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by | Mar 24, 2018

Let’s make it simple. Yes, we are talking about “worm poo”. Don’t let that turn you away, as gardeners we have been using far more disgusting poop in our gardens. This Poo is gold in comparison. Worm castings for fertilizer will explode your plant growth in ways you have never seen.

Not all worm castings are the same. Don’t let other brands fool you. Most do not supply 100% pure castings. Often, their bags contain filler ingredients. Simple Grow is 100% Pure and Organic!

If you read to the end of this article you will see how I was introduced to Worm castings and what made me an advocate.



Review Date: Mar 2018
Product Name: Simple Grow Soil Builder – 100% Worm Castings
Rating: 10
Source: Get it Straight from the source!


Product DescriptionPremier home and garden product brought to you by Simple Grow. The ultimate Soil builder and organic fertilizer. 100% Pure Worm Castings.

Loaded with billions of healthy microbes ready to boost your plant’s growth naturally.


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Worm Castings for Fertilizer A Plant can Use Immediately

Animal manures and other types of fertilizers need to break down before they can be readily available for plants to use. Furthermore, some animal waste needs to be broken down for years before it is safe to use directly.

Castings can be used immediately in the soil and by the plants. Better yet they are water soluble and won’t burn your plants.

What Makes Simple Grow Castings Even Better?

No junk! I have bought other brands loaded with sticks, and chunks of who knows what. They stunk. Literally. Good worm castings have little to no noxious smell at all.

Simple Grow Castings have no chemicals, no additives, no fillers. It is 100% pure worm castings without garbage.

Simple Grow Soil Builder – 100% Worm Castings











  • Natural pesticide. Plants and herbs grown with worm castings are less likely to have pest issues.
  • Rich in core nutrients plus copper, zinc, carbon, cobalt, borax, manganese, nitrogen, and iron.
  • Better soil structure and aeration with increased oxygen availability.
  • Healthy bacteria help plants thrive and increase available nitrogen in the soil
  • Won’t burn your plants. Plants can even be planted directly in castings and still grow.


  • Sorry I have no Cons for the Simple Grow Brand, seriously. I thought hard about it!

Not Sure Yet, Learn More!


Fertilizers That do More Harm Than Good


Tired of messing around with all those over promising fertilizers with little results? Perhaps you had some really great results to start with only to find later failing plants and dying soil. I have been down those paths too in my gardens.

Those “not so great” chemical fertilizers can cause more harm than good. Plus, your soil suffers from continued use. Salts and chemicals build up. Soils compacted with fertilizers can burn the roots and seriously harm the plant’s ability to grow and produce.

In addition, they can alter the pH and chemistry of the soil. Harming your plant’s future ability to absorb nutrients at all. Not to mention the unknown health risks they can pose to us or our pets if consumed.

I never “soapbox” everything must be organic to my readers. If you do not choose to grow organically that is completely up to you. Although I recommend it, it’s your choice!

But… If I tell you that something that is natural and organic is as good and better than any chemical. I am saying it because it is True!

Natures Way is The Best Way

Worm castings are the rich digested material that worms leave behind. They are loaded with as many as 10,000 different kinds of healthy microbes. While other types of fertilizers try to duplicate some of these nutrients. They cannot lay claim to them being immediately available by the plant to use.

How Castings Help

Seed Germination. – An easy blend of 2/3 sand and 1/3 Simple Grow castings and you will have an ideal growing medium for starting new seeds. This will leave them with everything they need for up to 3 months.

Fertilizing Container Plants. – A sprinkle on the top of the soil gently worked in with your fingers. Watered on top. Will make the power of the castings available for your plants almost immediately.

Re-using old Soil. – Regenerate your old soil potting soil before reusing. Blend in 1/3 worm castings to bring the nutrient levels back to life. Use after soil sterilization. Learn about soil sterilization here if this is a new term.

In The Garden. – Before planting put a layer of Simple Grow over the top of the soil. Work it into the soil and water thoroughly. If already planted work around the outside of plants and water in. Can be used throughout the growing season.

Better Plants, Better Soil – The Best!

Faster sprouting seeds and healthier than normal plants from a simple additive. It’s easy to apply and use this product in your garden. In your containers, in your outdoor garden, around trees and even in your yard.

An Immediate blast of nutrients your plants can use. Your herbs will grow lusher, vegetables more productive and flowers blooms more abundant.

Simple Grow soil builder is an organic shot of love that WORKS!

Worm Tea – Yummy?

Maybe not appetizing for you. Your plants will love it.

This Cute yet informative video shows how easy it is to turn Simple Grow castings into a supercharged compost tea. So easy a child could do it!

A Company That Stands Behind Their Product

Simple grow offers a Money Back Guarantee if you are not satisfied for any reason! That is huge. They are so confident, and so am I, that you will love these castings that they offer you a full refund if you don’t.

There is no downside for you to try it. You can grow the best plants with the best worm casting fertilizer on the market.

Learn More on Their Site

There is an amazing wealth of information on the Simple Grow website. I encourage you to take advantage of it and learn more about this product and more.

They are not just about selling the soil builder castings but education about it as well. I know you will be impressed. Simple Grow Soil – Worm Castings


Learn More! Vermicomposting

Vermicomposting is how these amazing worm castings are produced. It is the process of using worms to produce compost from organic matter.

This is an extremely “Green” process. It has amazing potential for solving many of our current and future waste issues.

Learn More about Vermicomposting here. North Carolina State Extension.

My Story – The Little Worm that Could

If this is not your first visit to my site I am sure you have heard me mention using worm casting for fertilizers before. Hopefully, you will stick around. You will hear about them again.

I wish I had known about them many years ago. After having gone through so many various types of fertilizers and other natural types of compost. Some with success, others with great failures.

I have had outdoor gardens covered with pig, cow, chicken and horse poop. Indoor garden spaces that smelled like fish went bad from fish fertilizers. Until one day when somebody told me to use worm castings, worm poo.

I was hesitant. I thought how could this little slimy creature that is present in my garden anyway be better than the byproduct of a big old cow. (It is way more than the worms in your garden) Well, he gave a little bag full to take home. I used it as I was told on two of my plants to test.

One was a Brandy wine tomato plant that was suffering some blossom end rot and some serious lack of growth. The other was 6-week-old basil planting just starting out. The basil had a twin of equal age and size I could use to compare.


It Thought it could, It Thought It Could

I started noticing changes in the tomato in a week. I had removed the old affected tomatoes previously. 2 new very young fruits were forming with no black spots! The leaves were greener and all around was beginning to look healthier.

The treated basil was already outgrowing its twin by almost a full inch.

I was baffled by how this could happen from Worm Poop in a week. Even the “Miracle brand” stuff couldn’t come to close to this. (you know what I am talking about – by the way your soil will not thank you for this miracle!)

Make the long story – Short!

It worked. If 1 week had not convinced me the next two did. No blossom end rot. Healthy productive plants that made my others look weak.

I ordered my own. It took me some time to find the Simple Grow brand and the quality I had been introduced to. Since I have, I have never looked back.

red arrow down rightI want to hear your fertilizer stories, good or bad! Share below!

Happy Growing!

Simple Grow Soil Builder ↔ Natures Perfect Food

Get 100% Pure Worm Castings. Ready to use in your indoor or outdoor gardens! Your plants will Thank you!


  1. Xavier Perez Sr

    What an interesting product. Your presenter was very efficient too. I do not know much about gardening, but our Mother does. She has an extensive knowledge of plants, feeding them, and of course taking care of them as well. Our older brother seems to have picked up on a lot of what she tried teaching us. Perhaps, I will also give it a shot. Thank you.

    • Christina

      Thank you Xavier,
      This was an easy product for me to present. I have been using it for quite some time and not looked back.
      Gardening can be very rewarding. Even if you start with just one or two herbs you will use most frequently. If you are looking for some help on getting started a good place to start is here. How to Start an Indoor Herb Garden – Tips for Success I list some easy to grow herbs that make ideal starters for the beginner.
      You already got a sneak peek at my fertilizer pick!Maybe you can surprise your Mother and brother with your newly acquired gardening skills!
      If you need any help along the way please do not hesitate to ask!


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