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How My Love Of Gardening Started

Growing up as a child on a beautiful dairy farm in upstate New York I remember the great joy of growing season every year. Fields would be filled with growing crops to feed the livestock animals but the garden would be lush with vegetables and herbs to fill the pantry through the winter.

The joy of the growing season and that fresh garden taste never had to end when the seasonings of the garden could be brought in and grown through the colder months with pots of fresh herbs thriving in the windows of our kitchen.

A touch of fresh basil or a pinch or oregano in a hot pot of sauce or soups in the dead of winter could bring the garden back inside all year.

That passion for gardening and growing herbs indoors has stuck with me through my adult years.

My Journey

I have been growing indoor herbs and plants for over 25 years. Through failures and success, I have learned a lot about what it takes to create beautiful indoor herb gardens. I have raised a large extended family of my own including six wonderful children. I hope some of the love for growing passes on to them.

In addition to growing throughout the year indoors, I also continue the traditions of outdoor gardening as well. I always will consider myself a student even as I pass what I have learned from both these methods on to others.

This journey is never over. As new plants grow each year so does the knowledge and methods to create them! May your gardens forever bloom!


Growing your own herbs indoors has many benefits!

  • Herbs can enhance the flavor of your favorite dishes.
  • Save money by growing your own herbs.
  • Adds bright colors and textures to your decor.
  • Some herbs have been shown to be beneficial to your health or well-being even when grown just for the fragrance. (example Lavender for sleep)
  • Most herbs are very easy to grow.
  • It’s Fun!

A Glimpse Into My Past

Young me in the early 70’s eager to take part in the gardening for the year. I hope to instill this joy in the youth of tomorrow as well and keep traditions alive.

Improve Your Health

Inside gardening and growing herbs have many benefits to a healthy diet and lifestyle. Improve the flavor of culinary dishes in a way that is good for you. Also, many herbs hold medicinal properties that offer alternative remedies to common ailments. It can start with a simple herb garden indoors.

Expanding Your Future

Growing Indoors is a doorway to the outside. Learning the basics of gardening opens the opportunity to expand your ability to create outdoor garden spaces and grow a more expansive garden.

I am here to Help!

I want to help you become an Inside Herb Gardener so you can experience the joys of herb gardening all year!
If you ever need a hand or have ANY questions leave a comment on any article on site or reach out on the site contact form located here ⇒ Contact Me

Happy Growing!






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