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Quick Tips & Tricks to Indoor Gardening

This section offers simple gardening tips to help handle very specific needs related to gardening and indoor growing.

You have grown a few things here and there in a garden or maybe even in an indoor garden. Trying new things can sometimes cause unforeseen issues. Delayed or no seed germination, poor growth, struggling development of any kind.

Find solutions to plaguing problems likes insect infestations, fungus, and disease. Nothing can be more devastating on a garden that a sudden implosion of fungus gnats or aphids. Learn how to handle them with tips and tricks in this section of the website.

Also available in this section are specific tricks for the natural or organic growers. Beginners looking for best methods for starting or growing a specific herb.

You can go through all the articles in this section to expand your knowledge and be prepared for the future. Grab some ideas for a future project or problem!

You can also utilize the search option at the top or side of the page to quickly locate a specific issue, plant or item that you are looking for.

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by | Feb 9, 2018

7 Amazing Tips for Germinating Seeds Indoors Quickly

Are you popping seeds in soil and hoping for the best when it comes to planting? Wondering why some of your seeds are coming up quickly, others slowly, and some failing altogether? Germinating seeds indoors is easy, but it takes some very specific steps to get the best results.

How to Sterilize Soil for Planting – Clean Dirt

You can easily learn how to sterilize soil for planting in a few steps with items you likely already have at home. Sterilization does not need to be intimidating or costly. You can spend a lot of money buying new sterile potting mixes every time you go to plant something new. However, that can add up and become quite expensive!

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