularly employed in gardening due to its finest organic and natural ingredients. These ingredients are excellently formulated, and all the nutrients combine well. The soil mixture also aids your African Violets to perk up and blossom to their correct height levels.

The primary ingredients in this soil mix are the yucca extract, aged humus, limestone, composted rice hulls, 35%-45% Canadian Sphagnum, peat moss, and forest products. The primary reason for making this is the suitable soil for African Violets is that it promotes aeration, encourages faster growth of the roots, and enhances moisture retention.

Remember that African Violets are annual crops, and therefore, it is recommended to utilize this soil once a year. Ensure that the bottom of your pot or container possesses small stones to avoid escaping moisture.

  • Great potting soil mix for repotting plants
  • Employs exceptional natural ingredients
  • Top-notch potting soil mix that does not clump
  • Void of any synthetic or chemicals plant foods
  • It can be moldy, especially if not properly stored.

8. Josh's Frog Sprig & Stone

Sprig & Stone African Violet And Gesneriad Soil (1 Quart)
Sprig & Stone African Violet And Gesneriad Soil (1 Quart)

This soil from Josh's Frogs is another extraordinary potting soil for African Violets plants. The soil is cost-effective, and if you had issues with the roots of your African Violets rotting, this could be the right one. The great thing about this soil is that it contains a mixture of Vermiculite, peat, and perlite to foster the proper air circulation and drainage.

The three ingredients are professionally blended so that the African Violet's roots absorb the right amount of water. Astonishingly, this soil blend has a consistency and fast drainage ability to make it easier to drain excess water. You can use this soil mix for growing other types of plants either in big terrariums, containers, or smaller pots.

Just expect outstanding results faster and see your African Violets thrive. However, be ready to pay more than other soil mix options because it is not cheap soil.

  • The potting soil mixture has everything at the right amount
  • Quality soil mix for the high price
  • It contains Vermiculite, peat, perlite that helps improve drainage and aeration.
  • Awesome for other houseplants
  • You can receive the package more petite than the standard or usual one.

9. xGarden African Violet Soil Mix

8 Quarts XGarden African Violet Potting Soil Mix
8 Quarts XGarden African Violet Potting Soil Mix

Made by xGarden, this African Violets soil mix is premium organic and all-natural. The soil is a blend of various soil and other essential ingredients, making it the best for African Violets. The soil mix also comprises vermiculite, organic peat moss, and perlite. This help ensures that the plant gets the nutrient, aeration, and drainage they require to grow.

Interestingly, this soil mix is considered the right option for African Violets growth due to nutrients in the soil. Moreover, this soil mix provides overwhelming drainage and aeration due to the components included in it. This all-natural and premium soil works well in different environmental settings. Besides, the formula has a well-balanced soil PH; therefore, no need for PH adjustments.

Consequently, this 8 quarts soil mix is not the right one for people looking for a cheap option. You will get what you pay for, which means investing in it gives you no regrets.

  • Meets the standard requirement for African Violets Plants to grow
  • Encourage year-round blooming and healthy foliage
  • It contains vermiculite, peat moss, and perlite for excellent drainage and aeration
  • Managed and controlled PH for maximum plant growth
  • Multipurpose, making it ideal for different types of household plants
  • Costly

10. All Natural African Violet Mixture

Diaotec African Violet Potting Mixture, All Natural, No Fertilizer Added, 2 Gallon Re-Sealable Bag, Hand Blended In Small Batches - 8QT
Diaotec African Violet Potting Mixture, All Natural, No Fertilizer Added, 2 Gallon Re-Sealable Bag, Hand Blended In Small Batches - 8QT

If your plants grow in raised flowering beds or patio containers, this Soil mixture for African violets can make the work quicker and easier. All-natural African Violets Mixture has been the preferred option for most gardeners for a long time. One reason for the love is that it is versatile, which means other household plants can grow well in it.

Noticeably, this soil mixture is the best soil for African violets due to its feeding mechanisms. Your plant will get nutrients instantly and for a long time to ensure they attain total growth at ease. The main ingredients are Peat, earthworm casting, perlite, and lime. These help ensure that the right amount of nutrients, aeration, and drainage is maintained.

What's more? Gardeners enjoy the lightweight and softness of this soil mixture. No cases of clumping and bugs, making your plants have a vibrant and beautiful look.

  • Outstanding value for your cash
  • Offers nutrients to your plants instantly
  • Does exemplary task at aerating and moisture retention
  • Possesses natural ingredients
  • Few individuals have reported cases of gnats.

Buying Guide of Best Soil for African Violets

Buying Guide Of Best Soil For African Violets
Buying Guide Of Best Soil For African Violets

Despite having a great list of the best potting soil mix for African violets, it is essential to understand how to pick and purchase the best soil that meets your standards. Here are crucial features and aspects to always consider before making any decision.

  • Texture

Several potting soil blend typically gets sticky and clumpy before using them. Eventually, they change and become hard; hence considered useless for African Violets or other houseplants. If you need suitable soil for African Violets, you must ensure that the option you pick feels light, soft, fresh, and airy. Above all, the soil mix must still be compact and not packaged tightly.

  • Ingredients

Ingredients available in the package are also the obvious and most essential aspect to consider. The reason for this is that you require high-quality and natural ingredients beneficial for your plants. The ideal soil for African violets and other houseplants is the one that contains some ingredients, including perlite, sphagnum peat moss, coconut coir, and peat moss.

  • Properties

Among the best, essential, and basic properties to consider in potting soil mixture include root growth, drainage, moisture retention, and nutrient retention, etc. If you find the potting soil with such qualities, it is appropriate for growing flowers and plants. This is because they offer an ideal growing environment and condition for growth while ensuring the plant blossom to the maximum.

What Kind of soil is best for African Violets?

What Kind of soil is best for African Violets?
What Kind of soil is best for African Violets?

The best soil for African Violets is the one that enables air to get into the roots. The suitable soil also seems to have mossy rocks, allowing the right air amount to reach the plant roots. Additionally, the proper soil for African Violets must also enable water to move freely while maintaining superior water retention without altering the airflow. Some ingredients in the soil will also foster root development. Therefore, the mixture must be porous, well-draining, and fertile.

One recommended soil for African Violets is Miracle-Gro Potting Mix African Violets. It is a premium quality ideal for both novice and professional gardeners. Although specifically blended for African Violets, this soil mix is also best suited for growing flowers, shrubs, vegetables, and herbs.


You deserve suitable potting soil for African violets to transform the beautiful look of these plants. With that in mind, it is crucial to offer these plants an appropriate growing environment and conditions. Besides buying the best soil for African Violets, you must not forget to take care of their air, water, and sunlight requirements to foster maximum growth.

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